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AUGUST 8, 1918.



    Following is the list of boys from Onaga and vincinity who are, enlisted in the U. S. Army.  This list is not complete, and we ask the relatives and friends of thos whose names do not appear here to furnish us with their address:

Walter C. Andrick, co 13, C A C, Fort Monroe, Va.2nd Lieut Benj. F. Blackledge, 41 co, 164 depot brigade, Camp Funston.Corp Walter Blackledge, co K, 137 inf, France.Jule H Besancon, co 29 laboring reg Camp Johnson, Fla.Ira Sidney Bonjour, hdq co, 139 inf, France.William Porter Brooks, aviation squad, Kelly Field, San Antonia, Tex.Chester Lee Bonjour, 110 ammu train, co 8, 35 divis, France.Otto Berges, co #, 353 inf, 89 div France.Serg Glen Gibson Benton, motor co No 7, Camp Greenleaf annex, Chickamauga Parks, Ga.Walter Brunkow, co H, 352 inf, Camp Dodge, Ia.Richard Brunkow, 39 co, 164 depot brigade, Camp Funston.Henry J. Brunner, 352d machine gun co, Camp Dodge, Ia.Pvt David Clark, U S C A, A A B 14th co, France.Pvt Cecil Clark, U S C A, 2d co, Key West, Florida.Pvt Aaron Clark, U S C A, 2nd co, Ft Dade, Florida.Pvt Archie Cornelius, U S N, U S S, France.John Currel, co 4, 164 inf, depot brigade, Camp Funston.Bugler John Conlin, naval operating base, Hampton Roads, Va.Gerald E Colwell, Ft Logan, Col.Pvt George H. Droneberger, bat B, 72 reg, Fort Williams, Maine.Ernest Hale Dorcas, sup co, 137 inf, 35 divis, France.2d Lieut Wilbur Galen Dunn, F A R C bat A, 56 reg artil, C A C, France.Milton V. Dodds, co E, gunner's mate, Great Lakes, Ill.Chester Perry Dodds, co A, 158 infy, Camp Kearney, Cal.Miss Essie DeGraw, base hospital, France.Orville Eytchison, co P,2d reg, Great Lakes, Ill.Jess Falkenstien, U S marine band, lst reg hdv dept, barracks No 2, Philadelphia, Pa.Earl Falkenstiend, U S A, 315th supply co, Jacksonville, Fla.Percy B. Fithian, aero squadron, Great Lakes, Ill.Edward R. Burtler, S C C, U S naval air sta Laber Wrasch, FranceHarold H Hayward, 6th co, C B C A C, Ft Monroe, Va.lst Lieut J. Walter Hall, division veterinarian, 87 div, Camp Dix, N JPvt Joseph Francis Higgins, nav train sta, co D, Puget Sound, Wash.John Hazlett, co A, 139th infan, France.John Martin Holmgren, Camp Sims, ship Illinois.Hugo G. Holmgren, U S naval force, ship Carolina.Lloyd A Hoover, naval train sta, Seattle, Wash.Bernard W. Hetzler, 307 caval, Del Rio, Texas.Corp Harvey Jones, hdq co, 38 division, France.Arthur Jeanneret, co B, lst army hdq dept, France.Jess W. Johnson, 2d co, lst bat B, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.Capt C. H. Koentz, m r c, A. E. F.Frank Kolterman, lst co J A R D Overseas.Pvt Clyde Keeney, co D, 353 inf, 89 division, Overseas.Ardman Kelly, U S C A, 18th co, Ft Miley, San Francisco.Lester Kelly, Campt Funston.Leroy Chas. Kenney, co A, 110thGeo. H. Knipp, U S naval force, U S S Carrola, New York.Lieut Edward Langhart, bat E, 63 Art, C A C, 33d artil brigade, France.(Name missing), eng, 35th division, France.Pvt Carl Merrill Lewis, co B 340 machine gun bat, England.Calvin Paul Labbe, co 29, labor reg, Camp Johnson, Fla.Roland A. Labbe, 220 aero squad England.Sergt. Geo. T. Malone, co A, 305 batal, Camp Colt, Gettysburg, Pa.Elvin Morris, bat B 83d field artillery, Camp Doniphan, Okla.Andrew McBride, co A 110 eng, France.Wolhstein G. Martin, co L, 353d inf, 89 divis, England.Franklin Miller, lst marine band barrarcks No 3, Philadelphia, Pa.Maximillian Miller, Great Lakes, Ill.Lloyd Mumaw, Great Lakes, Ill.Winsolow Miles, bat A, 130 field artillery 35 divis, France.Harry Morris, co M, 30 infantry, France.Henry W. Middleton, co B, 602d engineers, Camp Devens, Mass.Dorsey Lemoine Mount, co A, sec 2 reg 5, gunner's mate, Camp Perry, Great Lakes, Ill.Corp William B. McCabe, co 55, 164 d b, Camp Funston.Duke Morris, 21st co, 164 d b, Camp Funston.Raymond Perrussel, navy train sta, hospital corps service, 3d co, San Francisco.Edwin Platt, 18th co, C A, Ft. Miley, San Francisco.Robt Perrellel, co 263, 14 reg, Great Lakes, Ill.Eli Paul Pinet, 110th eng, 35th division, France.Ernest Pyle, co D, 12th eng r r, France.Armand L. Pinet, radion school, Manhattan.Glen Taylor, co A, 110th engin, France.Sidney Taylor, co A, 110th eng, France.Clyde Porter Thomas, co B, 313 inf, France.Pvt Walter Vautravers, U S S Nevada, 2 div, New York City.Walter Wilson, 307 caval, troop I, Del Rio, Texas.Albert Paul Weber, auxiliary remount, depot no 323, Camp FunstonReinhard H. Wegner, bat E, 338 f a Camp Dodge, Iowa.
Submitted by: Kay Sellers.
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