Norton County Soldiers

War of 1812

Name Birth Date Death Date Age Lived Buried
Salisbury, Seneca S. abt 21 Jun 1796 abt 24 Jan 1889 aged 92y 7m 3d Clayton & NE Clayton


Civil War  

Norton County Veterans Index

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World War I

Registrants called July 22, 1918


World War II 

List of Norton County Men called by Selective Service Board, November 1942

Casualties extracted from World War II Army Casualties,Norton County, Kansas

Name Serial No. Army 


Bradley, William J. O-778009 2LT DNB
Carmes, Carl R. 37203253 TSG FOD
Clydesdale, R. K. 37203298 PVT DNB
Davidson, William R. O-727701 1LT DNB
Dempewolf, Vincent C. 6291203 CPT KIA
Eckhart, John F. 17083469 PVT DNB
Fitzgerald, Jack D. 37343112 PVT KIA
Hamilton, Charles A. 4548189 PFC DNB
Hare, Joseph B. 37033679 TEC4 KIA
Heitman, Orrin W. 37163601 TEC5 KIA
Jakubowski, Martin F. 37338490 PFC KIA
Kent, Edwin E. 37336155 TEC5 DNB
Mindrup, James C. 37336152 PFC KIA
Muir, William L. O-386785 CAPT DNB
Nickerson, Lemuel E. 37033192 SGT DOW
Porter, Jerald G. O-537647 2LT KIA
Runyan, Rex V. 37347330 TSG KIA
Stiawalt, Zack L. 37242019 SSG DNB
Walsh, Ralph J. O-696389 2LT KIA
White, Truman H. 37213083 PFC DNB
Whitford, Durward L. 37033694 SGT KIA
Wieland, Albert J. O-664403 2LT DNB
abbreviations: DNB - Died, Not Battle, DOW - Died of Wounds, FOD - Finding of Death, KIA - Killed in Action

extracted from World War II Navy Casualties from Kansas    

Name Rank, Service Relationship Name City Notes
Bright, Kenneth Ray Seaman 2C, USN Father Mr. V. R. Bright Calvert  
Butler, David Ensign, USN Wife Mrs. Elsie M. Butler Norton  
Costello, Lourde Gerard Ensign, USNR Parents Mr & Mrs. John Costello Lenora  
Roeder, Delbert William Seaman 1C, USNR Parents Mr. & Mrs. Albert Harry Roeder Prairie View 
born 17 Mar 1923; Missing 04 May 1945 aboard destroyer USS Lucic in Pacific; honored on monument in Honolulu, HI
Sawyer, Cecil D. Seaman 2C, USN Mother Mrs. Pearl R. Sawyer Almena  
Snyder, John William, Jr. Seaman 1C, USNR Wife Mrs. Ruby Roundtree Snyder Norton  
Wallace, Ronald Jasper Radarman 3C, USNR Parents Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd B. Wallace Densmore  


extracted from Kansas Korean War Casualties

Name Grade Service Date of Death Cause of Death Notes
Allen, Billy J Sgt Army 06 Dec 1950 Killed in Action  

Seever, Dale L. 

Capt Army 02 Dec 1950 Missing in Action  
Stenger, John F.   Pfc Army 17 Sep 1951 Killed in Action 23 Infantry, 2 Inf. Div, at Heartbreak Ridge; buried Calvary Cem., Densmore
Stephens, Robert L. Pvt Army 05 Jul 1950 Captured  



extracted from Kansas Casualties from the Vietnam War

Name Grade Service Home of Record Date of Death Place of Death Date of Birth Type of Casualty
Brooks, Barton W. SP4 Army Clayton 25 Feb 1968 S. Vietnam 18 Jan 1947 Hostile, Killed
Donovan, Michael Leo Capt Air Force Norton 25 Jun 1974 Laos 09 Nov 1944 Hostile, Died - Missing - BNR
Eckhart, Russ Eugene LCpl Marines Norcatur 29 May 1967 S. Vietnam 08 Jan 1944 Hostile, Died - Wounds
McCubbin Glenn DeWayne Maj Air Force Almena 08 May 1978 N. Vietnam 21 Aug 1942 Hostile, Died - Missing - BNR
BNR - Body Not Recovered

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