Index of the Extracts from

Havensville, Ks. Newspapers

Obituaries, Marriages and Miscellaneous Stuff

by Kay F. Sellers

Kay has typed the following items from her notes for a study on various Pottawatomie county families. She thought these items might be helpful to others working in the same area. She stated, that since these items were only for her use the data may be sketchy. In several cases she states the obituary and the Pottawatomie county cemetery records disagree as to the place of burial.

This was a HUGE endeavor and at this time I would like to "Thank" Kay for offering this to the Pottawatomie County Page. If you find an ancestor listed in the Index, you are to contact Merrie Pinick Merrie will look in the book and inform you what the article is about. If after learning about the article you desire a copy, Merrie Pinick will give you instructions of how to get a copy. This site is very fortunate to have these two ladies volunteering to help researchers of Pottawatomie county families. A "Thank You" seems too simple. However this is only the beginning of Kay's work to appear on this site.

Data is arranged in chronological sequence. The microfilm reel numbers are those used at the Kansas State Historical Society Research Center. Reel No. Paper Name Dates E902 The Independent 17 Oct 1880 - 16 Jul 1881 E902 The Morning News 19 Feb 1882 - 2 Sep 1882 E902 Havensville Register 1 Jul 1889 - 11 Dec 1890 H1532 Havensville Torchlight 19 Nov 1891 - 28 Oct 1897 H1533 Havensville Torchlight 4 Nov 1897 - 6 Sep 1900 H1064 Havensville Review 13 Sep 1900 - 31 Oct 1901 H1065 Havensville Review 7 Nov 1901 - 29 Dec 1904 H1066 Havensville Review 6 Jan 1905 - 25 Jun 1908 H1067 Havensville Review 2 Jul 1908 - 31 Aug 1911 H1068 Havensville Review 7 Seo 1911 - 31 Dec 1914 H1069 Havensville Review 17 Jan 1915 - 16 May 1918 H1070 Havensville Review 23 May 1918 - 8 Sep 1921 H1071 Havensville Review 15 Sep 1921 - 25 Mar 1926 H1072 Havensville Review 1 Apr 1926 - 23 Jan 1930 H1073 Havensville Review 30 Jan 1930 - 28 Jan 1937 H1074 Havensville Review 4 Feb 1937 - 12 Jun 1941 H1075 Havensville Review 19 Jun 1941 - 3 Jul 1947






Abel, Mildred
Abell, Bert W.
Abell, Clare Wilson
Abrams, Monroe
Achenbach, Glenn R.
Acker, Lesley
Ackert, John
Adams, Charles
Adams, Helen H.
Adams, Ira E.
Adams, Louisa
Adams, Lyle Kenneth
Adams, Mayme
Adams, Phebe Catherine LaRue
Adamson, Jane Knight
Akright, Milton Andrew
Albin, John
Albin, Martha
Albin, Robert
Albin, Sarah
Albin, U. T.
Alexander, John
Alexander, Rebecca Lavina
Allard, Chauncey
Allard, Perley (Pearl)
Allard, Winfred
Allen, Albert
Allen, Emily Warren
Allen, Hattie Alma Witham
Allen, Henry
Allen, Horace
Allen, Jennet W.
Allen, John C.
Allen, John Ulmer
Allen, L. D.
Allen, Martha Jane Rollins
Allen, Martin Anderson
Allen, Mary B.
Allen, Mrs. M. J.
Allen, Nola
Allen, W. J.
Alspach, Gladys Kirk
Anderson, James E.
Anderson, Loa Ruth
Anderson, Martha Crutchfield
Anderson, Nancy Jane
Andrick, Alonzo
Andrick, Anna Barbara Gever
Andrick, Christian H.
Andrick, E. W.
Andrick, Jessie Lee Hoover
Andrick, John
Andrick, Mary
Andrick, Melissa
Andrick, Nettie
Andrick, Perry Willis
Applegate, Hattie Elizabeth
Archer, ....
Area, Les
Area, Silas
Arganbright, Ida
Armstrong, ....
Armstrong, Addie Louise
Armstrong, Albert
Armstrong, Carol Jean
Armstrong, Daisy
Armstrong, David
Armstrong, Edna
Armstrong, Isla
Armstrong, James Harvey
Armstrong, James Martin
Armstrong, James Sanford
Armstrong, Martha Anne
Armstrong, Mary
Armstrong, Mary E. Norris
Armstrong, Nancy Maines
Armstrong, Philip
Armstrong, Ray Allen
Armstrong, Robert Jean
Armstrong, Sarah E.
Armstrong, Zelpha
Arnold, Margaret R.
Ashby, James D.
Atkins, Clinton
Atkins, William Armstrong
Atwater, Sarah A. Miller Witham
Austin, Benjamin
Azler, Cimriss
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Bahret, Albert F.
Bahret, Casper
Bahret, Catharine Hartman
Bahret, Elsie
Bahret, Helen
Bahret, Jacob F.
Bahret, Karl Andrew
Bahret, Katie
Bahret, Nannie L.
Bahret, Roscoe
Bahret, Sophia
Bailey, Arthur
Bailey, Elsie Leona
Bailey, Katherine
Bailey, Lizzie Aletha Eby
Baker, Frank
Baker, Henry
Baker, Kate Brewer
Baldwin, Infant
Baldwin, John
Bale, Hattie Merchant
Ball, Lillian Esther
Barker, George
Barker, Minnie Miller
Barker, Nora Jane Cundrey
Barker, Thomas Leonard
Barker, William Roy
Barkley, ....
Barnes, Clara Belle
Barnes, Evelyn Ruth
Barnes, Freddie Jr.
Barnes, Mansel J.
Barnes, Marjorie
Barnes, Vivian
Barnum, R. L.
Barr, Dale
Barr, Murrell Wayne
Barrett, Mabel Esther Milner
Bartlett, ....
Bartlett, Amy Parsons
Bartlett, George Marvin
Bartlett, Ellen S. McFarland (Mrs. James)
Bartlett, Emily
Bartlett, Frances Kate Kidwell
Bartlett, Isaac
Bartlett, James William
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Maggie
Bash, Faye
Bateman, Clodine
Bateman, Elby Densel
Bateman, Elerson S.
Bateman, Frannie
Bateman, J. E.
Bateman, John
Bateman, Mariah Morehead
Bateman, Quinten
Bateman, Rachel Maria Garrett
Bateman, Robert (Mrs.)
Bateman, Thomas
Bateman, Vernon
Bateman, Wesley
Bays, Orville (Mrs.)
Baysinger, Barbara
Baysinger, Cora Etta
Baysinger, James A.
Baysinger, Zachary Taylor
Beach, ....
Beach, Alfred Levi
Beach, Anna Weikle
Beach, Ben C.
Beach, Charles
Beach, Charles D.
Beach, Clarence
Beach, Cora
Beach, Cora Lena
Beach, Effie
Beach, Effie O.
Beach, Elga Delbert
Beach, Erma Lois
Beach, Ethel
Beach, Ethel Grace
Beach, Eula Aileen
Beach, Eva Eliza
Beach, Frank
Beach, Fred
Beach, Fred J.
Beach, Gale E.
Beach, George T.
Beach, Gerald Leroy
Beach, Gilbert
Beach, Herman Keith
Beach, Ida
Beach, Jerald Leon
Beach, Jessie Maria Shaw
Beach, Joseph
Beach, Leo Norton
Beach, Martha Nicholas
Beach, Mary Vashti
Beach, Minnie Pauline Senner
Beach, Nellie Pearl
Beach, Obil
Beach, Ora
Beach, Orlena Loughmiller
Beach, Rachel
Beach, Richard
Beach, Roy
Beach, Ruth
Beach, Sarah Vashti Dunn
Beach, Simeon Downing
Beach, Susannah
Beach, Velva Pearl
Beams, Fielden
Beams, Nancy
Beasore, David
Beck, Walter
Becker, Albert Sr.
Beckley, Rosa Kathryn
Beebe, Sam
Begeman, Wilhemena
Bell, Cornelia Coates
Bell, Emma Irene
Bell, Libbie
Bell, Patricia Jo Ann
Bell, Robert A.
Bell, Roberta
Bell, Susie Elizabeth Mitchell
Bellows, ....
Bellows, Regina Martha Hariacher
Bellows, Hepsy
Bellows, Mary
Bellwood, Arlettie May McNickle
Bellwood, John (Mrs)
Bennett, Lucy
Bennett, Lucy A.
Bentley, Bert I.
Bentley, Ester Rebecca
Bentley, Irene
Bentley, Jennet W. Allen
Bentley, Malinda C. Sine
Bentley, O. L. (Lafe)
Bentley, William
Benton, A. R.
Berges, Elmo
Berkley, Elma
Berky, Andrew
Berky, Marie Garber
Berlin, Mrs. Thomas
Berry, Ira
Berry, June
Berry, Leon
Berry, Louis
Berry, Mabel
Biddison, Jeremiah
Biddle, C. W.
Biester, Helen Irene
Bigelow, Fred
Bills, Thomas Wilbur
Bird, Infant
Bird, Vera
Bird, Victor H.
Birkett, John
Birket, Rebecca Buckey
Bixby, Halcie V. Wilson
Black, Infant
Black, Joe
Black, Leona Claudine
Black, W. H.
Blake, Laura J.
Blanka, Arthur V.
Blanka, Cecil
Blodgett, ....(Mrs.)
Blodgett, Etta
Boehn, Verna
Bogardus, Nancy Jane Anderson
Boh, Annie
Boh, Frederick
Boh, Helena Kathrina Messter
Boh, Elsabea Christina
Boh, Jesse
Boh, John W.
Boh, Johnnie
Boh, Mary
Boh, Wilhemena Begemen
Bonevitz, Ellen Margaret
Bonjour, Ami Louis
Bonjour, Charley
Bonjour, Jonas Amie
Bonjour, Mary Josephine
Bonjour, Rose Marie
Boone, Noah Lionel
Booth, Charles F.
Booth, Charles (Mrs.)
Booth, Daisy
Booth, Ed
Booth, Edward
Booth, Hattie
Booth, Horace Greeley
Booth, Infant
Booth, Jennie Carpenter
Booth, Louis
Booth, Melvina Isabel Jones
Booth, Robert H.
Booth, William Edward
Bosse, Emil Julius Otto
Bostwick, F. M.
