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Queries for 2002 - 2004:

DATE: 2/10/2004
NAME: Sharolyn McCoy
Surname: ALLEN
John ALLEN b. 1823 in TN, wife NJD? Ann b. MO and children: William, Rufus, Ruben, Mary, Joel, Sarah & George, lived in Louisville, Pottawatomie Co. KS 1870. John Allen and family lived in Benton Co. AR in 1860. There was another son named Leander. Does anyone have information on this family? Wondering if John Allen fought in the Civil War. Thank you.

DATE: 9 Oct 2002
NAME: Stephanie Grohol
I am seeking the obits for the following:
Jacob E. Alsip who died 09 Jun 1884 in Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS. Also seeking the obit for his son, Jacob E. Alsip, Jr who died 16 Jan 1913 in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. He is buried Wamego Cemetery. Appreciate it.
DATE: 7 Jun 2004
NAME: Sheldon Cotton
I am looking for information on a woman named Ada Alsip. In the 1920 Census for Pottawatomie Co, she is listed as a widow Ada Ballentine. Her husband was Russell Hugh Ballentine who died in 1913. In 1930 she is listed as the wife of William Lincoln Cotton, whose first spouse had died in 1914. It is said that Ada Alsip Tamas Ballentine Cotton Mathes was a lifelong resident of Wamego. Can anyone help me with the history of her life.
DATE: 25 JUL 2003
NAME: Burt Brown
Mahulda (Perry) Angel Sister of Swan Perry came from Smith County Tennessee to Kansas before 1880. Mahulda and sons George and John moved to Pottawatomie County Kansas and are on the 1880 census. George is on the 1900 and 1910 census. George had a son named Harry. They lives around Louisville. Swan moved to Wabaunsee County. Any information would be appreciated. The Perry Family is having a renunion in Percell, Ok. in June of 2004 and would like to contact the Angel family.
DATE: 26 Jan 2003
NAME: Judi Burkhardt
Seeking descendants or anyone knowing anything about George AULT and wife Elizabeth A. (COLLINS), married 24 Dec 1879 Ross County, OH, and later moved to Pottawatomie County, KS. I would like to learn their death dates, where buried and names of their children. Willing to exchange information that I have on wife Elizabeth and her ancestry.
DATE: 12 SEP 2002
NAME: Jim Stafford
While "kinsurfing", I noticed that there is a Lysander Barrett (b. 1800) buried in the Wamego City cemetery. My gggrandfather is Perecinde Lysander Barrett, from Neshoba county MS (b 1828). Does anyone have any information on this Kansas Barrett family? Thanks!
DATE: 8 Sep 2002
NAME: Debbie Kern
I am looking for information on the births of Edgar C. Bellman. The only information I have is that he was born in 1869 in Belvue. Would like to find parents names or any help will be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 1 SEP 2002
NAME: Sy Ekart
Seeking information on the Peter and Amanda Berry family who came to Pott County in about 1878. They had a connection to the Emil and August Ebert family. We are trying to establish the relationship of these two families. As best we know this was the only Berry family from Germany who came by way of Pennsylvania to Pott County. Any information will be appreciated.
DATE: 18 Feb 2002
NAME: Gayle Klein
Joseph Bertrand Sr. died in St.Marys, Kansas and buried in the Catholic Cemetary. During my trip there, I did not find his grave nor a listing for it. He is the father of Benjamin H that is burried in the Calvery plus all the other Bertrands and Richstatters there. Also My gggrand father died there - Alexander Bertrand, and I can not find his. Is there a cemetery I missed? Could you heeeelp? Joseph Sr was b. Oct 8, 1778 and d. Sept. 8, 1865. Alex was born 1819, d. 1860. Also I can not find Benjamin or Joseph mentioned in the Potowatomi relocation being a guide etc. Any information or help would be greatly appriciated.
DATE: 23 MAR 2002
NAME: Dieter Birk
I am searching for a branch of the BIRK family that emigrated to the USA in the 1870s initially to Kansas City. I believe I have found the oldest member of the family in the Wamego City Cemetery: Philip Birk b 2/09/1862 d 12/28/1940. There are other BIRK surnames in this cemetery and I would like to determine if they are offspsings. This branch of the family was lost for more than a hundred years. I would like to find living members, plus learn anything I can about those buried in Wamego Cemetery. Thank you.
DATE: 1 Nov 2003
NAME: Marsha Voelker
Searching for info on Theodore S. Bowers listed in 1880 census as T.S. Bowers. He was born in Ohio. His daughter Lola Myrtle Bowers (m. Henry E. Bunting). They are my great grandparents. Both are buried in St. John, Ks. Any info on T.S. would be great.
DATE: 28 Mar 2004
NAME: Penny Draper
