The following "List of Pensioner on the Roll, January 1, 1882, was called for by a Senate Resolution in December 8, 1882. The original "roll" was published in 1883, as a government report.Volunteers are transcribing all counties contained in the this "List of Pensioners on the Roll". These files and other files of interest can be found in the Kansas GenWeb Archives.
Volunteers who would like to contribute are invited to contact Maureen Reed at

Certificate No.Name of Pensioner.P.O. AddressCause for pensionMonthly rateDate of Org. Allowance.
3, 567MATHERS, Mathew A.Adams Peakg. s. w. lft hand$18 00(nodate)
129, 165AREA, Silasdog. s. w. rt. thigh4 00July, 1874
204, 837HANSON, Manoahdoinj. to back & hip6 00Mar., 1882
169, 531HENRY, Gottleibdog. s. w. head and left side4 00June,1880
46, 711WILLIAMS, Elizabeth H.dowidow8 00Nov., 1868
6, 694FERGUSON, Rosannadodo8 00Oct., 1863
193, 254RICKSTREW, William H.Ar spieg. s. w. neck4 00July,1881
86, 497HEELY, Robertdodis. of heart12 00(no date)
10, 909GREEN, Hannah E.Belvuewidow8 00July, 1867
218, 910ADAMS, Josephdoinj. to left ankle2 00Oct., 1882
203, 900STRIMPLE, Arthur E.doinjury to abdomen, ch. di. & dis.
ofabdominal viscera.
8 00Mar., 1881
192, 915TRUSTLE, William H.Blaineinjury to abdomen6 00July,1881
215, 563PRATT, Artemusdodo4 00July, 1882
29, 636SIMONS, Eunicedowidow 18128 00June, 1880
79, 987ALLEN, Mary E.dowidow17 00(no date)
66, 574KNAPP, Abner C.doinj. of spine4 25(no date)
175, 104MIDDLETON, JohndoWd. of face1 00Oct., 1880
140, 751COFFELT, Lafayettedoch. di., dis. of abd. vis., paral.18 00(nodate)
196, 890WOODBURY, Dickinsondoloss r. index finger, ax wd3 00Oct.,1881
41, 949WALKER, Hiram R.Garrisonasthma8 00(no date)
74, 108JAQUES, Frederick A.Havensvilleg. s. w. rt. shoulder6 00(nodate)
105, 391HAZEN, Henry W.doloss of rt. thumb., & injury to rt. foot & ankle1800(no date)
112, 231CARROLL, William H.doinjury to abdomen8 00(no date)
94, 028COCHRANE, Francis M.dodis. of heart6 00(no date)
129, 258CASE, George W.dodis. of abdominal viscera18 00Mar.,1881
95, 504OZMAN, Williamdowd. lft. thigh6 00Feb., 1869
163, 156JAYNES, Timothydog. s. w. gt. toe lft foot2 00Oct., 1879
159, 664MCKINSEY, Franklindoloss lft. forefinger3 00May, 1879
199, 610BRENNER, Lubedog. s. w. lft. hip4 00Dec., 1881
188, 781STRASNEIDER, Wm. s. w. rt. hand & incident left foot & chro.diarr.6 00May, 1881
116, 377ABBOTT, Andrew s. w. rt. breast & lungs6 00(nodate)
172, 385WHITE, Eliza A.dodepend'nt mother8 00Mar., 1876
123, 154TOLLIVER, Reubendog. s. w. lft. shoulder8 00(no date)
32, 587DENNIS, Amandadowidow8 00(no date)
64, 466OLDS, Egbert J.dowd. rt. leg18 00(no date)
44, 987JOHNSTON, HowardLacledeloss rt. arm above elbow24 00(nodate)
215, 505DIXON, Jacobdog. s. w. rt. side, result tumor2 00July, 1882
80, 091BAYER, EliasLeghorng. s. w. left ankle12 00(no date)
14, 315BOWERS, Theodore S.Louisvilleg. s. w. left thigh18 00(nodate)
9, 657PITTMAN, Charlesdog. s. w. rt. arm8 00Aug., 1862
186, 554BRILL, Alexander H.dodis. of kidneys7 50Apr., 1881
65, 991SNODGRASS, Stacy S.docataract both eyes18 00(no date)
82, 539EDWARDS, Benjamin R.doinj. to back & kidneys8 00(nodate)
58, 691YODER, Mary A.dowidow8 00(no date)
86, 616DUTCHER, John A.doerysipelas rt. hand & arm10 00(nodate)
135, 508DOANE, Byron s. w. little finger rt. hand2 00Aug.,1876
135, 326MORRISON, Wm. D.doinj. to rt. knee5 00(no date)
106, 942REGNIEA, Edwarddoepilepsy6 00(no date)
141, 504SQUIRES, Jeremiah H.dowd. lft. hand4 00(no date)
33, 229SOULIGNEIR, Dornethildadowidow8 00(no date)
61, 065PETERSON, WilliamMariadahlwd. rt. shoulder6 00Apr.,1866
208, 461WASHBURN, Wm. H.Moodyvilledis. of lungs2 00May, 1882
153, 825VALLMER, MathiasMyers Valleyg. s. w. left ankle6 00June,1878
112, 397DAVIS, Moses S.doinjury to abdomen6 00July, 1871