Bothe, Chris (Mrs.)
Bottom, Annie Olive Palmer
Bottom, Clarence David
Bottom, Edith Mildred
Bottom, Elizabeth Wells
Bottom, Elsie
Bottom, Eva Florence
Bottom, George
Bottom, Horace
Bottom, J. S.
Bottom, James Jefferson
Bottom, Jeremiah S.
Bottom, Jerry
Bottom, John
Bottom, John William
Bottom, LeRoy L.
Bottom, Mary
Bottom, Naomi
Bottom, Oscar
Bottom, Ralph
Bottom, Roscoe Francis
Bottom, Rowena M. Stewart Cochran
Bottom, Samuel
Bottom, Sarah Clements
Bottom, Velma
Bottoms, William
Bottom, William Henry
Bottom, Wilma
Bowers, Susan Clawer
Bowker, Mary
Boyer, Wilma Blanche
Brack, Jerry
Bradley, Louis Young
Bramlett, Norman C.
Brammer, Floyd
Bray, Stella
Brenner, ....
Brenner, A. H.
Brenner, A. H. (Mrs.)
Brenner, Anna
Brenner, Annie Marie
Brenner, Daniel
Brenner, Elsa
Brenner, Esther
Brenner, Gerald
Brenner, Harold
Brenner, Harry
Brenner, Kenneth
Brenner, Laborious
Brenner, LaVere
Brenner, Lilah Irene
Brenner, Nettie
Brenner, Paul Marvin
Brenner, Sarah Jane Cline
Brenner, Gerald
Brenner, Teddy
Brenner, Warren
Brewer, Kate
Brewer, Viola
Bristow, Samuel
Broadwell, Joseph L.
Bronson, Eliza
Browere, Hannah
Broown, Infant
Brown, Audrey
Brown, Everett Zyrl
Brown, J. C.
Brown, Kenneth Cecil
Brown, Melza A.
Brown, Susan Lavina (Mrs. J.C.)
Brown, William
Brunkow, Clarice
Brunkow, Evelyn
Brunkow, Lorenz
Brunkow, Meryl
Brunner, Christian
Brunner, J. J.
Brunner, Jake
Brunson, Elmira
Bryan, Dale W.
Bryan, Oliver J.
Bryant, Hiram I.
Bucher, Tressie (Mrs. Joseph)
Bucher, Willie
Buck, Annis Drake
Buck, Eunice
Buck, Lena
Buck, Mary Ellen Stewart
Buck, Thurza O.
Buck, Walter
Buckey, Rebecca
Buckley, Samuel
Budd, Eula Marie
Budd, Joseph
Budd, Rosa Cook
Buffington, Sarah E.
Buffum, Eva
Bullock, G. L.
Bullock, Margaret Ann Davis
Buls, Paula
Burgert, Alice
Burgess, Alice M.
Burgess, William
Burk, Oliver James
Burnett, Mary Lurinda
Burr, Oscar
Bush, Sara Hodgson
Butler, Grace Ann Shepherd Higgins
Butler, Harvey Joseph
Buttler, Jane
Butts, Alma C.
Butts, Emma
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Cain, Bertie Helen Coates
Cain, E. W.
Cain, Elmira Brunson
Cain, Florence
Cain, George H.
Callahan, Margaret
Calvin, John
Cameron, Vera Bernadine
Campbell, Ellen Rebecca
Campbell, Lillie A.
Campbell, Linda Kay
Campbell, Louisa
Campbell, Mary Jane
Cantwell, Edward
Cantwell, Patrick
Capps, Bertrand
Carey, John
Carnahan, Edith
Caron, George C.
Caron, George J.
Carrroll, Emily Jane
Carroll, Isabel
Carroll, w. H.
Carter, Herman H.
Carter, John
Carter, Mary Bowker
Carter, Melvira Phillips
Carver, Arabella
Carver, Maggie
Case, George W.
Case, Nellie
Case, Phebe Angellette
Case, Susannah Yeoman
Casey, Helen
Casey, LaVerne
Casey, Verena
Casper, John
Cass, Mildred
Cassity, Isaac
Catlin, Adelia Asher Dunn
Cavert, Ada McKee Parsons
Chance, Clifford
Chance, Ethel L
Chance, Marie
Chance, Ralph
Chance, Susie E.
Chance, Vera Geraldine
Chance, Violet May
Chance, William
Channel, A. H.
Channel, Abner G.
Channel, Clyde
Channel, Dorothy June
Channel, Leah Gay
Channel, Margaret Sarah Lewis
Channel, Norman H.
Channel, N. H. (Mrs.)
Channel, Orville
Channel, Roy
Channel, Stella
Channel, Veda Mae
Channell, Arthur (Mrs.)
Channell, Edgar
Channell, Hiram Benton
Channell, Mable
Chapman, Cara Maud
Chappell, Louisa Adeline Williams
Chase, Charles
Chase, Edith
Chase, Charles William
Chewning, A. M.
Chewning, Hiram
Chewning, Laura
Chewning, Steve
Chewning, Talitha
Chewning, Wilmer
Chrisman, C. F.
Chrisman, E. N.
Chrisman, Elsie Bottom
Clark, Asa Neil
Clark, child
Clark, Joseph Newell
Clark, Mary Bell Fulton
Clark, Ora
Clark, Ray
Clark, Rosa
Clawer, Susan
Clawson, Paul
Clay, infant
Clay, Dickey
Clay, Henry
Clements, Clinton Edward
Clements, Ella Victoria Kroth
Clements, Gladys
Clements, Grace
Clements, Henry C.
Clements, Ina Ruth
Clements, Ivan
Clements, Ivan (Mrs.)
Clements, Juanita
Clements, Mary
Clements, Mary Lois
Clements, R. I.
Rachel Rhoda
Clements, Rosa
Clements, Sam
Clements, Sarah
Clements, Sarah Elizabeth
Clements, Verne O.
Cline, Elizabeth Elnora
Cline, J. E.
Cline, James P. Jr.
Cline, Patrick
Cline, Rose
Cline, Sarah Jane
Cline, William
Cloud, James Z.
Clough, Gladys
Coates, Alda E.
Coates, Bertie Helen
Coates, child
Coates, Coleman
Coates, Dollie
Coates. E.M.
Coates, Ella Esther
Coates, Emma Copper Rainsbarger (Mrs. M.C.)
Coates, George S.
Coates, GeorgeEtte
Coates, John
Coates, Mary Ann Palmer
Coates, Minerva Jane Littleton
             Newman Henderson (Mrs. M.C.)
Coates, Moses Clark
Coates, Pearl Estella Servis (Mrs. John)
Coates, Rosa
Coates, Sarah Florence
Coates, Susannah Yambert
Coates, William C.
Cobb, Lee
Cobbler, Ile
Coberly, Ruth Ann Hart
Cobler, Floyd
Cochran, Alfred Edwin
Cochran, Francis M.
Cochran, Francis W. Cook
Cochran, Genevive
Cochran, Martha
Cochran, Mary Hannah
Cochran, Rowena M. Stewart
Codding, Etta
Codding, Harriett
Codding, J. S.
Coffelt, Alice Charlesworth
Coffey, James
Coffey, Lena R. Higgins
Coffey, Mary
Coffey, Pearl
Coffin, Frank
Cohn, Samuel
Coldren, James A.
Coldren, Julia Hester Davis
Coldren, Oneita
Coldren, R. E.
Coleman, Clara J.
Colgrove, Mary Armstrong
Collier, Fannie
Collins, D. S.
Collins, Dell
Collins, Elvin Roy
Collins, I. A.
Collins, Julia Ann Smith
Collins, May Taylor
Colwell, Marilda
Colwell, R. J.
Combs, Belle
Combs, Elizabeth Watts
Comer, Daniel
Comer, Dean O.
Comer, Emily O'Brien (Mrs. T. W.)
Comer, Jack
Comer, Lena Huffman
Comer, T. S. (Tapeworm)
Comer, Theodore S.
Comfort, Hattie
Concidine, Frances Ann
Concidine, Mary Devitt
Condray, E. C.
Conlin, Milton
Conner, Hester Ellen Morgan
Conner, James Henry
Conner, Karl
Connett, Donald
Cook, D. A. (Mrs.)
Cook, Elizabeth Susan Thomas (Mrs. J)
Cook, Frances W.
Cook, James Jacob
Cook, John Edward
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Verl Clifton
Cooper, C. W.
Cooper, Della M.
Cooper, Julia Ada
Cooper, Emma
Corcoran, ....
Corcoran, Granton M.
Corcoran, Orman
Corcoran, Robert J.
Cordon, Donald E.
Cordon, Pauline E.
Corwin, Wesley E.
Cory, Alfred
Cosby, Mary Celestine Rutledge
Cottrell, Arthur
Coulsen, Clara Belle Barnes
Coundrey, Nora Jane
Courtney, John B.
Coverdale, ....
Coverdale, Clifford
Coverdale, Jay
Coverdale, Mabel Frances
Coverdale, Mary Adeline Osbourn
Coverdale, Millicent
Coverdale, Ralph Clinton
Coverdale, Ruth
Coverdale, William H.
Cox, Elaine
Cox, Nancy Elizabeth McDanel
Cox, Wilson
Crabtree, Susan J. Smith
Crews, Arreane
Crisp, Rheba Ellen
Cronin, Eugne
Cross, Alto
Cross, Nettie Belle
Crosswhite, James E.
Crowley, J. O. (Mrs.)
Crowley, Louis Eugene
Croy, ....
Croy, Frances E.
Croy, Hannah J
Croy, R. M.
Croy, R. M. (Mrs.)
Crum, R. P.
Crumbaker, George Duncan
Crutchfield, Martha
Culler, Evelyn
Cummings, Ferne Aulda
Cunday, infant
Cunday, T. S.
Cunningham, ....
Cunningham, Mary
Custer, Minerva E.
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Daily, John
Dalton, Grace
Danker, Charles
Danker, Jennie Amelia McQueen
Darst, Mary Elizabeth Calvert
Davis, Anna
Davis, Audrey
Davis, Cora Ellen Thompson
Davis, Cora Lena Beach
Davis, Erma
Davis, Frank
Davis, H. L.
Davis, Harley
Davis, Harley (Mrs.)
Davis, John Edward
Davis, John (Mrs.)
Davis, Julia Hester
Davis, L. E. (Mrs.)