I was in Louisville Kansas at the beginning of March. I had found some ancestors on the Tombstone project; I wanted to know how to find out more information about them. John b. 1844 no death year was on the tombstone, Mary J. b. 1845- d.1918, Pearl b. 3-23-1885 – d. 8-26-1886, they were all on the same tombstone. Also Christopher C. b.2-17-1847 d. 4-20-1916, and M. Caroline b.9-19-1851 d. 12-19-1933 they were on the same tombstone. The tombstones looked about 10 – 15 years old, I wanted to know if there is any record of who bought new tombstones? On the tombstone project list was also a Harvey Brown b. 9-11-1880 d. 5-12-1885, but couldn’t find his tombstone. Any help would be great! Thank You!
DATE: 11 Mar 2003
NAME: Rhonda Alves
I am looking for any information about my great grandmother, Jennie Burgman Shiner. The name is spelled Burgman on her death certificate. She was born in Pottawatomie CO, Olsburg sometime in the late 1870's-1880s. She married Claudius Shiner. When he died in 1920, she moved to Texas. She is of Swedish ancestry and her father may have changed his name to Burgman. I appreciate any help that you can provide.
DATE: 12 Oct 2003
NAME: Bill Hollingsworth
I am looking for ancestors of ours and the surnames that I am searching for are: Camren, and Chandler. Thank you.
DATE: 15 SEP 2002
NAME: Jan Frutiger
I have a citizenship paper for Pottawatomie Co. for an Andrew G Carlson October 9 1885. His name didn't appear on the list. There was a John, Otto and Sven. My great grandfather was Andrew J Carlson. We don't know anything about his family. I have come across deed papers from Andrew G Carlson to Andrew J Carlson, and I'm trying to find how he is related. If you could guide me in the direction that I might find help in clearing up this puzzle, it would be appreciated.
DATE: 28 JAN 2002
NAME: Patti Harris
I am looking for any information on the Elmer Benjamin Carter family, b. 1900 d. 1921 I believe he was related to Conway's. He married Laura Enzor in Marvsville,Ks. I'm also looking for his uncle Theodore Harmond Carter this is my mother's father. Laura was my grandma, that married Elmer, then when he died, married the uncle Theodore. Thank you in advance.
DATE: 12 Oct 2003
NAME: Bill Hollingsworth
I am looking for ancestors of ours and the surnames that I am searching for are: Camren, and Chandler. Thank you.
DATE: 25 MAR 2003
NAME: Carol Kleindorfer
I am trying to find out if my ancestor George Chapman was one of the two Georges that St. George was named after (according to family lore) and if so I need information on him. He had a son named John Andrew Jackson Chapman (a surveyor) who helped lay out the city of Topeka when it was made the capital. He (John Andrew) had a son named Lewis Jones Chapman who was my great Grandfather. I have hit a brick wall and need some help.
DATE: 1 Sep 2002
NAME: James Gorham
I am seeking the names and marriages of the children of O. T. Clark and Martha (Reed) Clark; this couple was married in Iowa in 1876 and moved to Pottawatomie Co about 1881. They had 4 children who would probably have been married between 1890 and 1915; I have the marriage for Lela Clark, but there were supposed to be three more children. The fourth child was born in October 1889 and was probably named Verna or something similar. I do not know the names of the remaining two; it's possible that they are Mary J. Clark and/or Jessie Clark, but I don't know if they have the right parents. Thanks for any help you can provide me.
DATE; 19 Feb 2002
NAME: Wanda Euwer
I am searching for information regarding my great grandfather. My grandmother was Annie Mae Conklin Kropf Weybrew, born in either 1873 or 1876. I would like to get a copy of her birth certificate, but have hit a wall on where to search. Her biological father was James Conklin, who died in 1878 and is buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery in St. Mary's. His site of birth and date of birth is unknown. My great grandmother, Mary Rosalie Theresa Schmitt Lintz married Frank Kropf when grandmother was quite young and they raised her. I have no other info on Mr. Conklin and am looking for a birth location, birth date and any other available info. I'll do the research if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help.
DATE: 22 Jul 2003
NAME: Clara
My great grandparents came to St Mary's Kansas around 1878. Their names were Peter Joseph Conlan, and Mary Josephine White. They had land near Emmet Kansas and their sons went to St Mary's College while they lived there. My grandfather was Peter Timothy Conlan. He became a physician. If anyone has any information on them I would appreciate it. I know they are buried in the Catholic Cemetery in St Mary's. They are not listed in the burials listed in the St Mary's listing. I don't know why that is. I was there about 15 years ago and have pictures of the stones. I also have maps where they lived. We don't know why there isn't more written about them.
DATE: 17 AUG 2003
NAME: Anna LeBlanc
Seeking information regarding John Detwiler, temperance lecturer. Born in Pennsylvania, about 1827, Married Nancy Wade, 25 Apr 1846 in Boone County Illinois. Lived in Iowa before coming to area of Wamego. His son Zenas was postmaster in Wamego.

