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SECOND ARTICLE: Democratic Convention.


                    DISTRICT COURT.   There were thirteen divorce cases this term of court.   Seventy cases were docketed for this term, and at thiswriting but eighteen remain to be disposed of.   The usual good order prevails, and everything moves along smoothly.   Court will adjourn this week.   The following cases have been disposed of since ourlast issue:    In the matter of the assignment of Landon; continued.   Morford et al. vs Shehan et al; continued by defts.   St. Marys township vs Kirland et al; deft given 30 daysto answer; plfft 10 days to reply.   State vs Wheeler; case dismissed.   State vs Jury; jury trial; deft to pay Emma Harbor the sum of $50 and costs; deft given 30 days to make casefor supreme court.   State vs Boydston; jury trial; verdict of guilty of assualtwith intent to kill; motion for new trial, argued Oct 4th.  Sentenced to the penitentiary for the term of two years.      State vs Brown; case continued; bail fixed at $500.   State vs Rath; jury trial, verdict of not guilty.   State vs Paten; jury trial; verdict, guilty of grand larceny;sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.   Well vs Bundy; judgment against Bundy for $321.74 andinterest; foreclosure of mortgage ordered.   St. Marys township vs Kirkland; demurrer over-rulled; deftgiven 30 days to anser, and plfft 10 days to reply.   Ransom, assignee, Landon vs Rogers; judgment for plfft; cost taxed to deft.   A. Simkins and C. Simkins vs Sarah Conner et al; judgment, giving real estate to plfft and that defts recover form plffts the sum of $60 taxes paid.   The township of St. Marys vs Kirkland et al; defts given 30 days to answer; plfft 10 days to reply.   Case vs Tyler; verdict for plff in sum of $25.85.   Beardaley vs Marion et al; judgment for plff for $1,119 and 7 per cent interest; foreclosure of mortage ordered.   McCormick Harvesting Machine Co vs Rogers et al; judgmentagainst Rogers, Minor and Bangert, for $539; case continiued as to T. A.  Kelly.Booth vs Frank A. Brown and Annetta E. Brown; judgmentagainst both defts for $713.50, interest 12 per cent; foreclosureof mortgage ordered.Booth vs Martin I. Zimmerman, and Mary E. Zimmerman; judgement against both deft defts for $583.33, interest 12 per cent; foreclosure of mortgage ordered.   Kroff et al vs Hathaway et al; case continued.   Wm. Lasly vs Madaline Lasly et al; partition guilt; A. C. Merritt, Wm.Clark, and A. H. Knecht appointed commissioners to divide the land.   Stewart vs Stewart; case continued.     Docckler vs Martel; continued.   Dockler vs Martell; continued.   Dunham vs Dunham; divorce granged plff on ground of abandonment.   Mckeel vs Mckeel; divorce granted; custody..............   (Cont. in next column)              -------------------------------------------                         DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION.   The democratic county convention was called to order at thecourt house, last Saturday afternoon, and on motion FrankHuston, of Vienna, made temporary chairman, and W. D. Embley, of Wamego chosen temporary secretary.  On motion the chair appoiinted the following committees.  On credentials:P. M. Jackson, of Center.John Conroy, of Blue.B. A. Pierson, of Wamego.On order of business:Wm. Schell, of Sherman.M. J. Walsh, of Clear Creek.D. C. McComas, of Rock Creek.A. C. Merritt, of Louisville.J. S. Scott, of Mill Creek.On permanent organization:Wm. Canneen, of St. Marys.E. M. Price, of Emmett.J. W. Smith, of Pottawatomie.Thos. B. Fortune, of Louisville.A. Ullrich, of Wamego.   