Davis, Lavina
Davis, Malinda Eldora
Davis, Margaret Ann
Davis, Marvel
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary Ellen
Davis, Melvina
Davis, Sarah Lovina
Day, Alice
Day, Anna (Mrs. Charles)
Day, Annis Pearl
Day, Beulah F.
Day, Electra Averal
Day, Frank
Day, Gladys
Day, John Lewis
Day, Mabel
Day, Marguerite Josephine Michaels
Day, Mary
Day, Maud
Day, Mildred A. Abel
Day, Mose
Day, William Henry
Deabron, Egbert
Deck, Forrest
Deckerhoff, Georgia
DeGraw, Jane
DeGraw, Mable
Delmore, Velma Ellis
Demeter, Ann
Dennen, ....
Dennen, Esther
Dennen, Lewis W.
Dennen, Lydia
Denney, Eber
Denney, James
Dennis, Allie
Dennis, Amanda Jenkins
Dennis, Carrie E. McKee
Dennis, Hiram
Dennis, John E.
Dennis, Martha Jenkins
Dennis, Sarah Jane
Denny, ....
Denny, John T.
Denny, Louisa Renfro
Denny, William H.
Dent, Kenneth
Denton, George V.
Denton, Martha Cochran
Detimore, William
Deveney, Denver
Dewitt, J. P.
Dewitt, Mary M.
Dibbern, Eggert (Mrs.)
Dibbern, George
Dibbern, Goldie S.
Dibbern, Herman
Dibbern, Philip
Dice, Marsden Hall
Dicken, Ralph V.
Dierking, Lora Thatcher
Diggs, Jasper
Diggs, Leonard
Diggs, Lizzie
Diggs, Nancy Beams
Dixon, Julia
Dodds, Irene
Dodgion, William
Dole, ....
Dooley, Marjorie Gail Grutzmacher
Dopp, Prudie Thomas
Dorst, Jimmy
Dorst, Matilda
Dorst, Peter
Dove, Ada
Dove, Arthur
Dove, Rachel Rhoda Clements
Downing, A. L.
Downing, Mary S.
Downs, Amanda
Downs, May
Downs, Nettie
Doyle, Florence
Doyle, John T.
Drage, ....
Drage, Alice
Drage, Infant
Drage, Randerdine
Drage, William
Drake, Annis
Drake, W. T.
Ducharm, Donald A.
Ducharm, Roxana Proctor
Duff, Addie E.
Dulac, .... (Mrs.)
Duncan, James
Duncan, Joe
Duncan, Ruth
Dunham, D. M.
Dunlap, Bertha J.
Dunn, Adelia Asher
Dunn, John W.
Dunn, Louisa
Dunn, Sarah Vashti
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Eaply, J. C.
Eaton, Benjamin Franklin
Eaton, Eva
Eaton, Eva F.
Eaton, Myron
Eby, Lizzie Aletha
Eby, Ruth Marie Huss
Eddy, Avery G.
Eddy, Cora
Eddy, Dora
Eddy, Ella Esther Coates
Eddy, Ernest
Eddy, Flora
Eddy, G. C.
Eddy, Grover
Eddy, Harriet
Eddy, Hattie
Eddy, Hazel E.
Eddy, Hobart
Eddy, Ira
Eddy, Isla
Eddy, Josie
Eddy, L. M.
Eddy, Minnie
Eddy, Pearl
Eddy, Rosamond Aletha
Eddy, Sanford H.
Eddy, T. I.
Eddy, Walter Roscoe
Egli, Marie
Ehly, Paul Eugene
Eiseminger, A. M.
Elliott, Carrie Monica
Elliott, R. P.
Ellis, Albert Clifford
Ellis, Albert Franklin
Ellis, Arthur
Ellis, Bertha Adeline Flood House
Ellis, C. H.
Ellis, C. H. (Mrs.)
Ellis, Cecil Ray
Ellis, Edward Thomas
Ellis, Flossie
Ellis, Floy
Ellis, Jean
Ellis, Lenore
Ellis, Margaret
Ellis, Minerva Francina Humphreys
Ellis, Ralph Edward
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Roscoe
Ellis, Roscoe (Mrs.)
ELlis, Roscoe Jr.
Ellis, Ruth
Ellis, Stephen Wesley
Ellis, Thurza O. Buck (Mrs. E. T.)
Ellis, Tommy C.
Empson, Belle
Ernst, Joseph
Ertle, Lloye R.
Eubanks, Mary Ellen
Eustis, Elenor Rendel
Evans, Adelia M. Mosing
Evans, Sarah E. Buffington
Ever, Mattie
Everett, ....
Everett, James
Everett, S. A.
Ewing, Amanda (Mrs. Cyrus C.)
Eytchison, Lizzie McDevitt
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Fairbanks, ....
Fairbanks, Belle Holister
Fairbanks, George
Fairbanks, Hazel
Fairbanks, Lena
Fairbanks, Myrtle
Fairbanks, Myrtle E.
Fairbanks, Rheva Mae
Fairbanks, Samuel
Falk, William F.
Farlee, Laverna B.
Farlee, Mary
Farlee, Mary F. Smith
Farlee, Willis L.
Farnsworth, Nellie E.
Fawcett, Lydia
Ferguson, Lorenza Montgomery
Ferman, Isaac
Ferroil, Nettie E.
Fields, Albert
Fields, Alex J.
Fields, Charles Ray
Fields, Clara Agness Witham (Mrs. Lank)
Fields, Frank
Fields, Harry
Fields, Hiram
Fields, Isaac
Fields, John William
Fields, Leander
Fields, Leslie
Fields, Mary Ann
Fields, Melissa
Fields, Minerva
Fields, Minnie
Fields, Nellie
Fields, W. F.
Figge, Isla Jean
Fisher, .... (son)
Fisher, F. F.
Fisher, Freddy M.
Fisher, Perl F.
Fitzpatrick, Thelbert
Flaherty, Alice
Flaherty, Everitt W.
Flaherty, Julia Dixon
Flood, Bertha Adeline
Flood, Millard Fillmore
Florence, Glen Fern
Flowers, Albert
Flowers, Anna
Flowers, C. A.
Flowers, C. S.
Flowers, Cora L.
Flowers, Edith
Flowers, Francis Marion
Floers, Garnet
Flowers, George
Flowers, George (Mrs.)
Flowers, Jarrett H.
Flowers, Jerry
Flowers, Loyd C.
Flowers, Marion
Flowers, Myrtle
Flowers, William Maynard
Flowers, William T.
Florce, Mary Meskimen
Force, Walter Emery
Ford, Marvin
Ford, Nettie Brenner
Ford, Rexford P.
Fordham, .... (dau)
Fordham, Avis
Fordham, Blanche
Fordham, Charles
Fordham, David T.
Fordham, Delbert Lee
Fordham, Eph
Fordham, Hannah M.
Fordham, Neil
Fordham, Rachel
Fordham, Sarah Elizabeth Clements
Foreman, Rebecca
Forgy, Loren
Foster, Ida Annas
Fowler, Martha
Fox, Gilbert
Frank, Roderick H.
Franklin, Belle
Franklin, Ivy Myrtle
Frantz, Lewis Henry
Franz, Fred L.
Freeborn, William
Fritz, Fred
Fryberger, Percy L.
Fuller, Caroline E. Gordon
Fuller, Herbert
Fulton, Carrie
Fulton, Clarence
Fulton, Lucy M.
Fulton, Mary Bell
Fulton, Robert J.
Fulton, Robert (Mrs.)
Fulton, Tom
Funk, Catharine
Furman, Louisa Campbell (Mrs. Isaac)
Furst, Emma Frances
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Gabbert, Adolph John Sr.
Gabbert, August Frederick
Gabbert, Gary Dean
Gabbert, Harold T.
Gabbert, Kenneth Eugene
Gabbert, Ralph W.
Gabbert, Walter Rollin
Gallagher, Alice Flaherty
Gallagher, Edna Mae
Gallagher, Hugh
Gallagher, John
Gallion, Edith Gertrude Mack
Gallion, F. B.
Gallion, Lora L.
Garber, Grace
Garber, Marie
Garner, Elmer
Garner, Kate
Garner, William
Garrett, Rachel Maria
Garret, Vera
Gaume, August Albert
Gebhart, Oscar
Geddis, Cathrine A.
Gendre, Miss ...
Geyer, Adam
Geyer, Andrew
Geyer, Andrew (Mrs)
Geyer, Anna
Geyer, Anna Barbara
Geyer, Helen Strosnider
Geyer, Henry
Geyer, John
Geyer, Minnie Bayly
Geyer, Walter Andrew
Gibbs, Wilbur (Mrs.)
Gibeson, William
Gibson, Clarissa Jane
Gibson, Erwin
Gibson, Harlan
Gibson, James Jr.
Gibson, James Percy
Gibson, Lucy A. Bennett
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Olin
Gibson, Orville Leroy
Gibson, P. L.
Gibson, Rollo
Gibson, Vernice
Gibson, William Evan
Gideon, Sarah
Gideon, Thomas
Gideon, Thomas H.
Gilchrist, Howard
Giles, Mary
Gille, J. M. (Mrs.)
Glipin, Paul O.
Gilsdorf, Kenneth
Girweg, Daniel
Girweg, Infant
Glaspey, Claude E.
Glass, Martha Jane
Godlove, Edith
Godlove, Evelyn
Godlove, Isaac
Godlove, Isaac Aaron
Godlove, Lenora Arda Mack
Godlove, Leonard
Godlove, Minerva E. Custer
Gohnske, Ernest
Golden, ....
Goodrich, Rosiva
Goodwin, Infants
Goodwin, Jennie Simmermon
Gordon, Caroline E.
Gorrell, Harry Earl
Gorrell, Lillian Lucille
Gorrell, Ralph
Graf, Norma
Graff, C. E.
Graff, Clifford M.
Graff, Frank
Graff, Geneva
Graff, Murie M. Leach
Graham, Clint
Graham, Sarah Taylor
Grandfield, Alice
Grant, ....
Graves, Charles J.
Graves, Dale
Gray, Mary
Green, Benjamin F.
Green, Elisha U.
Green, Lizzie E.
Greene, Annie Olive Plamer bottom
Greene, Eva
Grier, George Robert
Griffith, J. C.
Grigsby, ....