I've got a lot of info from cemetery, and census data. What I'm starting to suspect is that there two temperance lecturers with this name in Kansas during the 19th century.

I found one lecturer named J Detwiler in Rock Creek in 1880 census; he was listed as lecturer. He was the right age. No wife was listed, but right next door was a Z Detwiler, also the right age, with some of the right age people with him.

At the same time, in Wamego, was a family headed by John DEHIVELER (a plausible transcription disaster) also a lecturer, again with the right ages, and listing the right wife, son Zenas, also the right age, and several of the right children, plus a daughter with the right first name and a new last name and some children, plus a nephew I recognized but was surprised to find.

Any guesses as to what is going on here? Anyone have special insight about the temperance movement resources to check?

DATE: 14 Aug 2004
NAME: Brenda Walz
Patrick Devine lived in Emmett Twp. in Pottawatomie county in 1870 and probably died there between 1900 and 1910. Do you have any idexes that might show where he is buried? Eventually I am hoping for an obituary. Or was he mentioned in a county history book? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
DATE: 14 Aug 2004
NAME: Rosemarie Sakraida
I am searching for information on the following:
Time frame: late 1800's, early 1900's
Location: Emmett, St. Mary's
Religion: Catholic
Occupations: Hardware Store, Farmer
Thank you for any information.

DATE: 16 Sep 2002
NAME: Elizabeth Warren
See query under WARREN
DATE: 24 May 2003
NAME: M A Dreiling
Seeking information on Bertha H Duval (Duvall), born 1876, probably Onaga, married Benjamin F Stephens (Stevens) in Onaga, died 10/26/64, Topeka, buried St. Clere Cemetery, Emmett.
DATE: 19 Jul 2003
NAME: Harold and Laura Shull
1880 Federal Census Garrison, Pottawatomie, Ks. has Henry Eckard age 25 Restaurant Keeper, his wife Henrietta age 24 and a son Ernest W. Eckard (my grandfather) age 5 months. Does anyone have any information on this family ? I have information regarding their later years when they were located in San Luis Valley of Colorado where they died and were buried.
DATE: 22 Jun 2002
NAME: Arlene Luchsinger
I am transcribing and editing 1930-36 diaries of two sisters (in their 20s) from Clay County, Ks. They both have entries for Sat. mornings in 1935 saying that they and members of the family went to Emmett. They don't seem to stay more than an hour or so, but no mention is made about why they went. Was there any sort of prison there during that time period; or perhaps what we would call a nursing home? My father was born in Emmett in 1909, but left in 1910, and no family members lived there after that. I doubt if it was a funeral as they went to Emmett from Green, (Clay Co.) Ks on about 10 consecutive Saturdays in summer and fall of 1935. I think they must have been visiting somebody! Their last name was Byarlay and other family members that accompanied them were named Heinen and Whetstine. Thanks for any help.
DATE: 28 JAN 2002
NAME: Patti Harris
I am looking to find a few Ephraim Enzor (Ensor) that live in Pottawatomie County around 1854-1900. Ephraim Jr. would of been born 1825, and had to of had children, who and how many is the question. His wife I believe to be Cynthia Bower, or Mary Perkey. They were married in IN. He lived there with his cousins and or other siblings, somewhere around Westmoreland, Blaine...Any and all help will be greatly appreciate, I thank you in advance.
DATE: 28 July 2003
NAME: Debbie Bazzelle
I am searching for the correct parents of my 3rd great grandfather - Mayberry Farlee. I have info saying his parents were several different people. Can anyone out there help me?

Mayberry Gearhart Farlee was born 26 Aug 1828 in PA and died 8 Aug 1891 in Havensville, Pottawatomie, Kansas. He is buried in the Havensville City Cemetery. He married 17 July 1856 in OH to Mary Frances Smith who was born 11 July 1840 in OH and died 15 Sept 1920 in Havensville. She married Alfred Richardson about 1895. She is buried next to Mayberry.

Mayberry's tombstone says his name was Mabury C Farlee.

I have found this family beginning on the 1860 OH census and then in KS starting 1870. The family was mainly around the Soldier area in Jackson County, KS.

Their children were - Ann (my direct ancestor) who married James Howard Ocle Proctor; Willis died 1941 and buried in Havensville City Cem, Laverne Belle married an Oleson, John married Laura?, and Pearl who died in 1895.

Please help if possible. I am missing this link so that I can hook my family up back to England. Thank you for your time.

