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The Westmoreland Recorder.

J.W. SHINER.             J. K. CODDING
THURSDAY, November 11, 1885.
NEWS ARTICLE: Township Officers.
   The following is a complete list of thetownship officers elected at the late elec-tion as taken from the records in thecounty clerk's office:             ST. GEORGE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, Richard Armstrong.Treasurer, W. J. Nealis.Clerk. W. A. Ensign.Justice of the Peace - A. U. Muzzy, J. J.Eager.Constables - W. L. Wilson, Geo. W. Diehl.Road Overseers - No. 1. Geo. Griner; No. 2,Frank Knight; No. 3, R. Scherr; No. 4, W. B.Hafer; No. t, W. C. O'Neil.                  BLUE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, R. B. Sarlier.Treasurer. Chas. Dempsey.Clerk, S. H. Goodman.Justice of the Peace - Samuel Hayes, SimonRichards.Constables - Lew Dial, John Costillo.Road Overseers - No. 1. Mat. Peck; No. 2. Geo.Parker; No. 3, W. W. York; No. r, Wm. Good-man; No. 5, John Oppy.                  GREEN TOWNSHIP.Trustee, J. O. Jackman.Treasurer, Pollard Carnahan.Clerk, W. J. Gillespie.Justice of the Peace - Frank Leach, Thos.Pierce (chosen by lot)Constables - J. S. Flobert, Jas. E. BrooksRoad Overseers - No. 1. John McVicker (chos-en by lot); 2, S. B. Cockrell; 3. Geo. Springer;4. N. Mortimer; 5. Wm. White.                BLUE VALLEY TOWNSHIP.Trustee, C. H. Carlson.Treasurer, A. V. Johnson.Clerk, James Kay.Justice of the Peace, A. D. Fenn.Constables - O. Lindstrom, A. T. Patch.Road Overseers - No. 1, N. P. Johnson; 2. G. G.Carlson; 3. John Larson; 4. A. V. Johnson, 5 C. Chelson; 6. V. R. Hander.               SPRING CREEK TOWNSHIP.Trustee, W. J. Detrick.Treasurer, M. N. Hartwell.Clerk, Robert Stuart.Justices of the Peace - L. L. Bogue, JamesCrothers.Constables - W. Catlin, W. Demnetis.Road Overseers - No. 1, G. W. Hartwell; 2,John Parsons; 3. Geo. W. Shehi; 4. S. Slyter.                 SHANNON TOWNSHIP.Trustee, J. W. Holly.Treasurer, N. G. Forbes.Clerk, B. G. Warren.Justice of the Peace - C. K. Stevens, W. S.Morse.Constables - W. S. Shehi, J. S. Heath.Road Overseers - No. 1, Wm. Shannon, 2, G. W.Hough; 3, S. M. Roberts.                 CLEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP.Trustee, Thos Downey.Treasurer, J. J. Burnidge.Cler, Pat Sweeney.Justices of the Peace - M. H. Walsh, M. Hastey.Constables - John Downey, J. Bayer(?).Road Overseers - No. 1, John Farrell; 2 Frank McBride; 3, A. Brunidge; 4, B. F. Holliday.                  LONE TREE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, C. E. Morris.Treasurer, Gustav Berg.Clerk, Jos. Canfield.Justices of the Peace - Benj Allen, Paul Good-man.Constalbes, A. J. Cornelius, Fred Stevens.Road Overseers - No. 1, F. Kufahl; 2, JohnPeasley; 3 Chas. Berg.                 MILL CREEK TOWNSHIP.Trustee, Aug. Kolterman.Treasurer, F. Teske.Clerk, F. E. Richwine.Justice of the Peace - W. A. Heald, G. L. Bullock.Constables - H. Wilson, Wm. Murphy.Road Overseers - No. 1 Amost Vance; 2. Geo.W. Case; 3, R. H. Keeney, 4. John Gautzke; 5,P. Maschino; 6. John Nelson.                   LINCOLN TOWNSHIP.Trustee, H. W. Shove.Treasure, John Boh.Clerk, Wm. Doyle.Justice of the Peace - Aug. Ernst; L. Toler.Constables - O. Beach; Robert gilmore.Road Overseers - No. 1, J. L. Lederer; 2, Geo.Shove; 3, A. Geyer; 4, W. Doyle.                    