Everyname Index
The History of Our Cradle Land

Prepared by Sean Furniss

This index is an alphabetical listing to over 2,000 (1,800 american-european settler, 300 native american) names listed in A Centenary of Catholicity in Kansas 1822-1922, The History of Our Cradle Land (Miami and Linn Counties), Catholic Indian Missiona and Missionaries of Kansas, The Pioneers on the Prairies written by Thomas H. Kinsella in 1921.

Index to American-European Settlers

Abel to CrowleyCunningham to HeubergerHiggins to Maloney
Marks to PettyPickles to SmitsSpalding to Yeker

Index to Native Americans

This publication may be available through interlibrary loan. If you want photocopies of specific pages, you should contact the Miami County Historical Society and Genealogy Society. Phone: (913) 294-4940, E-Mail: museum@mchgm.org or request them through interlibrary loan.

Check the Index Information Page to find out exactly what was indexed, how it was indexed and what the numbers and letters mean. This is especially recomended if you are researching the native american names.

You can search the index by using the links above or you can use the library server search engine to find references to a name anywhere on this server. Using the name index lets you focus on just Miami Co. names. Using the library server will let you find all records of the name no matter where they are located, including references to names from locations outside of Miami Co.

Any errors made in transcribing the names are the responsibility of the compiler, who requests that such errors be brought to his attention. Email - Sean Furniss, Reston, Virginia.

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