DATE: 3 Jun 2003
NAME: LilaJean Fugate
I am looking for information on Joseph and Sophia Fath Family. If there are living relatives or anyone who knows of a living relative I would like to hear from you.
DATE: 17 MAR 2002
NAME: Cynthia Vogel
Looking for FAUERBACH/KALMER/VOGEL family members. Fauerbachs buried Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Marys.
DATE: 24 Feb 2002
NAME: T Gahagan
Looking for info on Thomas H. Gahagan 3-16-1827 to 1-9-1904, buried Pottawatomie county cemetary (Wamego). My gfather same name disappeared from N E Miss. in 1901 when my dad was baby. This is first Thomas H. I have found in almost a year of searching. Middle name supposed to be Hillyard. Please email any info.
DATE: 14 Jun 2004
NAME: Patricia S. Smith
Can anyone provide me with the history of the town of Garrison, which was submerged with the construction of the dam? I'm particularly interested in finding out if there was a Swenson Brothers general store there in the early 20th century. Thanks.

DATE: 20 May 2002
NAME: Deborah J. George
DATE: 3 Jan 2003
NAME: Denise Oliver-Velez
I am looking for information on the family of Walter GLENN . I was sent a news article which included this information " Walter F. Glenn, better known as “Colonel,” is one of the older citizens in Maple Hill. When mention is made of him, one instantly thinks of shoe shops or harness making. People who do not know Walter will ask you if you mean that fellow who runs a harness shop. He was born in 1872 and came to Kansas a few years later. His parents made their home at Wamego " According to the census - Walter was born in TN. He was African-American. Would be interested in any AA families with that surname in the time period 1875 - 1910 in the county. Thank you.
DATE: 4 Nov 2002
NAME: Myrna J. Goddard
Does anyone have any information on the Reason Dole Goddard family that came to Pottawatomie Co from Indiana. They were in the area about 1870 and after.
NOTE FROM COORDINATOR: Family appears in the 1870 Federal Census - Pottawatomie Township. Reason D. and Eliza Goddard are buried in the Lousiville Cemetery.
DATE: 21 APR 2003
NAME: R. Gotte
Hendrick Siebrund Grobbe was born January 3, 1865 in the country of Holland. He came to America in 1883. He worked as a farm hand until 1890 when he bought a farm on Indian Creek, near Laclede. On March 2, 1897 he was united in marriage to Miss Louise Ladwig. There were 3 children born to this union. I am looking for information about Arthur Grobbe of Topeka and his wife Mildred (Polenski). She was a cook at the Wamego hospital and had a friend Dorothy Reser who was a Nurse in that hospital. Arthur was born in 24-7-1906 died may 1980.
DATE: 30 MAR 2002
NAME: Barbara Harvey
What is a caulie?
I am writing a book on the Guyett and other families who came to Cross Creek and St. Marys in 1871. In reading the microfilmed newspapers for St. Marys, I came across the following ad for Michael Guyette's restaurant and bakery.

Michael Goyott had a restaurant and bakery at the corner of 6th and Bertrand- which was the main street through town. On page 3 of the St. Marys Express, November 2, 1882, he ran an advertisement that featured "fresh bread, pies, cakes, caulies- constantly on hand, together with an assortment of groceries. 'Give me a call.' "

The same ad appeared in issues throughout that year, and through March of 1883. Thank you for your help.
DATE: 19 Jan 2004
NAME: Phyllis Flinn
Looking for family connections in Wamego to Ellen A. Risley married to Thomas Hatfield, December 25, 1884. My great-grandmother Mary Risley was the sister of Ellen Risley
DATE: 8 Sep 2002
NAME: Sandra Necco
I am researching the Hause family, particularly the family of John Adam Hause and his wife Elizabeth Anna Miller Hause and their children. I would like to hear from any person who has a connection to or knowledge of any Hause family member in this county.
DATE: 18 May 2004
NAME: Donald C. Signor
I am interested in any and all information concerning David Hays, his family back in Virginia (now West Virginia) and Pennsylvania and his descendants. David Hays came to Kansas in 1854 and was the first or among the first settlers on Cedar Creek. He is buried beside his wife Rebecca (Simpson) in Cedar Creek Cemetery which was originally the family burial plot. Any information would be appreciated. My grandmother (Keturah "Kittie" Hays Signor) is his granddaughter.
DATE: 16 Sep 2002
NAME: Elizabeth Warren
See query under WARREN
DATE: 4 FEB 2002
NAME: Carl Freeman
Looking for the grave and cemetary of Mary Angela (LittleBird) Hoferer b. 1843 d. Nov 11, 1869 Pottawatomie Co, Ks; Married to Michael Hoferer. Mary was 1/2 Pottawatomie indian and may have been buried in an Indiane Cem near St. Mary's Twp. (COORDINATOR'S NOTE: Mary is listed in the 1870 Federal Census' Mortality Schedule under Louisville Twp)
DATE: 31 Dec 2002
One of my ancestors, Michel HOFFERER (Ribeauvillé, France) had a lot of 
children who went to america in the mid of 19th century, most of them 
settled in the Pottawatomie County, mainly in Wamego, KS. Their names are:

* Michael HOFERER (4/8/1828 - 8/10/1916)
      1st wife : Marie Angela de ROSIER ( ? - 11/11/1869)
      2nd wife : Barbara SCHROEPFER (2/21/1848 - 6/14/1932)

* Françoise HOFERER (1/21/1830 - ?)
      husband : Georges Louis Joseph RIAT ( 6/23/1932 - 8/31/1894)

* Aloyse HOFERER (2/1/1839)

* Anne Marie HOFERER (1/18/1840 - 1925)
      husband : Frank MAGUIN (5/2/1834 - 5/22/1885)

Perhaps somebody can tell me what they became and who are their 
descendants. I have gathered a lot of data but I have stil big holes in 
my genealogical tree.  Thank you if you can get me some informations or contacts.

DATE: 8 Oct 2004
NAME: Sheri Aly
Would like information on William and Phoebe Ellen Hunt. My great-great-grandmother was one of their children. I know Phoebe was there in 1885-1915. Do not know about WM.

DATE: 1 JUN 2002
NAME: Steve Scully
I'm seeking any information on the Isenhart family who lived in Pottawatomie County, St. Mary's Kansas during the time of the 1880 census. Mother was Jelania Isenhart (37)and she had two daughters, Cassie (18) and Effie (16). No information on father except that he was born in Virginia. Any information would be very much appreciated.
DATE: 24 May 2003
NAME: Lyle Johnson
I am looking for some help with my husbands genealogy. His grandfather was either Issac or Charles Johnson from the Lewisville area. He was married to a Charlotte Steward (nickname Lottie). Her mother was also a Charlotte Steward and Steward was her second husbands last name. She was a Darnell from that area. We have the information from the Kansas State Historical Society Vol. 17. The grandmother died at a very young age and possibly left two daughters and a son (my husband's father) behind. We have no knowlege of what could have happened to the grandfather or who the children went to live with. We believe they stayed in the area until 1905 but seem to have just vanished at that point of time. If you could shed some light on this matter we would really appricate it. Please e-mail us. Thank you so much for your help.
DATE: 25 Aug 2004
NAME: Pat Scott
I have two sets of great great grandparents showing up on the 1880 Federal Census. Jones, L.E.and Stewart, I.D. or possibly J. D. two of their children, Margaret Elizabeth Jones and William Franklin Stewart (10 and 8 in 1880) married and lived their adult life in St. Joseph, Mo. If it is at all possible that you may have any information of the above I would certainly appreciate it. I would especially like to know how to find out their first and middle names. They all lived in Rock Creek Town Place or Township, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Thank you.

DATE: 17 MAR 2002
NAME: Cynthia Vogel
DATE: 23 Feb 2003
NAME: Bonnie Hyatt Kelly
Patrick Kelly and wife Bridget Donley from Galway, Ireland. Patrick born 1812 and died 1886 and is buried in the Holy Cross Cem. Emmett, Pottawatomie Co. Kansas.
 Bridget is suppose to be buried there also. They had three children, John, Michael Edward, and Mary A. Kelly. The children were all born in Massachusetts. About 1870 the family moved to Kansas.
 John Kelly married Kate Agnes Mcnamara [ b. KS.] They had children named Mary Alice, Patrick, John, Edward, Annie, and Grace, all born in Pottawatomie Co. KS.
 Michael Edward Kelly married Caroline Nee' Wallace, [ called Carrie ]. They had children named Henry Edward, Leo Francis, Joseph Marcus, Lawrence Clement, Monica, and Harold Francis, all born in Pottawatomie. The families lived in or around Emmett and St. Marys.
DATE: 18 Feb 2004
NAME: Ken Kelly
What do you have about the Kelly family of Onaga Kansas?
DATE: 23 FEB 2002
NAME: Frank Presnell
Clinton Kersey, d, 06 July 1890, 32 yrs, Wamego, Pottawatomie Co.
Looking for information on William Kersey, father of Clinton. Born in NC, 1831, resided in IN, thence to KS about 1850 / 60. Claimed residence in Leavenworth. Enlisted, Aug 1863, D Co. 14th Cav Reg KS. Deserted Sep 1863. Seeking date and place of death / burial. Name of spouse, date and place of death / burial. A brother, Robert B. Kersey, resided and died [1909] in Louisville, Pottawatomie Co.
DATE: 8 SEP 2002
NAME: Suzanne Caldwell
Looking for information on my Grandfather: William Lloyd Garrison Kimball b. 12-2-1889 d. 11-1968, Wamego Pottawatomie County, KS. Lived in Industry, KS, at least 1921-1940, during which time had 2 children -- Marjorie Ruth b. 5-13-21 d. 1970'ish, Lloyd Duane b. 10-14-1930 d. 7-1987. Believed to have had 2 brothers. Any information you could share would be helpful.
DATE; 12 Jul 2004
NAME: Dottie Miller
Looking for parentage of Anna Bell King who died 21 Jan 1880. She is buried near Ransome Josiah Wicks in the REGAR Cemetery. Wicks and King are my family names.
My grandmother, Laura Wicks was born 1886 in Wheaton. Her parents Wm.Wicks & Ella Sherman married 1884 in Wheaton. I only have names of Ransome & Laura King Wicks.
Wm. Wicks was born in NY. Thanks in advance for any help or info you might have on this family.