Grim, Paul
Grindle, Annie
Grindle, Ed
Grindle, Flossye
Grob, Ernest
Grooms, Bert
Grossnickle, Earl
Grossnickle, LaVon
Grossnickle, Margaret
Grossnickle, William
Grover, C. M.
Grover, C. W. (Mrs.)
Grover, Charles
Grover, Hannah
Grover, Maria Organ
Grover, Mary Ellen Davis
Grover, Mary J. Musgrave Ingalsbe
Grover, Roy J.
Groves, Louretta
Grutzmacher, C. A.
Grutzmacher, Marjorie Gail
Gruver, Nora M. White
Gudenkauf, Wilfred
Gurtler, ....
Gurtler, John
Gurtler, Lillie
Gurtler, Rachel
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Haar, Herbert
Haas, George N. (Mrs.)
Hahn, Mary Etta
Hahn, Oliver Jasper
Hale, Gladys
Halferty, Cora C.
Hall, Carrie Higgins
Hall, Charley
Hall, Florence
Hall, Jennie
Hall, Sarah Florence Coates (Mrs. W. E.)
Hall, William edgar
Hallick, John
Hallock, Catharine Funk
Hallock, Cloa
Hallock, Edith Whisler
Hallock, H. S.
Hallock, Henry Stephen
Hamar, Balle
Hamar, David
Hamar, Frank
Hamar, Henry
Hamar, Infant
Hamar, Maggie
Hamar, Maud Emily
Hamar, Willie
Hamilton, Peter
Hamlet, Dale
Hancuff, Paul
Handley, Louisa
Handley, Lucile
Handley, Minnie Myrtle McClellan
Hannum, Grandpa
Hansen, Selma
Hanson, Oscar
Hanson, V. E. (Mrs.)
Harbert, Eugene
Harbert, Rachel Ann
Harlacher, Regina Martha
Harman, W. J.
Harmon, ----
Harper, May
Harries, Addison
Harries, Annis Drake Buck
Harries, Carl Cameron
Harries, Dale Edward
Harries, Dean Sherman
Harries, Lee Roy
Harries, Lee Roy
Harries, Lenox Stewart
Harries, Mae
Harries, Mary James
Harries, Mertie Pauline Van Cleve
Harries, Nathan C.
Harries, Owen
Harries, Viola V.
Harries, W. J.
Harries, Walter Atlee
Harris, Annie Boh
Harris, Clarence Owen
Harris, Claude b.
Harris, Clifton (Mrs.)
Harris, Dollie
Harris, Genevieve
Harris, George
Harris, Grace
Harris, Howard
Harris, Infant son
Harris, Isla Eddy
Harris, John
Harris, Leila
Harris, Lester Mack
Harris, Owen
Harris, William
Harris, Zera
Harrison, Lottie
Harrison, Ralph A.
Hart, Algernon M.
Hart, Ann Jane Wilson
Hart, Della
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Elizabeth Rebecca Harper
Hart, Ezra P.
Hart, family picture
Hart, George E.
Hart, Grandma
Hart, Hugh See
Hart, Ruth Ann
Hartman, Catherine
Hartman, Robert George
Hartzell, Michael
Haug, Marcelle
Hauldren, Eleanor
Hauldren, Genevieve Arnold
Hauldren, Lester Jr.
Hause, Sylvester
Havens, Charles R.
Hayes, Charles R.
Hayes, G. E.
Hayes, Stella
Hayward, Myra
Hayward, Pauline
Heath, Caroline Amelia
Heath, Elmer
Heath, Eva
Heath, Frank
Heath, Isaac
Heath, John S.
Heathman, Eliza Bronson
Heathman, James Henry
Heer, Georgia Deckerhoff
Heer, John Henry
Heiselman, Sarah
Heizer, Amy Leona
Heizer, Dale
Hell, family story
Henderson, Esther Jennie Nichols (Mrs. R. H.)
Henderson, Ione
Henderson, Minerva Jane Littleton Newman
Henery, W. A.
Henry, Edith
Henson, Mary Etta Hahn
Herrman, Eugene Victor
Hershman, Mary Elisabeth
Hess, Jessie
Heston, Della Lue Stella
Heston, William
Hick, R. S. (Mrs.)
Higgins, Arlie W.
Higgins, Carrie
Higgins, Eva Mae
Higgins, Fern
Higgins, Grace Ann Shepherd
Higgins, J. C.
Higgins, Lena R.
Higgins, Pansy
Higgins, Ruth Ann Kansas
Higgins, Ulysses G.
Higgs, William
Hill, Forrest
Hill, Mary Inez
Hill, W. F.
Hines, Patrick
Hines, William
Hinkley, Al
Hinkley, E. L.
Hinkley, Erle
Hinkley, Robert H.
Hinkley, Sara A. Kennedy (Mrs. E. L.)
Hinton, Frank
Hiskey, Lee D.
Hiskey, William Henry
Hladky, Floyd
Hibbos, Claudie L.
Hobbs, Grandpa
Hodge, Orvilla Boffe
Hodson, John Otis
Hoffman, Grace
Hoffman, Grace
Hoffman, Tommy Dewey
Hoffs, D. F.
Holcomb, ----
Holder, Armintha J. Kirby
Holder, Nancy
Holder, S. M.
Holliday, ----
Holliday, Cecil
Holliday, Ester
Hollister, Harriet
Holmes, Clemantine
Holmes,Frances Caroline
Holsapple, George
Holsapple, Isaac Campbell
Holsapple, Martha Jane Glass
Holsapple, Ruth Mae
Homewood, David
Honig, Grace
Honig, Herman
Hoover, Angelina
Hoover, Blanche
Hoover, Ellsworth Clark
Hoover, Jessie Lee
Hoover, Lola
Hoover, Mary
Hoover, William Merrett
Horne, John Blake
Houghawout, Alvah Howard
Houghawout, Edith Evelyn
Houghton, Harriet
House, Bertha Adline Flood
Houston, James
Howard, Louisa Dunn
Howe, Olive
Hrenchir, Raphael
Hubbartt, D. A.
Huddleston, Dr. Ralph
Huey, Belle
Huey, Margery
Huey, Thomas
Huffman, C. K.
Huffman, Charles A.
Huffman, Eva F.
Huffman, George W.
Huffman, Gerald Dean
Huffman, Lena
Huffman, Mary Boh
Huffman, Quim
Huffman, Rosa H.
Huffman, Wallace
Hughes, J. W. F.
Hughes, Lavina
Humphreys, Minerva Francina
Hunt, Carl
Hunt, Madeline May
Hunt, Martha Ann
Hunt, Rheba Ellen Crisp
Hunt, W. D.
Hunt, William
Husband, ---- (Mrs.)
Huss, Glade
Huss, Ruth Marie
Hutton, Robert E.
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Immenschuh, ----
Immenschuh, Philip
Immenschuh, Theo
Ingalsbe, D. F.
Ingalsbe, Dayton
Ingalsbe, Henrietta
Ingalsbe, Ruth
Ingalsbe, Mary J. Musgrave
Ingram, Eda May Hall
Ingram, Nelson
Ipson, Corintha
Irwin, Evan
Irwin, Jessie
Irwin, Lavonia
Irwin, Lester
Irwin, Louise
Irwin, Mary L.
Irwin, Schuyler, C.
Irwin, U. L.
Irwin, W. A.
Irwin, William
Ivans, Amanda Jane
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Jackson, Bonnie Lee
Jackson, Sabina (Mrs. Paris M.)
Jacobia, Martha Augusta
Jacques, Fred
Jacques, Harvey
Jacques, Nannie Noble
James, ---- (son)
James, Elizabeth
James, Martha Ann
James, Ollie E. Smith
James T. J.
Jameson, ----
Jameson, James M.
Jameson, R. B. (Mrs.)
Jameson, Robert E.
Jameson, Rebecca
Jarrett, ----
Jarrett, Melba
Jaynes, Clinton
Jaynes, Frank
Jaynes, Irl
Jaynes, Rosa
Jaynes, Samuel
Jaynes, Verner Frank
Jeanneret, Marie
Jeanneret, Wilbur
Jenkins, Amanda
Jenkins, Eleazor
Jenkins, Eliza
Jenkins, Flora
Jenkins, Gladys Hale Perry
Jenkins, John Eli
Jenkins, Joseph A.
Jenkins, Martha
Jenkins, R. W.
Jeter, Joey
Jeter, Wesley Sumner
Jett, Cora
Jobe, Rebecca Jane
Johns, Ed F.
Johns, Normalee
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Alta
Johnson, Ethel Grace Beach
Johnson, Florence M.
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jesse William
Johnson, Julia Adah Cooper
Johnson, Lemuel K.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Roy
Johnson, Sara Ellen Rhoads
Johnson, Thomas Alexander
Johnston, Frank
Johnston, Harold
Johnston, Mary M.
Jones, ----
Jones, Albert
Jones, Alta Cross
Jones, Bertha
Jones, Charlotte E. Whitsel
Jones, Cilinda
Jones, Frank T.
Jones, Grant (Mrs.)
Jones, Jess
Jones, Leslie E.
Jones, Melvina Isabel
Jones, Nannie a.
Jones, Percie F.
Jones, Percy
Jones, Pottawatomie (E. F.)
Jones, Ralph T.
Jontra, Charles
Jontra, Lewis
Jontra, Louella Maude
Jontra, Melvin
Jontra, Minerva Fields
Joyce, Mary Gray
Junod, Vern
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Kimble, Percy
Karns, Neil
Kaul, Robert Homer
Kazebeer, P.
Keck, Joseph
Keehn, Mary Theresa
Keeney, N. C.
Keister, Louisa McClafflen
Kellie, Billie Dean
Kelly, Hazel
Kelly, John
Kelly, Reuben
Kelty, ----
Kamper, C. D.
Kennedy, Sarah A.
Kepler, Edwin Monroe
Kerby, Mintie J.
Kidney, Allie Thompson
Kidney, Edgar
Kidney, Edgar (Mrs.)
Kidney, Frank
Kidney, George W.
Kidney, Iola
Kidney, Lucien
Kidney, Lute E.
Kidney, Matilda Vancise (Mrs. G. W.)
Kidwell, Frances Kate
Kidwell, Katie
Kientz, Clara Belle
Kienzle, W. L.
Kimble, ----
Kimble, Addie E. Duff
Kimble, Enola
Kimble, Infant
Kimble, James Franklin
Kimble, John Wesley
Kimble, Pearl
Kimble, Ralph
King, Lillian Van Buskirk
King, William C.
