The information below was abstracted by Raymond H. Banks from civilian registration cards completed in 1917-1918.
All rights reserved.
Some men do not have birth locations listed because they registered on the final draft registration day in 1918 when this information was not recorded. Almost 24 million men registered for the draft -- not always in the county of residence.

CAUTION: Middle Eastern and East European national boundaries and country names were quite different than those seen on today's maps.

Microfilm copies of the original cards are maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (LDS...the Mormons). Researchers can probably order loaner copies of specific reels from Salt Lake City through requests at local LDS family history centers. Payment for mailing costs is required. Catalog subject heading: UNITED STATES -- MILITARY RECORDS -- WORLD WAR I [although these records are not actually military records]. Original cards are kept at the National Archives branch near Atlanta, Georgia.

The compiler has not abstracted the registrant's address,
the name and address of next of kin,
occupation, work address, general physical description and
occasionally listed general description of a disability.
Please consult the original card to verify all information.

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spelling unreliable
Babb, Walter Lacy 22 Sep 1879 W Morton KS
Babcock, William Campbell 27 Aug 1878 W Morton KS
Bacon, Jabez Lee 17 Jun 1895 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Bacon, Jacob Drincy? 22 Jun 1890 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Baird, Morris E. 3 Sep 1881 W Morton KS
Baker, Walter Franklin 1 Dec 1898 W Morton KS
Banz, John 29 Jan 1887 W Peoria IL Morton KS
Barbour, Edgar Lay 3 Apr 1875 W Morton KS
Barmore, James Daniel 30 Jun 1875 W Morton KS
Bartell, Irvin Jefferson 1 Aug 1877 W Morton KS
Bartlett, Ed Ashton 6 Apr 1881 W Morton KS
Bartley, Hugh K. 27 Aug 1890 W Flathead KY Morton KS
Batman, Hugh E. 22 Jul 1895 W Magnolia IN Morton KS
Bean, Leon Roy 31 Aug 1888 W Fort (Port) Covington NY Morton KS
Beaty, Jacob Floyd 18 Jan 1885 W Morton KS
Beeman, Arthur Eugene 22 Aug 1876 W Morton KS
Beery, Charley Reuben 29 May 1884 W Morton KS
Beery, Dennis 25 Nov 1885 W Morton KS
Beery, Iddo Q. 18 Mar 1892 W Burlington KS Morton KS
Beery, Noah 19 Jan 1895 W Burlington KS Morton KS
Beery, Sherman 20 Aug 1890 W Herrington KS Morton KS
Begley, Fred William 2 Nov 1892 W Wellington KS Morton KS
Begley, Joseph Carl 3 Jul 1895 W Wellington KS Morton KS
Behee, Adam Wesley 24 Jun 1895 W Smithville MO Morton KS
Bennett, Roy 21 Jun 1890 W Palatine IL Morton KS
Bentley, Orson Ray 4 Mar 1880 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Betts, John Henry 18 Jun 1875 W Morton KS
Biffer, Duwene Vivine? 1 Apr 1888 W Blair NE Morton KS
Biffne, Duwene Vivine? 1 Apr 1888 W Blair NE Morton KS
Blackburn, William Jonathan 24 Aug 1884 W Morton KS
Blaine, Claude Lee 5 Aug 1887 W Plwona (Pliona) KS Morton KS
Blanchard, Harlan Aaron 28 Oct 1879 W Morton KS
Blanchard, Miles Gilbert 25 Mar 1900 W Morton KS
Bledsoe, William Amos 1 Dec 1878 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Bloodhart, Charles Orville 17 Aug 1875 W Morton KS
Boaz, Fred Albert 15 Nov 1897 W relative lives Pittsburg KS Morton KS
Bohannan, Thoms Filmore 17 Dec 1880 W Morton KS
Bonds, Claude Wilton 9 Aug 1898 W Morton KS
Bonds, Jim Monroe 2 May 1886 W Morton KS
Booker, Samuel Brice 14 Jan 1895 W Bristol VA Morton KS
Booth, Robert D. 20 Oct 1884 W relative lives Saxton VA Morton KS
Bowen, Millard 15 Jan 1890 W Caedars Vale KS Morton KS
Bowman, Earl Thomas 1 Sep 1881 W lives in Coats KS Morton KS
Bowman, Earl Thomas 1 Sep 1881 W relative lives Grenola KS Morton KS
Bradford, Clifford Clay 8 Nov 1879 W Morton KS
Bradford, Foster Isaac 28 Dec 1892 W Indianapolis IN Morton KS
Bradshaw, Emmett Elton 1 Aug 1887 W Gillman MO Morton KS
Bradshaw, George Oliver 18 Aug 1892 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Branson, William Henry 1 Jul 1873 W relative lives Coats KS Morton KS
Brechissen, Charley Alfred 25 Jul 1889 W lives in Rolla KS Stevens KS
Brennan, Paul Ore 5 Nov 1896 W Greenwood IN Morton KS
Brennan, Paul Ore 5 Nov 1896 W his dad b. Bowling Green KY Morton KS
Bressler, Roscoe Sherman 10 Jan 1888 W Alden KS Morton KS
Bright, Albert E. 18 Oct 1896 W Dodge City KS Morton KS
Bromhal, Wesley Earl 15 Feb 1888 W Independence KS Morton KS
Bronson, Earnest Marshel 30 Dec 1890 W Covert MI Morton KS
Brown, Albert Gordon 13 Jul 1886 W Tina MO Morton KS
Brown, Charley Enoch 18 Sep 1883 W Morton KS
Brown, Cloise E. 26 Dec 1883 W Morton KS
Brown, John William 4 Aug 1881 W Morton KS
Brown, Roy Johnathan 31 Dec 1892 W lives in Elkhart KS Cimarron OK
Bruce, Everet Bob 15 Feb 1898 W Morton KS
Bruffett, Jesse Alva 23 Nov 1892 W Carthage MO Morton KS
Bryant, James G. 21 Jul 1881 W Morton KS
Bunting, Hugh Worthington 20 Jul 1894 W Great Bend KS Morton KS
Burdett, John Taylor 9 Apr 1899 W relative lives Trinchera CO Morton KS
Burger, Charley Swatsle 31 Aug 1883 W Morton KS
Burger, Wade 23 Jun 1878 W Morton KS
Burket, Charley Fred 2 Oct 1873 W Morton KS
Burks, Joseph Edward 5 Feb 1874 W Morton KS
Burnett, William John 3 Nov 1896 W Bulingame KS Morton KS
Burton, Alfred J. 7 Oct 1893 W Geneva KS Morton KS
Burton, Asro 25 Mar 1873 W relative lives Eureka KS Morton KS
Burton, Charlie Robert 29 May 1899 W Morton KS
Burton, Ralph E. 6 Feb 1892 W Geneva KS Morton KS
Butler, Chester Abel 22 Feb 1895 W King City MO Morton KS
Butler, Fred Selden 16 Apr 1886 W Morton KS
Butler, Ralph Otis 5 Jan 1882 W Morton KS
Butler, William Todd 10 Feb 1876 W Morton KS
Butt, John Richard 13 Sep 1882 W Morton KS
Butts, Clarence Albert 25 Mar 1885 W Morton KS
Butts, Roy Attila 31 Jul 1889 W Dudley IL Morton KS

Registration Cards for:
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