DATE: 11 Oct 2004
Looking for info on the Lenhart family that lived in the Wamego area, especially, John Paul born about 1833.

DATE: 11 May 2003
NAME: Jan Knowlton
I am looking for the family of William Frances Leonard b. September 12, 1904, in St. Marys, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas. He was the son of Hugh Eugene Leonard b. Shawnee Co., Kansas and Mabel L. Murrow b. Poweshiek, Iowa according to his birth certificate. He was delivered by Sara Jane Leonard. His God Parents were Thos. Leonard and Elizabeth Leonard. I would appreciate any help.
DATE: 28 Nov 2004
NAME: Joyce Sturdivant
Looking for information on Horace Loveland that showed up on 1880 Louisville, Pottawatomie Co., KS census. He is listed as boarder, B. NY age 60 single. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated. He would have migrated from Fulton Co., IL, leaving a wife and children. Of course, there not being a1890 census, I cannot locate him. I am pretty sure that he did not return to Fulton Co., IL as his wife is buried alone.

DATE: 22 Aug 2003
NAME: Phyllis Griffith
I am trying to find an old map or web-site of Pottawatomie County that would still have Maridahl on it. My Grandmother, Hädda B. Carlson was born there Jan 4, 1878.
DATE: 18 Mar 2002
NAME: Rosetta McCrary
I am seeking information on my Grandparents George (GW) McCarter, and his wife Artomecca, or could be Arta. They lived in Potowatomie County Kansas in 1877 when my Grandmother Mary Rosetta McCarter Wells was born. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
DATE: 8 Sep 2002
NAME: Stephen C. McComas
I would appreciate any information or additional information of a relative John T. McComas b 1841 d? married to Mary M. Armstrong (do not know birth or death date or location) listed on page 55 of marriages between 1858-1869 and listed at the Pottawatomie Courthouse. Additionally, I would appreciate any other information on John T. McComas' siblings in the county, brothers William B., David C., Deloss W., Charles F., and sisters Polly _., Barbara M., or Marie E., all children of Samuel McComas and Maria Carr. David C. McComas was my great grandfather. He and Minerva A. Washburn produced sons Charles W., Mark M., Noble P. Hal., James Sylvester., my grandfather Marmaduke David, and daughters Harriet "Hattie", Fannie. I believe all this activity occurred in Pottawatomie County. My grandfather Marmaduke David McComas, M.D. was in the 314 Medical Regiment, 89th Division, Captain, #0198133. I cannot seem to find any information on where this was assigned. Would you please advise me where to obtain the "Cutter's Kansas" book or similar. I will be happy to share all this information once completed. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
DATE: 22 Jun 2004
NAME: LeAnne McComas Mitchell
looking for information on a John Frederick McComas who was born in 1894 or a Marcus McComas b. 1876. Thank you!

DATE: 2 Feb 2003 Updated 8 Feb 2003
NAME: Kim McGranahan
Looking for any siblings of Robert Elmo McGranahan. Robert Elmo McGranahan is the son of Abraham McGranahan and Jennie Agnes Hodgson. He was born on May 20, 1904 in St. Clere. He died in Aug 1987. He was married to Sarah Jane Smith and had a son Richard Edwin McGranahan born 1941 died 1981. There is at least one more child, a son. If others exist, they are unknown to Richard's sons. Robert could have been married more than once.