Kinky, William
Kinsey, ----
Kirby, Armintha J.
Kirk, J. S.
Kirk, Mary
Klusmire, Charles
Klusmire, Orville F.
Knight, Elizabeth
Knipp, William J. (Mrs.)
Knopf, Roby
Knouft, Donald Charles
Knox, Fern Higgins
Knox, Flossie
Knox, Guinnie Ruth
Knox, Jane Johnson
Knox, Manasseh Stewart (Nat)
Knox, Manasseh Stewart Jr. (Nattie)
Knox, R. J. F.
Knox, Sarah Lovina Davis
Kocher, Arnold
Kocher, Margaret
Koentz, Laura Chewning
Kohler, Jacob
Kolterman, Cecil
Kolterman, Emma
Kolterman, Frank (Mrs.)
Kolterman, Glen Herman
Kolterman, Lawrence
Kral, Glen T.
Kroth, ----
Kroth, Albert Thomas
Kroth, Alice May
Kroth, C. E.
Kroth, Charles
Kroth, Edna May
Kroth, Effie E.
Kroth, Ella Victoria
Kroth, Eva Mae
Kroth, Fannie Graham (Mrs. Frank)
Kroth, Harland
Kroth, Henry
Kroth, John
Kroth, Kate
Kroth, Lela
Kroth, Lorene
Kroth, Louisiana Loughmiller
Kroth, Margaret Nicholas (Mrs. Charles)
Kroth, rosemond Arline
Kroth, Stella
Kroth, Susie Ethel Phelps
Kruger, Sophia
Kuehl, Frederick (Mrs.)
Kuehl, Wilhemine K.
Kuhn, John Herman
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Labbe, Cecile Lydia Labbe
Lackey, Gertrude
Lackey, William
Lake, Emmett M.
Lally, James O.
Lamphere, Belle
Lane, Adie
Lane, Frank
Lane, Julia Ada
Lane, Queene Thoren
Langhart, Jake
LaRue, Phebe Catherine
Lasater, ----
Lasater, J. Clinton
Lasater, Jesse
Lash, Samuel (Mrs.)
Laughlin, Emma Jane
Laughlin, Mary Devitt Concidine
Laughlin, Nellie Lozuaway
Laughlin, Patrick
Leach, Murle M.
Leamer, C. W.
Lederer, Florence
Lederere, Fredericka Weland
Lederer, George
Lederer, George Jr.
Lederer, J. F.
Lederer, Loyal L.
Lederer, Mattie May Whisler
Lederer, Merle
Lederer, Merna Hope
Lederer, Mildred May
Lederer, Murial Joy
Lederer, Urice Eldon
Lee, Frank Wyatt
Lee, Glenn Dale
Lee, James
Lee, John
Leeds, Abigail B.
Lefebvre, Dale
Lefebvre, Ena
Lehne, Wilhelmina Augusta
Leinbach, Celinda M. Jones
Leinbach, Lucy M. Fulton
Leland, Edwin S.
Leonard, Clyde
Leporin, Grace Isabelle Morgan
Leporin, John
Leslie, Birdie
Leverich, Vona
Lewelling, Fannie
Lewey, Lyle A.
Lewis, Anna L.
Lewis Grandma
Lewis, Harvey
Lewis, J. E.
Lewis, Margaret Sarah
Lewis, MaryLewis, Mildred Mae
Lewis, Nellie
Lewis, Will
Lightbody, C. F.
Lightbody, Ernest Loren
Lightbody, Lula E.
Lightbody, Mary E.
Lightbody, Susan C.
Limbocker, Charles
Limbocker, June A.
Lindeen, William
Lindsay, Martha Jane
Lister, Alice Edna
Lister, Clyde
Lister, Harriet
Lister, Margie
Lister, Sarah Jo
Little, Thomas O.
Littleton, Belle
Littrell, Amanda Jane Ivans
Logan, Dewey
Logan, E. A.
Logan, Prudie Morgan (Mrs. E. A.)
Logan, Edward
Logan, Gail
Logan, J. C.
Logan, J. C. (Mrs.)
Logan, James
Logan, James (Mrs.
Logan, Maxine
Lomax, ----
Longstaff, Charles
Longstaff, James
Longstaff, Mary Hannah Cochran
Loomis, Hester A.
Loughmiller, ----
Loughmiller, Bert
Loughmiller, Clara D.
Loughmiller, Etta M.
Loughmiller, Joseph
Loughmiller, Lorman
Loughmiller, Louisiana
Loughmiller, Lowell
Loughmiller, Martha Ann James
Loughmiller, Martha Maud
Loughmiller, Tillman
Loughmiller, Walter
Loughmiller, Walter C.
Louthian, Robert
Lovejoy, Mary B. Allen
Lozuaway, Alda R. Coates
Lozuaway, Frank Powle
Lozuaway, Infant
Lozuaway, John
Lozuaway, Nellie
Lozuaway, Vera Alda
Luttig, Henry
Lutz, Bernard Randall
Lutz, Elizabeth
Lutz, Elmer V.
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Mack, Edith Gertrude
Mack, George
Mack, George (Mrs.)
Mack, Grandma
Mack, Jacob
Mack, Lenora Arda
Mack, Mary Elisabeth Hershman
Mack, Rheva
Mack, William Mansur
Mack, Wilma
Maginnis, Infant
Maloney, Child
Maloney, Hugh
Maloney, Hugh (Mrs.)
Manchester, Clyde
Manchester, Shirley Kay
Mangold, John Richard
Manning, Sarah A.
Manuel, Duane
Manuel, Floye Madge
Manuel, Harley
Manuel, Infant
Manuel, Isla Irene
Manueal, Martha Ann Bottom
Manuel, Milton
Manuel, Ross
Marbut, ----
Marcoux, Arthur
Marcoux, Dale
Marcoux, Helen Frances
Marcoux, Napoleon P.
Marcoux, Rosamond Aleda Eddy
Marcoux, Roy
Marcoux, Roy Jr.
Marcoux, Wayne
Marcy, Mayme
Marine, Nancy Jane
Mark, ----
Mark, N.
Markham, Anna M.
Markham, G. W.
Markham, John
Markham, Minnie R.
Marks, James
Marquart, Narcie
Marshall, A. L. (Mrs.)
Martin, August F.
Martin, Fred
Martin, James Sylvester
Martin, Lorenz
Martin, Lydia
Martin, Pearl
Martom. Willie
Marts, Cloa Hallock
Marts, Elsie
Marts, W. A.
Martsolf, Nellie Deloris
Massey, Addie Olive McKee
Massey, Sanford (Mrs.)
Massey, William Bigelow
Matthews, Lillie
May, A. P.
May, Arba
May, Charley Forrest
May, George D.
May, Infant daughter
May, Joseph
May, Lydia Ellen McDannel
May, Margaret Callahan
Mayall, Geneva
Mayer, Lela May
Mayer, Ralph
Mayfield, Anna Lowe
Mayfield, William M.
Mayhew, Ione
Mazel, ----
Means, ----
McAferty, James
McClain, Anna
McClain, Josephine Lucile
McClain, Oren
McClain, Velma
McClane, Thomas B.
McClean, Emma I.
McClellan, A. (Mrs.)
McClellan, Cora
McClellan, Minnie Myrtle
McCloughan, Alma
McCloughan, Anna
McCloughan, Edna
McCloughan, J. W.
McCloughan, Mary M.
McCloughan, Stella
McCloughan, William
McClung, Jeanie
McClure, ----
McComas, ----
McConnell, Sarah Speck
McDanel, Nancy Elizabeth
McDaniel, Lynn
McDaniel, Tenny
McDannel, Lydia Ellen
McDevitt, Grace Belle
McDevitt, Grandma
McDevitt, James
McDonald, Christine Dorthea Paulsen
McDonald, Earnest
McDonald, Elsie
McDonald, Florence
McDonald, Jim
McDonald, Lewis H.
McDonald, Stella Irene
McDowell, Harry
McElroy, William B.
McFarland, Charles E.
McFarland, Daisy
McFarland, E. T.
McFarland, Edward
McFarland, Ellen S.
McFarland, J. W.
McFarland, Sarah A. Manning
McGranahan, Daniel Thomas
McGranahan, Katie
McGregor, Jeffie
McGrew, Dr. ----
McHenry, Charles L.
McKay, ---- (Mrs.)
McKee, A.
McKee, Abraham
McKee, Ada
McKee, Addie Louis Armstrong
McKee, Addie Olive
McKee, Albert (Mrs.)
McKee, Anna Eliza Russell
McKee, Bart
McKee, Basil
McKee, Bertha
McKee, Carrie E.
McKee, Charles
McKee, Cressie Slater
McKee, Curtis
McKee, Dallas
McKee, Elizabeth White
McKee, Ephriam
McKee, Ephrian (Mrs.)
McKee, Frank
McKee, Frank Aaron
McKee, Glen
McKee, H. F.
McKee, Harold
McKee, Henry
McKee, Henry (Mrs.
McKee, Infant
McKee, Ira
McKee, Isaac
McKee, J. M.
McKee, Jacob
McKee, John
McKee, Lloyd
McKee, Lucille E.
McKee, Martha Anne armstrong
McKee, Matilda Dorst
McKee, May
McKee, Mina
McKee, Olive Howe
McKee, Onie Collins
McKee, Paul Dean
McKee, Perry A.
McKee, Perry A. (Mrs.)
McKee, Rosa
McKee, Rose
McKee, T. I.
McKee, Thomas
McKee, W. H.
McKee, W. L.
McKee, W. R.
McKee, W. S.
McKee, Will
McKee, Willard
McKee, William
McKee, William Bigelow
McKenney, Charles
McKinney, Mable
McKim, Inez
McKinney, Cynthia A.
McKinney, Lottie A. (Mrs. A. P.)
MsKinsey, Atlee
McKinsey, Audrey
McKinsey Audrey Merle
McKinsey, Caroline
McKinsey, Caroline Barkman
McKinsey, Cleo Irene
McKinsey, Cullum
McKinsey, Franklin
McKinsey, Fred
McKinsey, Gayle
McKinsey, George W.
