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Morton County, KS


JOHNSON posted by R. Gowdy on Thursday, May 8, 1997

Looking for information on Suzanne Johnson of Elkhart, Kansas who died in 1970 or 1971.
AKINS, CARNS, NIMMO posted by Roberta McReynolds on Thursday, June 5, 1997

I am looking for descendants of Jim and Mina Belle CARNS NIMMO or George and Nellie Elizabeth CARNS AKINS. These 2 families moved to Rolla Kansas (Morton CO)from Dade Co MO. Mina and Nellie are sisters. Mina was born in 1869 and Nellie was born in 1876.
HERSHEY, LAUMETS posted by Larry B. Olson on Saturday, November 22, 1997

Enjoyed read the Morton County web-page. Lived in Elkhart for a while...farmed Wayne Hershey's ground the 1st year he "retired". Great Memories of Morton County...Judy Laumets from the museum is my wives that place!!
Thanks again!
Larry & Marsha Olson
posted by Robert Lord on Friday, March 13, 1998

Greetings from Western Tennessee. I am researching the burial sites of deceased famous athletes (mostly baseball hall of famers) and wish to locate the site of Track and Field star, Glenn Cunningham. I understand Mr. Cunningham passed on 3/10/88 in Arkansas and his hometown was Elkhart, Kansas. What I would like to obtain is the name and address of the cemetery he is a permanent resident, a map of the cemetery (if available) and the location of his monument. Also his death announcement from the local newspaper. Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Jackye, I'm looking at a map of Kansas and it appears to be a very unpopulated area, is it mostly flat farmland? After living in Los Angeles for 25 years I thought I was in a rural area in Western Tennessee, but it appears you are in a wide open area. Is Elkhart the major community in Morton County? Enough of my questions. Have a good day and I enjoyed your website, good for you. Bob Lord Member of The Association for Gravestone Studies

BURKET posted by Brenda Rogers on Sunday, March 29, 1998

I am looking for information on Charley Fred BURKET born October 2, 1873 who signed up for the WWI Civilian Draft in Morton County, Kansas in 1917. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Brenda Rodgers
CUNDIFF posted by Kevin Cundiff on Monday, April 6, 1998

Hello, I found your e-mail address on the KSGenWeb page. I recently found out about a town that was established in the early 1880's (and appears to have died out by the late 1880's!). It was named Cundiff, KS and was located 15 miles from the Cimmarron River. >From what I read in town's newspaper ("The Cundiff Journal"), William Henry Harrison Cundiff was listed as the "Chief Officer" of the town. I'm assuming he put up money to get the town started, so they named it after him. It looks like this was a commercial venture -- was this a common method of establishing KS towns? I would appreciate any information on how to learn more about this town and what it looks like now. Thanks in advance, Kevin Cundiff
STILLMAN, STILMAN posted by Ginette Vanden on Monday, April 6, 1998

Hello. I am writing for information on the STILMAN/STILLMAN family of Elkhart, KS. My grandmother, Margaret Lola STILMAN/STILLMAN was born in 1908 in Elkhart, Kansas and married Homer Jackson Vanaman in Elkhart, Morton County, Kansas in 1925. On August 28, 1927, my mother was born, Donita Colleen Vanaman in Elkhart, Morton County, Kansas. I have been researching and digging trying to find the names of the parents of Margaret Lola Stillman. The only name I have for her father is Linn/Linne Stilman/Stillman. Since I can't seem to find any record of his ever existing, Linn/Linne must be a nickname. In order for me to conduct any research on this side of my family, it is imperative to I find out Mr. STILMAN/STILLMAN's full name. If was wondering if there was any way you could help me out with this? Thank you very much, Ginette VandenOever
NESTER posted by Mike and Tina Lee on Tuesday, April 7, 1998

I am trying to locate inforamation on a Mary Arelia (McCafferty) NESTER. She died February 2, 1927 in Elkhart, Kansas. Thanks for your help. Tina Lee.
CAPE posted by Nancy Trask Thomas on Friday, June 5, 1998

Hi, I am looking for information on William Luther CAPE and Sarah Moon CAPE. They are buried in Elkhart. They lived in Texas County Oklahoma but Elkhart was the nearest town. William died in 1924 in Elkhart. Sarah died in Pueblo Colorado in 1956. Thanks Nancy Trask Thomas
GLEAVES, LEE posted by Anita Smith on Friday, August 7, 1998