155, 579HOGAN, Stephen R.dovar. veins l. leg & ulceration12 00Sept,1878
205, 450HIBBS, John G.Olesburghdis. of lungs & chr. diarr.4 00Mar.,1882
150, 413SCHLASSMAN, Johnathandodept. father8 00May, 1871
87, 906HINSHAW, MelvinaOnagawidow 8 00(no date)
41, 706GAUTZKE, Johndowd. in groin4 00(no date)
188, 406HOOVER, Henrydog. s. w. lft. arm, rheumatism, & dis. heart.600May, 1881
179, 227HARRISON, Johndoscurvy, & result'g dis. abdominal viscera.400Nov., 1880
149, 109GARRET, John s. w. lft. arm6 00Nov., 1877
211, 675KOENTZ, John P.dopneumonia & reslt'g dis. of lungs4 00(nodate)
132, 951HUDSON, William s. w. left thigh2 00(no date)
95, 111MAKINS, Josephdoinj. rt. side of lower region from g. s. w.600Jan., 1869
167, 734WESKIMEN, Daviddog. s. w. rt. hand8 00May, 1880
44, 791LAMARENA, Jeffrey J.doloss of left leg above knee24 00(nodate)
21, 872ALLEN, Benjamindog. s. w. lft. arm6 00(no date)
173, 136SANFORD, Newell D.doinjury to abdomen8 00Sept, 1880
194, 209BELLWOOD, Johndodis. of eyes6 00Aug., 1881
136, 260WORLEY, Daviddodo8 00(no date)
110, 897CORNELL, Richard A.dodo12 00(no date)
49, 350WHIMS, Joshua K.doloss of left arm above elbow24 00(nodate)
189, 882LEDINGTON, Williamdodis. of eyes6 00June, 1881
40, 994LEINBAUCH, Theodoredoloss rt. arm above elbow24 00(nodate)
197, 665FISHER, Conraddog. s. w. lft. thigh4 00Nov., 1881
2, 176WILLIAMS, Charlesdoinjury to abdomen4 00(no date)
16, 949CRUMBAKER, Elizabethdowidow8 00Apr., 1868
78, 702FRAZIER, AlexanderPleasant Rung. s. w. lft. arm6 00(nodate)
176, 882FRANK, Johndoinj. to rt. ankle8 00Oct., 1880
86, 399PARKER, Thomas J.Saint Clerewd. lft. hand6 00(nodate)
19, 315WOODS, Amanda M.Saint Georgewidow8 00(no date)
150, 132Allen, John M.dochr. rheum., res. dis. of heart.20 00Dec.,1877
8, 779BYERS, Gordondog. s. w. face & loss rt. eye8 00(nodate)
81, 221SCHURR, Gotleibdog. s. w. left hand5 33 1/3May,1867
88, 763MCCARTNEY, Hiram A.Saint Mary'sinjury to abdomen850Feb., 1868
30, 265SHUMWAY, Lewellyndowd. rt. breast4 00June, 1864
20, 884BARTHOLOMEW, Chris C.dowidow8 00(no date)
19, 826VAUGHN, Timothydog. s. w. lft. leg2 00(no date)
9, 998SIMMS, Robert s. w. rt. hand4 00Nov., 1862
175, 613FRANK, FrederickSpringsideg. s. w. rt. hand4 00Oct.,1880
103, 304KELSEY, HenryViennag. s. w. rt. side8 00June, 1882
213, 348DIKE, William HWamegoinj. left leg & varicose veins.400June, 1882
59, 039WIREMAN, Jacob H.doloss of left leg18 00July, 1866
101, 134MATTHEWS, Nathandog. s. w. rt. arm & side8 00(nodate)
UnknownSTELZNER, Eugenia E.dowidow8 00(no date)
140, 567COPELAND, Allen S.dochr. diarr4 00Aug., 1876
209, 919CARL, Georgedosevere deafness both ears6 00(no date)
140, 635GUNN, Josiah T.dochr. rheumatism12 00(no date)
160, 619JENNINGS, Benton L.dochr. diarrhea2 00June, 1879
205, 046LAIRD, Albertdoloss left index finger, amp3 00Mar.,1882
222, 187MARTINDALE, Johndochr. diarr. reslt'g dis. of abodomnalviscera.4 00Dec., 1882
45, 895LOCK, Othodog. s. w. left arm16 00(no date)
175, 607MCKELVY, John C.doinj. left knee2 00Oct., 1880
136, 520ROBINSON, Thomas J.dodis. of throat & lungs8 00(nodate)
148, 900WESTY, Aarondog. s. w. fings. rt. hand6 00(no date)
204, 984SIMPSON, Georgedog. s. w. rt. arm, dis. of lung, affectingheart.6 00Mar., 1882
105, 099HARVEY, Thomas J.dodep. father8 00Dec., 1867
101, 052CHANDLER, Wm. s. w. abdomen8 00(no date)
84, 084BROWN, Thomas H.Westmorelandwd. in head4 00(nodate)
222, 007BAXTER, Williamdog. s. w. borth thighs6 00Dec.,1882
178, 963MYERS, Josephdoinj. abdomen, res. var. veins4 00Feb.,1880
49, 663CABE, America B.dowidow8 00(no date)
42, 434SCRITCHFIELD, Jackson H.dowd. left arm6 00(nodate)
39, 074WHIMS, Jasperdoloss rt. arm above elbow24 00(nodate)
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