McKinsey, Lowell
McKinsey, Marvin Dale
McKinsey, Nellie Pearl Beach
McKinsey, Rhodella Madeline
McKowen, James
McLaughlin, Ruth
McLean, John
McManis, Ellsworth
McManus, Dr. ----
McMullen, Clarence
McMullen, William
McNally, Thomas
McNalley, William
McNickle, Arlettie May
McQueen, Jennie Amelia
McQueen, Louisa Handley
McReynolds, Anna
McVey, James
McVicar, Hattie Booth
Melton, Hiram Franklin
Melton, Lydia Mae
Melton, R. C.
Melton, Sarah Ann Ray
Melvin, Ida Annas Foster
Merchant, Alice May
Merchant, Bert
Merchant, Clyde
Merchant Hattie
Merchant, Infant son
Merchant, Peter
Merchant, Rosetta Josephine Stricker
Merchant, Roy
Merchange, Roy
Merchant, W. A.
Merchant, William
Merchant, William A.
Meskimen, Mary
Messamore, J. B.
Messter, Helen Kathrina
Meyer, Mary Margaret
Meyer, Thomas
MichAel, Ina V.
Michael, Samantha J.
Michaels, Marguerite Josephine
Mickel, Ben S.
Middleton, Carrie
Middleton, W. H.
Middleton, W. H. (Mrs.)
Miller, ----
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charles H.
Miller, Edwart T.
Miller, Elmer L.
Miller, Infant daughter
Miller, John Franklin
Miller, Johnson
Miller, Laura
Miller, Martha
Miller, Martin
Miller, Mary Elizabeth Calvert
     Rash Darst
Miller, Rosa Kathryn Beckley
Mills, Alvin S.
Mills, John
Milner, Bertha Louise
Milner, George W.
Milner, Mabel Esther
Minard Hattie May Young
Minner, John P. (Mrs.)
Minner, Millie
Minner, Ratia
Minney, George M.
Mitchell, Hannah M. Fordham
Mitchell, Henry Mason
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John Thomas
Mitchell, Lawrence
Mitchell, Matilda Antonette Zabel
Mitchell, Susie Elizabeth
Mize, June Maxine
Moll, John C.
Monroe, Margaret Ruth
Montgomery, Lorenza
Moody, Mary Ellen
Moonlight, Thomas
Moore, George A.
Moore, Olive
Morehead, Mariah
Morgan, Aletia Ann
Morgan, Barbara Ellen
Morgan, Cora Etta Baysinger
morgan, E. A. (Mrs.)
Morgan, E. T.(Mrs.)
Morgan, Edward T.
Morgan, Grace
Morgan, Grace Isabelle
Morgan, Hester Ellen
Morgan, Isaac Newton
Morgan, James H.
Morgan, Mary Elizabeth Osburn
Morgan, E. D.
Morgan, Prudie
Morgan, Willis
Morgan, Willis Newton
Morlan, Letha
Morrall, Lair D.
Morrison, J. V.
Morton, Harold Eugene
Mosier, Nora
Mosing, Adelia M.
Mosing, Wilhelmina Augusta Lehne
Mouton, Mary Josephine
Moyewr, Millie
Muirhead, Eleanor
Murdock, Blanche
Murphy, A. T.
Murphy, Elizabeth Josephine truitt
Murphy, G. Sherman
Murphy, Hattie Murphy
Murphy, Mahala
Murphy, Sherman
Murphy, William
Murray, J. M. (Mrs.)
Murrow, Nellie
Musgrave, Mary J.
Myer, Thomas Floyd
Myer, Will
Myers, ----
Myers, Annie Nicholas
Myers, C. A.
Myers, Charles (Mrs.)
Myers, Clarence
Myers, Dollie Edna
Myers, Elsie
Myers, Elsie Olive
Myers, Fred
Myers, Gus
Myers, Leslie
Myers, Liddie Mae Melton
Myers, Nona Ruth
Myers, Ross
Myers, Samuel
Myers, Tilman
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Nason, Walter
Needham, Percy Henry
Neely, John
Nelson, Jacob
Nelson, Peter J.
Nemnich, William C.
Neumann, Margaret
Newlan, Henry
Newland, Harry W.
Newlin, Gene
Newman, Cora
Newman, Elias
Newman, John
Newman, Minerva Jane Littleton
Newman, Myrtle
Newman, Olive J.
Newstifter, Henry E.
Nicholas, Annie
Nicholas, Annlee
Nicholas, Florence
Nicholas, Glenn G.
Nicholas, Infant
Nicholas, Janie M.
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, Lettie McKinsey (Mrs. E. L.)
Nicholas, Margaret
Nicholas, Martha
Nicholas, Maude Day
Nicholas, Pearlie
Nicholas, Thomas
Nicholas, Thomas J.
Nichols, Bernice
Nichols, Bernice Gertrude
Nichols, Bertha
Nichols, Dilworth
Nichols, Esther Jennie
Nichols, Margaret
Nichols, Martha J. Park
Nichols, Ralph
Nichols, William
Nicolay, Lloyd
Noble, Fannie
Noble, Nannie
Noland, Alice
Nolte, Rosann
Norris, Infant
Norris, Jesse
Norris, Lucinda
Norris, Mary E.
Norris, S. A.
Norris, William
Nott, Gladys Irene
Nuffer, Orville
Nunn, Prof. ----
Nuzman, Lewis Jr
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O'Brien, Emily
O'Hara, John
Oldfield, Witt
Olsen, Laverna B. Farlee
Olsen, Ole C.
Olson, ---- (Mrs.)
Olson, Forrest C.
Olson, Rasmus Maberry
O'Meara, Anna
O'Roke, Benjamine Franklin
Orr, Lenora Belle
Osborn, Jess
Osborn, Silas
Osborne, James
Osbourn, Mary Adeline
Osburn, Fred
Osburn, Mary Elizabeth
Osburn, Nannie A. Jones
Osburn, Ora Lee
Osburn, Nettie
Osburn, Perthina Ann Smalley
Osburn, Sims B.
Ott, Charles (Mrs.)
Ozman, G. J.
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Pace, Cyrel
Page, Amanda J. Roark
Page, Clinton
Page, George
Palmer, Amanda Parmella
Palmer, Annie
Palmer, Emma
Palmer, Hazel M.
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palmer, Maudie Vesta
Palmer, Samuel
Park, Martha J.
Parkhurst, Abigail
Parkhurst, Elisha
Parkhurst, Rinda
Parsons ----
Parsons Ada McKee
Parsons, Amy
Parsons, Carley
Parsons, Dewitt Clinton
Parsons, G. W.
Parsons, Galen Burr
Parsons, Geneva
Parsons, L. C.
Parsons, Levi C.
Parsons, Lorenza Montgomery
Parsons, M. W.
Parsons, Marcie
Parsons, Marguerite
Parsons, Marion L.
Parsons, Ona
Parsons, Ora
Parsons, Robert C.
Parsons, Tommy
Parsons, Verner D.
Paschal, Margaret
Patch, Charles
Patrick, Elmer J.
Patterson, ----
Paulsen, Christine Dorthea
Paulsen, Claus Henry
Paulsen, Elsabea Christina Boh
Paulsen, Gustave
Paulsen, Hattie
Paulsen, Orville
Paulsen, Ruth
Payne, ----
Payne, Henry F.
Payne, Margaret Callahan May
Peasley, Calista E. Pierce
Peck, Adolph
Peck, Adolph C.
Peck, Alice
Peck, Benjamin Franklin
Peck, Cyril
Peck, Della
Peck, Effie O. Beach
Peck, Elizabeth
Peck, Emma May
Peck, Henry M.
Peck, John
Peck, Justin
Peck, Opal
Peck, Ottie B.
Peck, Paul
Peery, ----
Peery, Emmett
Pell, Sadie Smith
Peoples, William A.
Pepper, Edward M.
Perkins, Bertha
Perlenne, ---- (Mrs.)
Perry, Florence Imogene
Perry, George (Mrs.)
Perry, Henry
Perry, Lorrna Mae
Perry, Mary Lurinda Burnett
Perry, Navarre
Perry, Robert Eugene
Perry, Stella
Peters, Anna L.
Peters, Rosa B.
Peterson, Carl
Peterson, Margaret
Pfeiffer, William Nannie
Phelps, Susie Ethel
Philippi, Jane Norris
Philippi, Jane Norris
Phillips, Melvira
Phillips, Sylvia Ann
Phinney, Judge Horace T.
Pierce, Calista E.
Pierce, Roy
Pinch, Harriett
Pinder, Barton
Pinder, Cecil
Pinder, Leslie
Pinder, Robert B.
Pinet, Frank
Pinick, Jerry
Pinick, Silas Fremont
Pitcher, Arthur D.
Pitcher, Bernice Gertrude Nichols
Pitcher, Cassel D.
Pitcher, Charles
Pitcher, Edgar Leroy
Pitcher, Frederick
Pitcher, Hannah
Pitcher, Hattie
Pitcher, Henry (Mrs.)
Pitcher, Inez I.
Pitcher, Jennie
Pitcher, John
Pitcher, Louisa Wagner (Mrs. Henry)
Pitcher, Mary
Pitcher, Mary M.
Pitcher, Mary Zelma Shaw
Pitcher, Rebecca
Pitcher, Rosa
Pitcher, Ruth
Pitcher, Sadie
Pitman, John C.
Plowman, Minnie
Plummer, Joseph
Poague, ----
Poague, Floye
Poague, George Raymond
Poague, J. T.
Poague, Jessie
Poague, John
Poague, John Thomas
Poague, Malinda Eldora Davis
Poague, Mont C.
Poague, Seth E.
Poague, Thomas J.
Points, C. N.
Points, C. N. (Mrs.)
Points, Mabel
Points, Thomas R.
Post, Alva W.
Post, Dorothy June
Post, Emma J.
Post, Glen Herbert
Post, Herbert
Post, Leonard M.
Post, Myrtle
Post, Thelma
Post, Wilbert A.
Potter, Herman I.
Potter, Mary Cunningham
Potter, Ora
Powelson, Abner
Proctor, ----
Proctor, Ada
Proctor, Dora C. Parkhouse
Proctor, Infant
Proctor, Grace A.
Proctor, Guy Frank
Proctor, Howard
Proctor, John
Proctor, Laura
Proctor, Roxana
Proctor, William Milton
Puckett, Thomas J.
Pyne, Cora
Pyne, Lewis
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Radford, George Bethel
Rainsbarger, Emma Copper
Rairdon, Daniel
Rairdon, Daniel (Mrs.)
