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THURSDAY, December 17, 1885.
NEWS ARTICLE: Pottawatomie County Teachers.

The following complete list of teachers together with post offices, was kindly furnished us by Supt. Wheat:

NAMEPost Office
J. K. CoddingWestmoreland.
Mr. J. K. HostutierWestmoreland.
Miss May JonesWestmoreland.
Miss Lucie JonesWestmoreland.
Miss Sylvia LairdWestmoreland.
Miss Lottie McKenneyWestmoreland.
Miss Addie RothrickWestmoreland.
Miss Sybella ScottWestmoreland.
Mr. J. O. StanleyWestmoreland.
Mr. N. S. TheakstonWestmoreland.
Miss Julia WyattWestmoreland.
Miss Lou J. WainWestmoreland.
Miss Mary HerronWestmoreland.
Mr. Geo. CoddingWestmoreland.
Mr. F. W. ComfortWestmoreland.
Mrs. A. E. AtkinsWamego.
Miss Anna ClarkWamego.
Miss Mary EnlowWamego.
Mr. Louis EnlowWamego.
Miss Zorah HutzelWamego.
Mr. H. A. KimmellWamego.
Miss Sophia LarsonWamego.
Miss Carrie LarsonWamego.
Mr. M. PoundWamego.
Miss Ella ShatzWamego.
Miss Maggie ShatzWamego.
Mrs. L. M. SmithWamego.
Mr. E. M. randal, Jr.Wamego.
Mr. W. W. WadeworthWamego.
Miss Jennie S. JohnsonWamego.
Miss Hattie MurrayWamego.
Miss Augusta ArnoldLouisville.
Mrs. Sue BentonLouisville.
Mr. W. R. ShrinerLouisville.
Mr. F. L. CooperLouisville.
Miss Minnie DayhoffLouisville.
Miss Bessie HueyLouisville.
Miss Matie HueyLouisville.
Mr. James KerrLouisville.
Miss Mina E. MorseLouisville.
Miss Maggie MoriartyLouisville.
Mr. M. B. RegnierLouisville.
Miss Anna ShonhoffLouisville.
Mr. A. L. SpauldingLouisville.
Mr. J. S. St. JohnLouisville.
Mr. J. M. St. JohnLouisville.
Mr. C. A. WallaceLouisville.
Mr. C. M. SlasonLouisville.
Miss Carrie CanfieldOnaga.
Miss Luella CramOnaga.
Miss Belle CrossOnaga.
Miss Ella GroverOnaga.
Miss Flora HutchinsonOnaga.
Miss Carrie O'MeraOnaga.
Miss Nellie O'MeraOnaga.
Mr. O. E. WoodOnaga.
Miss Eda WoodOnaga.
Miss Bertha SnyderOnaga.
Mr. Thos. BellHavensville.
Mr. A. L. BellHavensville.
Miss Libbie BellHavensville.
Miss Dollie CoatesHavensville.
Miss Meta ComerHavensville.
Miss Alma RandelHavensville.
Miss Lillie JamesonHavensville.
Mr. C. E. RichardsonHavensville.
Miss Fina PointsHavensville.
Mr. Will BaylesGarrison.
Mr. Geo. KnipeGarrison.
Miss Luella GluntGarrison.
Miss Mary BlandGarrison.
Miss Alice HavermaleGarrison
Mr. H. P. KinneyGarrison.
Mr. Jasper BeattieSt. George.
Miss Mary EmmonsSt. George.
Miss Kate MasseySt. George.
Mr. Robert McClureSt. George.
Miss Jennie HaganSt. Marys.
Mr. A. E. MusgroveSt. Marys.
Mr. Harry OlsonSt. Marys.
Mr. T. J. RyanSt. Marys.
Miss Mamie WardSt. Marys.
Miss Kate HutchinsonSt. Marys.
Miss Fannie LampingSt. Marys.
Miss Mary ByrnesSt. Marys.
Miss Jessie boltHanover.
Mr. A. F. BrownFostoria.
Mr. R. C. BurkettFostoria.
Mr. Burdett BaldwinFostoria.
Miss Lizzie StrawnFostoria.
Miss Effie CarlArispie.
Mr. N. C. ShrinerMoodyville.
Mr. J. T. BensonPleasant Run.
Miss Mary TatmanPleasant Run.
Miss Mollie MarvelPleasant Run.
Mr. C. G. ClarkManhattan.
Mr. L. W. CunninghamManhattan
Mr. B. G. PowersManhattan.
Miss Rinda JonesManhattan.
Miss Emma IngrahamManhattan.
Mr. J. W. RichardsManhattan.
Miss Nellie WylieManhattan.
Miss Jennie FryManhattan.
Miss Sarah McCoyManhattan.
Mr. Guy McClenahanManhattan.
Mr. J. H. EasterBelvue.
Mr. E. H. NagleBelvue.
Miss Eunice PeakBelvue.
Mr. R. H. PeakBelvue.
Miss Stella WorthingBelvue.
Mr. J. S. MonaghanBelvue.
Mr. P. J. MonaghanBelvue.
Mr. J. S. WattBelvue.
Mr. J. E. GavinHoly Cross.
Mr. O. J. GoodmanWheaton.
Mr. F. S. IngalabeWheaton.
Miss Theresa BennettWheaton.
Miss Ella PeasleyWheaton.
Miss May GouldSpringalde. (sic)
Miss N. E. HuffOlesburg.
Mr. D. R. LimbockerOlesburg.
Miss Anna HennesyBlaine.
Mr. W. J. LankardBlaine.
Mr. T. J. FitchBlaine.
Mr. W. V. WilsonBlaine.
Mr. W. R. BentonBlaine.
Mr. J. B. MissamoreSt. Clere.
Miss Lillie MyersSt. Clere.
Miss Alice PageSt. Clere.
Miss Hattie MurphySt. Clere.
Miss Alice rolanderMariadahl.
Mr. H. B. CarterCentralia.
Mr. Wm. CottonMyers Valley.
Mr. E. G. McGuireMyers Valley.
Mr. D. C. DillieNeuchatel.
Miss Mollie RobinsonLaclede.

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