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Ackhlom, S. J.3-16-1886Sweden
Anderson, Charles 5-15-1873Sweden
Anderson, George 7-27-1859Sweden
Anderson, John11-20-1865Sweden
Atkins, William 5-14-1871Great Britian
Atkinson, Edmund11-29-1870England
Bangert, Fred 1-31-1871Prussia
Battie, Robert6-29-1869England
Bauer, Jacob 1-17-1872Germany
Bengtson, John12-22-1881Sweden
Berg, Heinrich 2-21-1876Prussia
Berges, John 5-11-1892Germany
Black, Henry 8-13-1870Germany
Bllss?, Elmer W. 9-27-1883Canada
Blume, Henry11-02-1885Germany
Boeh, John 1-14-1870Prussia
Boren, Joseph 5-29-1871Norway
Bristow, August 4-9-1892Prussia
Bruner, John Jacob 7-26-1870Switzerland
Bruner, Rudolph 7-26-1870Switzerland
Brunkery, William 5-29-1869Prussia
Buchhobs, Christian F. 3-12-1888Prussia
Burgess, William 1-07-1852Ireland
Cannon, William 6-13-1867Ireland
Carlson, Charles 2-21-1870Sweden
Carlson, Herning10-28-1884Sweden
Carlson, John11-26-1880Sweden
Carlson, Otto 9-25-1869Sweden
Carlson, Sven10-23-1878Sweden
Chelson, Charles 6-07-1895Sweden
Clargett, Frances 3-24-1874France
Clark, William12-29-1873Scotland
Clark, William 8-19-1875Scotland
Coffer, Frederick 6-22-1870Prussia
Condon, John11-30-1883Ireland
Conner, John 1-06-1883Ireland
Conrooy, James 7-30-1863Ireland
Cordts, Franz H.12-5-1890Germany
Courreger, Henry 4-04-1871France
Crevecouer, Charley10-05-1869Belguim
Culligan, Michael 2-28-1868Great Britian
Cummings, John10-07-1876Ireland
Dale, Daniel 7-27-1879England
Davin, Casimer 3-06-1873France
Dekat, Theopkl 7-05-1856Byren, Germany
Downing, James10-26-1868Great Britian
Doll, Herman 4-06-1870Braden
Dyer, William 5-14-1880Ireland
Eaton, Daniel 5-22-1871Great Britian
Eaton, Robert 5-11-1869Ireland
Efraimson, Joseph 7-01-1868Sweden
Ekstram, J. M. 9-02-1871Sweden
Eichem, Gotthilf 7-23-1888Germany
Elisson, Eli 4-12-1887Sweden
Elliot, William H. 9-13-1883Great Britian
Evenhay, John 2-25-1874Germany
Falen, Charles J. 1-15-1858Sweden
Faline, Melker 7-09-1860Sweden
Falk, William 7-12-1884Prussia
Finch, Samuel 5-13-1879Canada
Fischer, William 8-17-1869Prussia
Ford, Frederick 5-04-1882Germany
Fossman, Karolina 3-24-1883Sweden
Frost, Josiah, Jr.10-15-1870England
Frost, Josiah, Sr.10-15-1870England
Gapman, Peter 4-01-1878Russia
Gaunt, James 1-04-1858Russia
Guant, James 1-04-1858Great Britian
Gier, Francis12-17-1885Germany
Gillis, Joseph11-01-1888Germany
Goodman, Paul 6-10-1870England
Goodman, Phillip 6-10-1870England
Graf, Jacob 8-06-1869Switzerland
Grace, James 9-30-1875Ireland
Guhse, Friedrich 5-08-1876Germany
Haasel, Jaseph 2-17-1858Austria
Hampert, Math 9-13-1867Luxemberg, Germany
Hanson, Charles 3-16-1886Sweden
Hansroth, Edward 1-07-1887Germany
Hansson, Jomas F. 3-22-1869Sweden
Harvey, Jesse12-29-1869England
Henry, Joseph 7-03-1873Prussia
Hoffman, Henry 3-15-1858Baren, Kloona
Houton, August11-09-1867France
Hudell, Gustave11-07-1867Germany
Hudson, John 1-29-1884Ireland
Immenschuth, Joseph 1-14-1869Prussia
Jacobson, Gustaf A. 6-14-1869Sweden
Jenkins, Charles 9-15-1870Great Britian
Johnson, Andres 5-12-1860Sweden
Johnson, Andrew P. 5-13-1874Sweden
Johnson, Godfrey 8-4-1874Sweden
Johnson, Gustave11-05-1859Sweden
Kabs, Carl 6-10-1870Prussia
Karchlar, John 8-28-1872Germany
Kastner, Otto 4-24-1871Prussia
Kent, Frank Edwin 9-15-1870England
Kent, George Edward 9-15-1870England