Rairdon, Everett
Rairdon, Iva M.
Rairdon, Louisa Adeline
    Williams Chappell
Rairdon, William C.
Ralston, ---- (dau)
Ralston, Frank
Ramage, Cora A. Osburn
Randall, Elizabeth Dickson (Mrs. Ziba)
Randall, Flossie Madelon
Randall, George
Randall, H. A. (Mrs.)
Randall, Mark
Randall, Mary L.
Randall, Merle
Randall, Ziba
Randel, Bertha M.
Randel, Elsie Olive Myers (Mrs. Geo.)
Randel, G. W.
Randel, Garrett
Randel, George
Randel, Lydia Ann
Randel, Robert Stewart
Randle, William S.
Ranier, Millie
Ransom, Hannah Grover
Rarick, Nathan Bangs
Rash, Beatrice Edna
Rash, Mary Elizabeth Calvert
Rash, Maurice
Rash, Thomas
Rash, William
Rash, Zack
Rawlins, C. E.
Rawlings, C. H.
Rawlings, Charley (F. C.)
Rawlings, Edgar
Rawlings, Elizabeth Watts Combs
    (Mrs. Henry)
Rawlings, Ethel Ann
Rawlings, Florence May
Rawlings, Frederick Charles
Rawlings, Henry
Rawlings, Hugh
Rawlings, Marie Swartz
Rawlings, Orville James
Rawlings, Susie
Rawlings, Thomas H.
Rawlings, Violet
Ray, Arthur E.
Raymond, Anna Elizabeth
Raymond, Elbert Olin
Reed, Lewis Chalmer
Reese, Anna Flowers
Reese, Raymond
Regar, Amos
Regar, Henrietta
Regar, Walter
Reinhardt, Christopher
Reitzel, W. M.
Renberger, ----
Renberger, Elsa May
Renberger, Glen
Renberger, Henry
Renberger, Janiece
Renberger, Leah Nora
Renberger, Lloyd
Renberger, Lowell N.
Renberger, Nebraska
Renberger, Nonavee
Rendel, Elener
Renfro, Fred
Renfro, Louisa
Rensberger, Emma
Repp, ----(child)
Repp, Vincent
Retter, John Burton
Reyonaldo, John
Reyonaldo, John (Mrs.)
Rezac, Matthew
Rhoads, Sara Ellen
Rhodes, Phantly
Richards, Arthur
Richards, Ethel Louise
Richardson, ----
Richardson, Alfred
Richardson, Beatrice
Richardson, Belle Littleton
Richardson, Bessie
Richardson, C. E.
Richardson, Claud
Richardson, Dale W.
Richardson, Edwin F.
Richardson, Elizabeth Hart
Richardson, Ethel Ann Rawlings
Richardson, Evan D.
Richardson, Galileo
Richardson, Glen Arthur
Richardson, John Sexton
Richardson, Kroth
Richardson, Lair
Richardson, Mary F. Smith Farlee
Richardson, Milton W.
Richardson, Moyne Agnes
Richardson, Norton O.
Richardson, Sara E. Taylor
Richardson, Thomas J.
Richardson, Virginia
Richardson, W. F.
Richardson, Walter Clarence
Richey, Charles Edward
Richey, Lura A. Rowels
Riddell, Mary Ann Coffman
     (Mrs. R. W.)
Rieschick, Audrey Merle McKinsey
Rieschick, Eva Merz
Rieschick, Frank Carl
Rieschick, Henry
Rigney, Martha Ann
Riley, James L.
Rinebarger, Henry
Rinebarger, Ida
Rinebarger, Will
Rineberger, Will
Rineberger, Ella
rineberger, Henry
Risto, Walter
Roach, Harriett Pinch
Roach, Ivan E.
Roach, T. W.
Roark, Amanda J.
Robbins, D.
Robbins, Rinda Parkhurst
Robbins, Ronald Lee
Robbins, Samuel N.
Roberts, Arthur
Robinson, C. M.
Roby, Martha Jane
Roe, Mary Alice
Roggenkamp, Lorene
Rollins, Martha Jane
Rose, Clarissa Jane Gibson
Rose, M. I.
Rose, Samuel P.
Rosevear, George (Mrs.)
Rosevear, Joseph
Ross, Catherine
Ross, Clarence W.
Ross, Francis
Ross, Frank
Ross, Laura
Ross, Scott
Rothers, August
Roudybush, C. C.
Rowan, Ralph R.
Rowles, Eli M.
Rowles, Lura A.
Rowley, Ida I.
Rowley, Ida Mae
Royal, ----
Rucker, William
Rudy, T. R.
Ruggles, Glenn
Ruggles, J. W.
Runyan, Bartlett Jefferson
Rush, Miss ----
Rutherford, Arthur V.
Rutherford, Clyde Lester
Rutherford, Estella Jane
Rutledge, Mary Celestine
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Salisburg, Francis M.
Samuel, Marie
Samuels, B. F.
Samuels, Sara S.
Samuels, William
Samuelson, John
Sandberg, Pete
Sanders, C. H.
Satterfield, Joseph Leander
Satterfield, Mattie
Sauers, George
Sausser, ----
Saylor, John
Scalapino, Anthony
Scantland, Florence Ruth
Schane, Walter
Scheel, William
Schilling, ----
Schilling, Carl
Schilling, David H.
Schilling, Hans
Schilling, James
Schilling, Ora Longstaff
Schneider, Elizabeth
Schneider, Joseph
Schnelle, Raymond
Schoen, Grandma
Schoonover, Debora
Schreiber, Faye
Schulte, Angela Gertrude
Schumaker, John G.
Schwab, Russell
Schwarz, Amelia Marie
Schwarz, Andrew
Schwarz, Dora
Schwarz, George Washington
Scott, Anna M.
Scott, Elsie Jane Waters (Mrs. A. J.)
Scott, Fred
Scott, James L.
Scott, John Lindsey
Scott, Martha Jane Lindsay
Scott, Rachel
Scripter, Eldon
Scritchfield, Lottie A.
    McKinney (Mrs. A. P.)
Sebring, Maude
Segrest, Frederich Louis
Segrist, Anna
Segrist, Gladys
Segrist, Lorine Mae
Segrist, Samuel
Segrist, Samuel Eugene
Senner, Elizabeth Lutz
Senner, Flora
Senner, George
Senner, Gustav Albert
Senner, Jacob Frederick
Senner, Jennie Venneberg
Senner, Minnie Pauline
Senner, Sophia Bahret
Servis, Pearl Estella
Seymour, Altha Davis
Seymour, Pamela Ann
Shaffer, Will
Shaffstall, Lowell E.
Shaft, Frank
Shaver, Claud (Mrs.)
Shaver, ---- daughter
Shaw, Jessie
Shaw, Jessie Marie
Shaw, John
Shaw, Mary Zelma
Shehi, Belle Huey
Shehi, John
Shehi, Winfield
Shell, Melvin
Shepherd, Andrew
Shephrd, Andrew Jackson
Shepherd, Andrew St.
Shepherd, George H.
Shepherd, Grace Ann
Shepherd, Hattie May Oliver
Shepherd, John J.
Shepherd, Mary
Shepherd, Peter A.
Shepherd, Pater (Mrs.)
Shepherd, Roxana
Shepherd, Samuel E.
Shepherd, Violet
Shepherd, William
Sherwood, Lillian
Shields, Elisha
Shields, Mary
Shields, Mary Ellen
Shields, Sylvia
Shine, Malinda C.
Shinkle, Orpha M.
Shockey, John
Shockey, Sam
Shockey, Viola
Sholty, Georgia
Sholty, Kathleen Lucille
Sholty, Madie
Sholty, Ruth Ann Kansas Higgins
Sholty, William
Shove, ----
Shove, Anna
Shove, Annie Elizabeth
Shove, Clara
Shove, Craig Robert
Shove, Elizabeth James
Shove, Ella
Shove, Fay Elizabeth
Shove, George
Shove, George Arthur
Shove, Henry
Shove, Henry W.
Shove, Kenneth
Shove, Jesse
Shove, Jesse (Mrs.)
Shove, John
Shove, Luke
Shove, Mable
Shove, Mary
Shove, Norma
Shove, Olive
Shove, Paul
Shove, Paul (Mrs.)
Shove, Ralph
Shove, Raymond James
Shove, Richard
Shove, Robert
Shove, Susannah Beach (Mrs. Geo.)
Shoyer, Edna May
Shrake, Roy
Shriner, Clyde F.
Shull, Lester
Shumate, Ellen Rebecca Campbell
Shumate, Joshua B.
Siegle, Frank Daniel
Simmermon, Edna
Simmermon, James O.
Simmermon, Mary J.
Simmermon, Samuel
Simmermon, Sylvester Spencer
Simmons, Infant
Simmons, Mary Ellen Eubank
Simmons, Ray
Simon, Oscar Oliver
Simpson, Carl Ervin
Slater, J. W. (Mrs.)
Smalley, Perthina Ann
Smith, ---- (Mrs.)
Smith, Daniel Oliver
Smith, Elizabeth Speck
Smith, Emmett M.
Smith, Finley M.
Smith, Frank M.
Smith, Gail
Smith, H. J.
Smith, Jennie Lucile
Smith, Julia Ann
Smith, Mary F.
Smith, Ollie E.
Smith, Robert (Mrs.)
Smith, Roy
Smith, Sadie
Smith, Susan J.
Smith, Will H.
Snodgrass, ----
Snodgrass, Benjamin
Snodgrass, Bert
Snodgrass, E. F.
Snodgrass, Glen Wayne
Snodgrass, Harlie W.
Snodgrass, Infant dau.
Snodgrass, J. Thomas
Snodgrass, J. Thomas (Mrs.)
Snodgrass, Martha J.
Snodgrass, William H.
Snyder, Ross Coverdale
Snyder, Vida
Solomon, Eda
Spacek, Ella Marie
Spangler, Charles N.
Spangler, Cressie
Spangler, Fannie Bateman
Speck, Ann
Speck, Elizabeth
Speck, I. N.
Speck, I. N. (Mrs.)Speck, Sarah
Spreer, Edna
Springer, Dwendolyn
Staehli, Carl
Stafford, W. E.
Steele, Bernice Viola
Steele, Mary
Stephens, Bonnie Jean
Stelphens, Joseph
Stephens, William L.
Stevens, Francis
Stevens, Margaret M.