VIENNA TOWNSHIP.Trustee, D. A. Cook.Treasurer, E. S. Lewis.Clerk, George McVicar.Justice of the Peace - S. M. St. John, MosesMcGuire,Constables - John Day, Samiel Mansfield.Road Overseers - No. 1, Levi McGuire; 2. W. H. Spangler; S. W. E. Mack; 4. Thos. Day.                SHERMAN TOWNSHIPTrustee, Geo. Toothaker.Treasurer, Phil. Thorne.Clerk, Wm. Clark.Justices of the Peace - J. F. Wood, Delos Pike.Constables - Sellman Thomas, John Boden-housen.Road Overseers - No. 1, Robert Evans; 2, Chas.Powell; 3, G. W. Elliot; 4, J. W. Lolley.               ROCK CREEK TOWNSHIP.Trustee, Geo. E. Stolliker.Treasurer, Chas. Zabel.Clerk, CD. C. McComas.Justice of the Peace - N. Pittenger, W. H.Washburn.Constables. - I. A. F. Field, M. Sheahan.Road Overseer - No. 1, Jas. Marks; 2, Frank Allen; 3, J. Siddens; 4, JOhn Robson; 5, JamesGeary.              POTTAWATOMIE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, James McAllister.Treasurer, Phillip Immenshuh.Clerk, J. W. Selby.Justices of the Peace - H. F. Floerach, P. Rob-erts.Constables - E. P. Immenshuh, J. Hughes.Road Overseers - No. 1, G. Werning; 2 Chas. Umscheld; 3, Henry Seibert (chosen by lot); 4,John Stuck; 5, Wm. Witt.                UNION TOWNSHIP.Trustee, G. W. Forrester.Treasurer, B. J. Morris.Clerk, S. H. Shapman.Justice of the Peace - W. A. Limbocker, Geo.Cameron.Constables - H. C. Tabler, T. A. Fox.Road Overseers - No. 1, E. F. Campbell; 2, E. N. Regnier; 3, Geo. Neihart; 4, M. Moore.                  CENTER TOWNSHIP.Trujstee, S. A. Jones.Treasurer, Aug. Wagner.Clerk, Ed. Welch.Justice of the Peace - Uriah Applegate, P.Harvey.Constables - J. Fischer, Jno. Gililand.Road Overseers - No. 1. Jacob Mensch; 2, Chas.Dennen; 3, Andy McCowen.                 LOUISVILLE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, J. L. Cox.Treasurer, A. H. Knecht.Clerk, Guy Harrington.Jutice of the Peace - T. J. Hayes, T. E. Rose.Constables - Alf. Switzer, C. D. Kemper.Road Overseers - No. 1, C. O. Steward; 2, E. Noll; 3, John Booth; 4, J. W. Cryder; 5, Mit-ter; 6, Guy McProud; 7, C. D. Rinehart.                WAMEGO TOWNSHIP.Trustee, J. A. Butts.Treasurer, Antoine.Clerk, C. N. Baker.Justice of the Peace - S. Fee (?), J. H. Wierman.Constables - B. A. Pierson, Geo. Simpson.Road Overseers - No. 1, J. E. anderson; 2, R.W. Taylor; 3, Geo. Shatz; 4, J. Hanson.                   BELVUE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, R. W. Dike.Treasurer, James Huey.Clerk, Irving Snook.Justice of the Peace - B. G. Everett, U. H. Na-gie.Constable - Jos. W. Adams, C. H. Beeler.Road Overseers - No. 1, H. Young; 2, M. Hugh-ell; 3, J. O. Dunlap; 4, C. A. Warren; 5, L. L.Nelson.              ST. MARYS TOWNSHIP.Trustee, Wm. Cunneen.Treasurer. Jos. O'Connor.Clerk, W. H. True (chosen by lot.)Justice of the Peace - Bernard O'Rourke,Thos. Connaughton.Constables - Jos Ryan, Jos. Costello.Road Overseers - No. 1, P. donnell; 2, F. P.Braddock.                    EMMET TOWNSHIP.Trustee, John P. O'Farrell.Treasurer - Martin Reilly.Clerk, B. Montague.Justice of the Peace - J. E. whittet, E. M.Price.Constables - E. Smith, F. Frazier.Road Overseers - No. 1 E. C. McMullen; 2, Ow-en Cunningham.                     St. 'LERE TOWNSHIP.Trustee, J. S. Blaylock.Treasurer, Ambrose Spear.Clerk, Geo. E. Francis.Justice of the Peace - J. M. Wade, R. H.Franklin.Constables - J. M. Adners, E.  Brayman.Road Overseers - No. 1, A. T. Stuver; 2, Geo.Spear.

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