Kjellin, Andrew G.10-31-1882Sweden
Kjellin, Charles A.10-27-1884Sweden
Kjellin, John10-06-1879Sweden
Kjellin, P. E.10-31-1882Sweden
Kejllsson, Swem12-19-1883Sweden
Kouhn, Carl 6-17-1870Prussia
Krenke, Anton 2-05-1870Prussia
Kropp, Frederick11-3-1883Prussia
Laughard, Jacob 4-04-1871Switzerland
Linblom, John 8-04-1879Sweden
Linn, Peter11-01-1886Sweden
Linton, William 5-24-1869Scotland
Lolley, John11-15-1855Great Britian
Ludwig, William 1-08-1855Prupia
Lutjins, Ahund 6-10-1873Germany
McEntee, Peter12-28-1882Ireland
McGrawe, Michael 3-24-1871Ireland
Martin, Frederick 6-10-1873Prussia
Maxel, G. O. 6-19-1869Sweden
Melgren, August11-02-1883Sweden
Menacher, Joseph 3-05-1858Bayern
Mensch, Jacob 7-26-1866Prussia
Meyer, Charles B. 6-26-1853Germany
Mickadeit, Albert11-02-1878Russia
Miller, Conrad11-04-1873Austria
Miller, Hugh11-07-1881Scotland
Mitze, Adam 3-28-1873Germany
Moll, John C. 3-02-1861Germany
Monten, Mons Polson 3-17-1887Sweden
Morgan, Alfred 9-15-1870<England
Mosig, William George 2-23-1900Germany
Mosing, John Henry 9-26-1887Prussia
Moulin, Nickolas F.10-28-1870France
Mueller, Anthony11-03-1883Prussia
Musing, George 5-05-1890Germany
Nelson, A. P.10-28-1884Sweden
Nelson, Thomas10-01-1880Denmark
Noll, Andrew 5-01-1854Germany
Nollimer, Matthais12-29-1859Germany
O'Keefe, John10-30-1883Great Britian
O'Shea, David 9-10-1870Germany
Oberblom, John11-07-1882Sweden
Olson, Charles 7-24-1885Sweden
Peterson, Charles10-27-1884Sweden
Peterson, Jacob 8-16-1887Germany
Peterson, Nels 9-18-1875Denmark
Porsch, Carisemer 8-05-1872Prussia
Procain, John 7-08-1859Austria
Prockish, George 1-18-1873Austria
Rawlings, Henry 7-23-1870England
Rawson, Abraham11-29-1870England
Reboul, Henry 4-04-1871France
Reiner, John 9-09-1854Germany
Rheinhanz, Jodokes 1-06-1863Austria
Ristow, August 7-30-1884Prussia
Ristow, William 8-24-1869Prussia
Rodenhauser, John 3-04-1874Germany
Rollengen, Charles F. 6-16-1870Prussia
Rudiger, Frank 8-04-1884Prussia
Rumena, Peter L.11-03-1873Denmark
Sale, Thomas12-01-1870Great Britian
Samuelson, Andrew A. 8-04-1879Sweden
Samuelson, Joel 4-03-1883Sweden
Scheil, Wilhelm 7-29-1873Sweden
Schilling, Carston 8-18-1904Germany
Schilling, Hans 1-29-1901Germany
Schmid, Adolph 5-21-1890Germany
Scholer, Carl M. 2-03-1886Denmark
Scholer, Martin Carl 6-20-1887Germany
Schroder, Otto W. 9-28-1888Germany
Shea, Michael 3-31-1881Britian
Shelley, Patrick 8-24-1869Great Britian
Smitt, Samuel Peter10-13-1882Sweden
Solderlund, Charles G.12-19-1883Sweden
Stalter, William 4-29-1870Prussia
Steiner, Jacob 3-10-1868Switzerland
Stephens, David 4-04-1871Great Britian
Swanson, A. M. 4-20-1867Sweden
Tansen, Ole,11-04-1856Norway
Teske, Ferdinand 8-20-1870Prussia
Teske, Michael 6-03-1870Prussia
Unterberger, John 9-03-1869Prussia
Van Dorn, David J. 9-15-1870Sweden
Wagner, Frederick 5-28-1869Prussia
Wanquist, John 1-15-1882Sweden
Wegner, August 2-16-1869Prussia
Welch, Miles 5-24-1886Ireland
Wenger, Louis J. 9-24-1874Norway
Weichselmann, John 5-29-1872Austria
Westphal, Louis 4-18-1871Germany
Whearty, John 4-06-1857Germany
Whitehead, Robert 9-23-1870Britian
Winkler, Conrad11-03-1873Switzerland
Winter, John11-07-1871Prussia
Wiss, John J. 6-10-1886Switzerland
Wright, John12-04-1883Scotland
Zinn, Louis 8-26-1879Baden

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