Stever, Frank
Steward, Frank
Stewart, Mary Ellen
Stewart, Rowena
Stewart, Samantha J. Wright
Stockwell, Allen
Stockwell, Fern
Stockwell, S. H.
Stokeley, Floyd Benjamin
Stokely, H. C.
Stockely, Henry (Mrs.)
Stone, L. A.
Stotts, David Walter
Stotts, Joseph
Stotts, Katherine M.
Stotts, Margaret
Straw, Paul D.
Stricker, Cornelia J. Fulton
Stricker, Ethel
Stricker, Josie
Stricker, Mary
Stricker, Rosetta Josephine
Strosnider, Alvin
Strosnider, Catherine Riter
Stronsnider, Elizabeth Knight
Strosnider, Elymas
Stronsnider, Helen
Stronsnider, Israel Nielson
Strosnider, John
Strosnider, Lester Carl
Strosnider, Myrtle E. Fairbanks
Strosnider, William Anderson
Stroyer, Mabel Points
Sturts, Marion Ida
Stuver, Elmer
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Willie
Sumner, Clyde
Sumner, Ethel
Sumner, Gertrude
Sumner, Glen
Sumner, Louis M.VSumner, Maud
Sumner, Nicholas
Surdez, Mickie Tressie
Surdez, Roland
Sutherland, Hugh
Sutton, Jane Farley
Sutton, John
Sutton, Mary Speck
Sutton, Milton
Sutton, Permelia
Swain, P. W.
Swartz, Mary
Sweet, Hiram
Swike, Charles
Swindell, Eva Mae Warner
Swindell, George R
Swindell-Holder, Della Lue
    Stella Heston
Switzer, Madge
Sylvester, Merle T.
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Talbott, Clyde Berton (Bert)
Talbott, Della
Talbott, Ellen Dean
Talbott, Eva B.
Talbott, Fern
Talbott, G. C.
Talbott, Guy
Talbott, Josie Eddy
Talbott, Lemuel Richard
Talbott, U. G.
Tanner, Argyl
Tanner, Winifred
Tatershaw, J. W.
Tatman, William
Tattershall, ---- (Mrs.)
Tattershall, Angeline
Tattershall, Annie Laurie
Tattershall, David William
Tattershall, Georgia B. Thompson
Tattershall, J. W.
Tattershall, Laura Sutton
Taylor, Belle
Taylor, Cathrine A
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Estella
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Frank Elwood
Taylor, Floyd Rex
Taylor, Hattie
Taylor, Ida May Rowley
Taylor, Infant
Taylor, Leta
Taylor, May
Taylor, Minnie
Taylor, Nora Jane Coundrey
Taylor, Oliver Perry
Taylor, S. P. Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Sara E.
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Viola
Teer, Daniel
Teske, Arthur
Teske, Clarence
Teske, Dora Brunkow
Tessendorf, Herman
Thatcher, Laura
Thomas, Elizabeth Susan
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, John
Thomas, Louisa Adams
Thomas, Prudence Centenny
Thomas, Rebecca
Thomas, Samuel
Thompson, Alice
Thompson, Burt
Thompson, Callista
Thompson, Chattie
Thompson, Cora Ellen
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, E. S.
Thompson, Faye
Thompson Fred W.
Thompson, Georgia
Thompson, H. A.
Thompson, H. A. (Mrs.)
Thompson, Harriet
Thompson, Henry A.
Thompson, Iola Kidney
Thompson, Jessie
Thompson, Lorena May Valberg
    (Mrs. Foster)
Thompson, Lyle
Thompson, M. J.
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Millie Moyer
Thompson, Norma Jean
Thompson, Pauline Augusta
Thompson, Ross Francis
Thompson, Ruby
Thompson, S. S. (Mrs.)
Thompson, Sarah S.
Thompson, W. W.
Thompson, William
Thompson, William Tod
Thorpe, Ethel Louise Richards
Thorpe, Ralph E.
Tillery, Frankie
Tillery, J.
Tillotson, Alpha Lucille
Tillotson, Grover
Tillotson, Milton
Tillotson, Rosie
Tillotson-Scouveile, Gertrude
Toler, Martha
Toler, W. E.
Toler, Willard
Tolin, Clarissa
Tolin, Eugene
Tolin, Hazel
Tolin, Paul
Tolin, Richard J.
Tolin, Roy
Toliver, Ed
Toliver, George
Tomlinson, Mabel
Toy, Thomas
Tracy, B. H.
Tracy, B. H.
Travis, I. (Mrs.)
Truitt, Elizabeth Josephine
Tucker, Will
Tunison, Etheline
Turnbaugh, Belle Littleton Richardson
Turnbaugh, Harold M.
Turnbaugh, Henry
Turnbaugh, Herman Alvarado
Turnbaugh, Rosie
Turner, Gladys Ethel
Turner, Katharine M. Stotts
Turner, Ruth Emma Tweedy, Mary Edna
Tyson, Jessie Maud
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Umphenour, Geraldine Frances
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Valberg, Lorena May
Van, Rose
Van Aernam, A. K.
Van Brunt, Jacob
Van Buskirk, Eugene
Van Buskirk, Francis
Van Buskirk, Lillian
Van Buskirk, Nettie Osburn
Van Buskirk, Phebe Angelette Case
Van Cleve, Mertie Pauline
Van Hart, Mary Ann
Vance, Amos
Vance, Cornelia J. Fulton Stricker
Vance, George
Vance, Ora Parsons
Vance, Venilia May Hart Wilson
vancise, Matilda
Vandiver, Vina
Vannote, John
Vaughn, James
Venneberg, Annie Elizabeth Shove
Venneberg, Arthur E.
Venneberg, Carl E.
Venneberg, Emma
Venneberg, Florence
Venneberg, Freddie
Venneberg, George
Venneberg, Henry August Frederick
Venneberg, Jennie
Venneberg, Kate A. Kroth (Mrs. J. P.)
Venneberg, Lowell
Venneberg, Mary Margaret Meyer
Verschelden, O.
Vetterback, Ina Thoren
Vyzourek, F. J.
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Wagner, Louisa
Wagoncellar, Mary Etta
Wagoncellar, S. B.
Wagonseller, Sheldon
Wahl, Louis
Walden, James L.
Walker, Helen Frances
Walker, Nancy Jane Marine
Walker, Nellie
Wallen, Jennet
Walters, Lester Charles
Wanner, Nicholas
Warner, Eula
Warner, Eva Mae
Warner, Moore
Warrington, Lillian
Washum, Paul Leon
Wasson, Mattie Grace
Wasson, Will
Waters, Alonzo W.
Watkins, Earl (Mrs.)
Watson, Erna Augustus
Watts, ----
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Fred
Watts, Joseph Hiram
Watts, Lucy Shove
Watts, Maud
Weber, Maybelle
Webster, Ada Lillian
Wegner, Dorothy Agnes
Wegner, Mary Elizabeth
Webner, Walter K.
Wells, Elizabeth
Wells, Lizzie
Werner, Irma V.
Wesley, Hubert
Wesley, Maggie
Wesley, Martha Ann Rigney
West, Ella
West, Rollo G.
Whisler, ----
Whisler, Ada Bell
Whisler, Adelaie
Whisler, Elizabeth
Whisler, Harry
Whisler, Harry G.
Whisler, Henry Chamberlain
Whisler, Lois
Whisler, Mattie May
Whisler, May
Whisler, Wesley C.
White, ----
White, A. M.
white, Annie
White, B. A.
White, Ben
White, Bessie Dooling
White, Blanche E.
White, Donnie
White, Eliza A.
White, Elizabeth
White, Jane Organ
White, John Albert
White, Leroy
White, Maggie
White, Margaret
White, Margaret Adeline
White, Nora M.
White, Olman
White, Rosalthea Ellener
White, Rose
White, Sarah
White, Theodore W.
White, Wallace
White, Wallace Henry
Whitsel, Charlotte E.
Wilcox, Irving
Wiler, J. W.
Wilkins, Theodore
Willer, Daniel Piper
Williams, Barbara Ellen Morgan
Williams, Bert
Williams, Bertha
Williams, Bonnie
Williams, Cecil
Williams, H. E.
Williams, J. E. (Mrs.)
Williams James H.
Williams John E.
Williams, Louisa Adeline
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Minnie Denny
Williams, Reaper W.
Williams, W. O.
Williams, William
Williams, William Hunter
Wilson, ----
Wilson, Ann Jane
Wilson, Audrien
Wilson, Clare
Wilson, Ella B
Wilson, John
Wilson, Kate Elizabeth
Wilson, Venilia May Hart
Wilson, William H.
Winans, Frank
Winburn, Richard
Winfough, ruth Randall
Winkler, Henry Jr.
Witham, Charles
Witham, Clara Agnes
Witham, Dale
Witham, Dollie Coates
Witham, Fannie
Witham, Harvey Allen
Witham, Hattie Alma
Witham, Herbert L.
Witham, Hugh
Witham, M. V.
Witham, Sarah A. Miller
Witham, Sylvie
Witter, Eva
Witter, Lee
Witter, Mary Jane Campbel
Wolfe, Eva A
Wolfe, Robert A.
Wolfley, Eva B. Talbott
Wolfley, Leslie
Womer, Margaret
Wood, Adelbert DeForest
Woodruff, Lawrence Irven
Woodruff, W. W.
Woodyard, Lydia Ellen
     McDannel May
Woodyard, William H.
Worley, A.
Worley, M. A.
Worley, Malinda
Worley, Stella
Worth, Lawrence
Wright, Dahlia M.
Wright, Emma Frances Furst
Wright, Glenn G.
Wright, Samanntha J.
Wykert, Leonard
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Yambert, Elizabeth Yentzer
Yambert, John
Yambert, Susannah
Yentzer, Elizabeth
Yeoman, Susannah
Young, Ada
Young, Anna
Young, Charles
Young, George
Young, Hattie May
Young, John E.
Young, Laura J. Blake
Young, Lois Elaine
Young, Mahala Murphy
Young, Martha Jane Roby
Young, Otis
Young, Peter
Young, Walter (Mrs.)
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Zabel, Alvina
Zabel, Delta
Zabel, John
Zabel, Matilda Antonette
Zelfa, Florentine
Zelig, Ernst L.
Zehner, Marjorie
Zimmerman, Flora
Zingenbein, Mary Andrick
Zirger, Clifford
Zurn, Margaret
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