Looking for any info on Robert Elmo McGranahan. Any assistance would be appreciated. Would like to be in contact our living relatives
DATE: 26 Nov 2003
NAME: Teresa Brimacombe
I'm looking for information about Patrick McGrath. He was a plasterer and was involved in the construction of St. Columbkille Church in Blaine, KS in about 1880. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
DATE: 21 Feb 2003
NAME: Sukochi Lee
Researching the McHan family from Pottawatomie County, Ks. This family consists of Alfred W. McHan, b. Oct.12 1848 in Va., his spouse Arminda "Irbey" Roe, b. Oct. 26, 1848. Their children were all born in Pottawatomie Co., Ks.
1. Elizabeth McHan b. 1872
2. Emma b. 1869 - 1870
3. Joseph B. b. 26 Dec. 1881.
In the 1870 Pottawatomie Co Census, there are several McHan's shown:
1. McHan, Alanson age 58 b. Va.
2. McHan, Alfred age 20 b. Va.
3. McHan, Henry M. age 23 b. NC
4. McHan, William B. age 27 b. NC
Any info on these people would be appreciated.
DATE: 17 Feb 2003
NAME: Steve
I would like to get in touch with Annelie Jonsson, the author of a 16 Jun 1999 query on the above surname. All my emails keep bouncing back. Hopefully, she will read this and contact me. Thanks.
DATE: 31 Jan 2002
NAME: Mary Ellen Dahm
Looking for any information on the family of John and Johanna (Regan) Murphy. Think they lived in Pottawatomie County starting in 1870's until 1920's. Thanks
DATE: 17 Feb 2003
NAME: Frena Hokans
I am trying to locate Laura Sadowsky, author of the following query left on 13 Feb 2002 -- I would like to compare our notes regarding Joseph MYERS. The e-mail address she left is no longer a valid address. Hoping she reads this and will contact me. Thanks! www.aunt-bea.com
DATE: 13 Feb 2002
NAME: Laura Sadowsky
Searching for a list of children of Joseph MYERS who died in Pottawatomie County in 1894 and is buried in Westmoreland City Cemetery. According to his obituary, he fathered 17 children. His first wife was Eleanor MANN who died in 1846. He married his second wife, who survived him, Sarah WARE in 1853. I'm also searching for his approximate whereabouts during the 1850s through the Civil War (he served an Iowa regiment, I'm told).
I'm not certain, but the above man may be connected to my 3rd great grandfather, Samuel S. MYERS who was born in 1831 and died in 1897 in Pottawatomie County, KS and is also buried in Westmoreland City Cemetery. He married Charlotte N. LANE in Iowa in 1854 and moved to Pottawattomie Co., KS sometime after 1870. Samuel also served from Iowa during the Civil War from the 8th regiment. Charlotte filed for a widow's pension out of Kansas in 1897. Sometime after that, she moved to Oklahoma with her daughter and son-in-law, Lilly and George Kirby. I have been unable to find her death date.
I would love to hear from anyone who has any info on the above. I'm willing to share whatever info I have.
DATE: 3 Jul 2002
NAME: Robin Batson
Please I am looking for info on Joe and Sarah Myers, both passing in your county in the 1920's. Looking for copies of there obits or photo or anything on them, their children names. Thank you and please e-mail me.
DATE: 23 MAR 2003
NAME: Billie Jo Lieberman
We are planning a trip to Westmoreland this summer and would like to know where to go to look for info, as we are trying to find info on Joesph and Sarah Myers and there children, Youngest was Newton. His obit from there in 1894 said he was the father of 17 children, so hope to find some info while there. Thank you and please e-mail me.
DATE: 29 Feb 2004 UPDATE: 3 Mar 2004
NAME: M. K. O'Connel
Any info on Daniel J. OCONNELL or wife Alice O'Connell. Information on Death cert of Daniel J O'CONNELL - Born Feb 16, 1836 Ireland - Died July 26, 1930 Clear Creek Township Pottawatomie County - U.S Marines Private 8-12-1864/10-25-1865 (family lore says was drafted as he came off the boat from Ireland). Occupation - Blacksmith retired. Mother Maiden name NANCY CLEARY Ireland. Father Daniel OCONNELL Ireland.
UPDATE: Decendants are:      
   Born Feb 25 1888 DeMoines Iowa
        Born 6-19-1912 Wheaton KS, Pottawatomie County
        Born 2-17-1914 Wheaton KS  Pottawatomie County           
        Born 9-28-1919 Monon KS

DENNIS OCONNELL - Brother to Daniel J O'Connell
Can you help me?  Thanks! 