An adjournment was then taken for 15 minues,  awaiting thereport of commitees:   The committee on permanent organization then reported, recommending for permanent chairman, Frank Hustod, and forpermanent secretary, W. D. Embley.  Report adopted.   Committee on credentials then reported and, on motion, thereport was adopted.  FromLouisville - T. B. fortune, Jas. L. Cox, J. R. H. Daniels, P. Sullivan, A. C. Merritt, Chas. Tucker, Wm. Johnson, John Tucker.Rock Creek - D. C. McComas, D. C. Spaulding.Spring Creek - M. Thorpe, D. Michaels.Union - R. J. Wyatt, Jas Hoag, J. W. Pangler.Emmett - E. Whitsett, John Bennett, Thos. Devine, John B. O'Farrell.Green - Robt. Thompson, J. M. Johnson.Blue - Lee Inskeep, Robt. Hayes.Blue, lower - M. Peak, Richard Shehan, John Conroy.St. Marys - John Henrietta, P. H. McHale, John Brady,Chas. Sheridan, Aug. Erbarcher, JOhn Shyme, thos. Ryan,Jas. L. Byrnes, Frank Roberts, Jas. Stearnes, T. Connaughton,P. Steinmetz, A. J. Beakey, J. O'Conner, Wm. Cunneen, Jos. Costello, A. Urbansky.Shannon - E. B. Place.Center - P. M. Jackson, Wm. School, Wm. Farrell.Wamego - G. E. dodge, A. Ullerick, A. Morral, C. F.Blanchard, G. W. Schatz, P. W. Pervine, E. M. Randel, AbeGiltner, Jas. Swords, W. D. Embley, C. W. Lebow, J. D. Hanmaker, B. A. Pierson.Clear Creek - Thos. Downey, J. A. Bell, M. J. Walsh,Jas. Claton, C. Teehan, Thos. O'Connor.Pottawatomie - V. Umschied, Geo. H. Cooper, G. B. Area, J. H. Cooper, Chas. Umschield, P Noll, John ticking.Sherman - Z. Plummer, Geo. toothaker.Mill Creek - A. W. Chablin, H. Corriger, W. Jarrett, A. W. Snodgrass, F. Teskee, S. S. Scott, W. R. Taylor, Chris Wise.Vienna - F. Houston.St. George - Frank Walker.   Committee on order of business reported as follows:First - nomination of coroner.Second - nominaiton of county superintendent.Third - nomination of clerk of district court.Fourth - nomination for probate judge.Fifth - nomination for county attorney.Sixth - selection of county central committee.Seventh - nomination of representatives in 49th and50th districts.   Dr. S. B. Chilcote, of Onaga, was nominated and made the choice of the convention by acclamation, for coroner.   The names of Miss Kate Hutchison, of Mill Creek, and C. A.Wallace of Union, were placed before the convention fornomination to the office of county superintendent.  The votestoo,Miss Kate Hutchison...............................72C. A. Wallace.....................................13   On motion the nomination of Miss Hutchison was made unanimous.   Mr. Jas. L. Byrnes, of St. Marys, was chosen by acclamation ascandidate for the office of clerk of the district court.   R. J. Wyatt, of Union, was nominated by acclamation for the office of county attorney.   The seleciton of a county central committee resulted as follows:St. George - James Enger.Blue - Richard Shehan.Green - James Brooks.Blue Valley - J. S. Spangler.Spring Creek - Martin Thorp.Shannon - J. H. Young.Clear Creek - John O/Connell.Lone Tree - C. Stone.Pottawatomie - J. H. Cooper.Louisville - Thos. B. Fortune.Sherman - Geo. Toothaker.Mill Creek - J. W. Chase.Vinnea - J. C. PowelsonLincoln - August Earnst...Missing information....   Frank Huston, of Vienna township, was chosen by acclamation as candidate for the office of representative of the 50th district.   The convention for the nomination of a candidate for the 3d commissioner's distrcit, will meet at Belvue, on Saturday, October9th, at 1 o'clock p.m.   Having completed its work, the convention, on motion, stoodadjourned.                         ---------------------
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