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Genealogical & Historical Resources

Listed below are some of the Nemaha County, Kansas, resources that are available, although certainly not all.

Many of these resources will be available thru interlibrary loan or a lending library. The Kansas Library Catalog is available online. By using this catalog, you can determine if any of these resources are located in a Kansas library. By taking the results of your search to your public library, you should be able to have your public librarian submit an interlibrary loan request for the item(s).

Nemaha County Resources

Author Reference Book Copyright
Bristow, J. T. The Overland Trail ?
Carpenter, Thelma Every name index to the section of ... County from History of Kansas by Andreas ?
Crevecoeur, Ferdinand Francis Old settler's tales ?
Gilbert, Larry Nemaha County Cemeteries, Vol.1 ?
Ostertag, John Every Name Index to Tennal's History of Nemaha County ?
Ostertag, John 1887 Nemaha County, Kansas Atlas ?
Ostertag, John 1912 Nemaha County, Kansas Atlas ?
Ostertag, Enid Corning Gazette Sept. 1898 to Nov 1902 ?
Ostertag, John & Enid An index of a 1900 genealogical and biographical record in ... Nemaha counties ?
Stinson, A. R. Plat book of Nemaha County, Kansas, 1908 ?
Tennal, Ralph History of Nemaha County ?
Wolters, Gilbert Francis A socio-economic analysis of four rural parishes in Nemaha county, Kansas. ?
Atlas of Nemaha County, Kansas. 1922 ?
Nemaha County, Baileyville City Cemetery ?
Reflections of Nemaha County, Kansas, 1992 ?
Genealogical and Biographical Record of North-Eastern Kansas ?

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