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THURSDAY, December 10, 1885.
NEWS ARTICLE: Marriage, Birth, Death and Physicians.
TOPEKA, KANSAS, Nov. 25, 1885.Dr. C. A. SKENE:   As county health officer, through this circular,or your county papers, or both, you will pleasenotify every physician and midwife in your county,that they are required by the State board of healthlaw to return all certificates of births, still-births anddeaths to the county health officer, instead of theCo. clerk; and notify every minister, judge and justice of the peace in your county, that the lawrequired them to return all marriage certificates to thecounty health officer instead of the county clerk.  Allof said certificates must be returned as above directedfrom and after the date this notice is received.                                      Very truly,                                             J. W. REDDEN, M.D.,                                                 Sec't State B'd Health.

Born.Oct 2 - wife of L. D. Hart, Havensville, a son.Oct. 3 - wife of Adam Pitcher, Havensville, a girl.Oct. 6 - wife of c. W. McComas, Westmoreland, a girl.Oct. 9 - wife of John Walker, Ceter, a girl.Oct. 10 - wife of J. W. Mark, Rock Creek, a girl.Oct. 10 - Wife of Robt. Massey, Rock Creek, a boy.Oct. 10 - wife of W. Lackey, Havensville, a girl.Oct. 11 - wife of E. Folger, Sherman, twin boys.Oct. 13 - wife of Chas. Meyers, Pottawatomie, a boy.Oct. 17 - wife of Mr. Knitter, Westmoreland, a girl.Oct. 19 - wife of Ed Barnett, Westmoreland, a boy.Oct. 26 - wife of George Siddens, St. Clere, a boy.Oct. 26 - wife of H. Hopkins, Louisville, a boy.Oct. 27 - wife of Aug. Anderson, St. Marys, a girl.Oct. 28 - wife of R. F. Baldwin, Havensville, a boy.Oct. 29 - wife of E. J. Ellis, Havensville, a girl.Oct. 30 - wife of C. A. Johnson, Garrison, a girl.Oct. 31 - S. Stockwell, Havensville, a girl.Oct. 31 - wife of J. A. Wright, Union, a girl.Nove. 5 - wife of Ernest Hewin, Wheaton, a girl.Nov. 5 - wife of S. E. Blanchard, Clear Creek, a boy.Nov. 7 - wife of Henry Brown, Havensville, a boy.Nov. 9 - wife of Robert Scholoskie, St. Marys, a boy.Nov. 12 - wife of George L. Bullock, Havensville, a boy.Nov. 12 - wife of W. H. Myers, St. Clere, a boy.Nov. 14 - wife of G. F. Anderson, St. Marys, a girl.Nov. 15 - wife of S. W. richards, Rock Creek, a girl.Nov. 15 - wife of J. Terehoon, Wabaunsee, a girl.Nov. 17 - wife of R. M. Roberts, Blaine, a girl.Nov. 25 - wife of M. L. Wilson, St. George, a girl.

Up to December 1st, the following certificates of deathshad been reported by physicians to the County Health Officer:Oct. 8 - Reuben Kelly, aged 74 years.Oct. 14 - Eddie Foster, aged 1 year.Oct. 19 - Chas. Slaybaugh, aged 1 yr.Oct. 31 - Clarence Folger, aged 21 days.Nov. 3 - Ebenezar Crawford, aged 78 years.Nov. 10 - Sarah Ackerson, aged 39 years.Nov. 21 - Edith Shiner, aged 4 years.Nov. 12 - Walter Chapman, aged 2 years.Nov. 23 - Dennis Cooney, aged 19 years.

Physicians Registered,under the regulations of the State Board of Health:
S. W. RossWestmoreland
E. F. RichardsonHavensville
J. W. WilholtWestmoreland
W. S. RichardsonHavensville
J. S. WattWamego
D. H. FitzgeraldBlaine
R. M. HughesOlesburg
B. A. HentonGarrison
J. F. JennerSt. Marys
J. S. SpanglerFostoria
J. W. FarrowLaclede
A. H. BrillLouisville
H. H. McLelanSt. Marys
Geo. MillerSt. Marys
F. W. GalligerSt. Marys.
A. MorrallWamego
J. M. JenningsWamego
C. A. SkeneWestmoreland
M. M. MorganWamego
R. DobbinsWamego
C. ThayerWamego
O. C. KesslerWheaton
O. A. Pardy Wamego
J. B. ChilcoteOnaga
A. H. BoydWestmoreland
J. P. KoentzOnaga
H. H. JohnsonFostoria
H. P. WoodwardWestmoreland
A. D. SmithWamego
J. T. YoungmanWestmoreland
J. W. MurraySt. Clere
J. M. PhillipsSt. Marys
J. D. KarrSt. George
L. BramanSt. Clere
M. S. ShermanWheaton


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