Harold married to Gladys residing in Morton Co until early 1950's mother's name Julia Gleaves Earl married to Alice residing in Morton Co. until late 1940's mothers name Julia Gleaves. Any info appreciated.
LAVIELLE posted by Chris Blair on Thursday, August 20, 1998

I am researching the LAVIELLE family. My great- grandfather Ernest was a sheriff in 1934. Ernest and his wife Elmina Wilda lived one mile west of Elkhart. I believe they both lived here until they passed away in 1957. Morton County
DEAN posted by LeAna Gloor on Friday, August 21, 1998

Researching a George Wesley DEAN who lived in Morton Co when he had a daughter, Leona Maud DEAN in Richfield, in 1887. Any info would be appreciated.
posted by Jack D. Shultz on Saturday, August 29, 1998

Sam W. SHULTZ Morton County -1922
SHULTZ posted by James S. Shultz Sr. on Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Son of Jack SHULTZ, Morton County
BEASLEY, HEMBREY posted by Bill Johnson on Saturday, September 5, 1998

Father: William Emmett Hembrey Mother: Leona Lily Beasley Looking for records confirming birth of Mary Elizabeth Hembrey on 9/12/36
AHLBURG posted by Kaj Ahlburg on Sunday, September 6, 1998

Archie Olif Ahlburg: WWI Civilian Draft Registations: Archie Olif Ahlburg, 1 February 1873, Dane, relative in Clyde Kansas, White, Morton, Kansas.
HAWKINS, LEEPER, LEWIS, MCCOLLUM posted by Peggy Bruce on Sunday, October 4, 1998

Searching for any info on William HAWKINS family in Morton County 1900-1916. His mother Mary Jane LEWIS HAWKINS died there 1916 and buried there. Possibly also the McCOLLUM family may have lived there also. William's wife Sarah LEEPER HAWKINS may also be buried in Morton County. Have not been able to find her gravesite. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
posted by Pat LaCroix on Monday, October 5, 1998

I am asking a very strange question in this email. But feel I just had to take a shot at it. My grandfather and several other men (possibly from our area in Pittsburg, KS) went to Cimmaron, KS in the 30's when times were hard seeking employment. I have several pictures of these men on their work crew building a barn that was supposed to be in Cimmaron. At one time, my Aunt Thadene who resided in Elkhart, KS with my uncle who was a Baptist minister there, said that the barn was still standing. I know this is a TX longshot, but do you have anyone researching in Cimmaron that might help me out ?? I would really like to know if this 60 some year old barn is still standing. I know the barn he built on our old farmstead in 1936 is still standing, however the people who now own it are letting in deteriorate rapidly. I wish people knew the valley of old structures of that nature. Looking forward to an answer. Thanks.
EMBERTON posted by Janet Emberton on Wednesday, October 21, 1998

I am looking for anyone who might have known Oral EMBERTON who lived in Elkhart, Ks. Orel died there in November, 1967. I think his wife was Myrtie EMBERTON who died in Elkhart, July 1972. Thanks for any help! Janet
CLINESMITH, KLINESMITH posted by Peggy Perkins on Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Klinesmith/Clinesmith Looking for all Klinesmiths.
THORPE posted by Everett Thorpe, Jr. on Thursday, January 28, 1999

Seeking any information on THORPES in Morton County, specifically Everett Thorpe (Sr), my father. He was born around 1887, and eventually migrated to New York, for reasons and date unknown. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
HENRY, LOUIS, MAMIE, NELLIE, TROUTMAN posted by Kim Beneli on Sunday, February 7, 1999

Louis Counterman and his wife Mamie(Domingo)Counterman.. Luther Troutman and his brother Etienne,
WILLIS posted by Lee Manning on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seeking information on the family of Benjamin Franklin Willis. Thought to have been a mail carrier in Richfield area. Died about 1921-1922 and is buried in possibly Richfield cemetery. My mother was born in Richfield in 1914 and was one of eight children, however, I do not know how many of them were born in Richfield. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
NESTER, TEETER posted by Michael R. Clark on Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Jackye, You have a great web site. I spent several years of my childhood in Elkhart, and used to have a ton of Teeters and Nester relatives around there. I am trying to re-establish communication with later generations of long lost cousins because all of my aunts and uncles that I knew are now deceased. I want to update my geneology charts. It was very informative. Thanks for the great work, it sure makes it easier to research from California. Mike Clark
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