DATE: 6 Feb 2003
NAME: Dona M. McIntosh
Searching for Jacob and Hannah Peterson. Lived in Olsburg, KS. He died 1890. She died 1899.
NOTE FROM COORDINATOR: Jacob PETERSON is listed in the Olsburg Cemetery.
DATE: 13 Jun 2002
NAME: Irene Greer Ihrig
I am trying to find anyone connected to the family of John A. Pressler and his wife, Margaret G. Greer Pressler. Margaret was a sister to my g-grandfather. I found her and her family residing in Sherman Township, Pottawatomie County in the 1900 Federal Census. I then found a site listing names in the Fox Cemetery (Fairview) and found the dates of John A. Pressler and his wife Margaret G. Pressler. The birthmonth listed in the census records and the birthyear stated on the census and on the tombstone matches the dates I have for my Margaret Guthrie Greer. I am interested on any additional information about this family and I would love to hear from any descendants of this family. Thank You.
DATE: 1 Jan 2003
NAME: Linda Pressler
I am seeking the Pressler descendants of the following: Homer C. Pressler (Harriett), Daniel (Bressler) (Susana) Pressler, Isaac Pressler (Elizabeth), Catherine Pressler (Jacob), Judith (Judy) Pressler (Derr), Isabella Pressler (Shade), Lydia Pressler, Sophia Pressler (James S. Carson), William W. Pressler (Viola), John Albert Pressler (Margaret), Samuel H. Presler.
DATE: 12 Nov 2002
NAME: Suzanne Smith Ray
I am searching for BERRY PRESTWOOD. He is in the 1920 census, living in Blue Upper Township in Pottawatomie County. Born in North Carolina approx. 1880, and relocated to Kansas ca. 1900. Prestwood is my maternal line, and I would like to know any available information about this Berry Prestwood. For starters, is there a marriage or death record? Any and all help appreciated!
DATE: 15 Oct 2004
NAME: bb95823@aol.com
The 1880 Pottawatomie Co-St.Marys, shows S A RAPHAEL was a Dealer of Machinery. That he was born in Maryland abt 1838. Most of the family is listed by Initials only. However, Louisa is the family member I am connected with. Louisa RAPHAEL b 1872 m Jacob FRIEDLEY 1890 in Kansas and all of their eleven children were born in Kansas. Any help would be greatly appreciated

DATE: 7 Jun 2002
NAME: Don Reedy
My father, William Alfred Reedy, was born in Pottowatamie County, Kansas. I believe he was born in 1891, although a birth certificate was never issued or found for him or many of his siblings. We have record that he was born in a location in the county called "Caprioma, Kansas". Have you heard of this place? How could I go about researching the location of this place? Thank you.
DATE: 1 SEP 2002
NAME: Marylin Benfiel
Looking for death, burial, migration information on some of the children of Jean Baptiste REGNIER and Marie Angelique ROY: Julienne REGNIER and Abraham BESSETTE; Sophie REGNIER and Alarie MERCIER; Flavie REGNIER and Joseph BECHARD; Theotiste REGNIER (and marriage).
DATE: 21 Jan 2003
NAME: Carolynn Eilts
I am researching my ancestors' deaths in Wamego, Ks on Aug. 18, 1927. Their names: (my Great Grandfather and Grandmother) Joseph and Laura Reynolds; (my great Aunt) Josie Reynolds and (also, my great Aunt) Stella Watson. They went off a bridge somewhere in Wamego Kansas and they were killed. Can anyone tell me where I can get information on either that article or a newspaper that I may connect to. Thank you so very much. Any information is appreciated.
DATE: 12 Sep 2004
NAME: Joyce Rhodeman
I'm researching my family on my side and my married side for my kids for future reference! I seem to be having a hard time finding info on the Rhodeman family who were born and raised in the Wamego area, and the Yonnings. Thanks for any assistance.

DATE: 18 Feb 2002
NAME: Gayle Klein
I hear they had a band and played at the church every Sunday and were very popular. Six Brothers Band from Germany. Married into the Bertrand family which I am also a apart of. I would like to find stories on them, where do I look?
DATE: 16 Sep 2002
NAME: Elizabeth Warren
See query under WARREN
DATE: 19 Jan 2004
NAME: Phyllis Flinn
DATE: 11 May 2002
NAME: Hisdogbo@aol.com
Hoping to find any info about ROLANDER, LARSON, AMUNDSEN lines. My great grandfather was Samuel P. Rolander b. 1837 in Sweden and came to America when he was 21 to Randolph Kansas. He married Mary Louvisa Larson b. 21 Mar 1847 Tromso Norway d. 16 or 17 Feb 1904 Randolph Kansas. Her father was Lars Larson--came to America from Norway 1857. Drowned in Blue River 1863 . Her mother was Johanna Amundsen b. 25 May 1826 Norway. Came from Norway to Kansas 1857 d. 20 Feb. 1895. Samuel & Mary Louvisa has 6 children, one of which was my grandmother, Alice Madora "Dora" b. 6 Dec 1866 m. Oscar Ostrom 18 Aug 1892.
DATE: 6 Oct 2002
\ NAME: Iris Miller
I am searching for information about an Auto Accident that was to have taken place in Louisville KS.? Possible more than one member of the RUSSELL FAMILY was killed in this accident. The accident happened sometime after 1933. Possible Person's Killed were:
DATE: 12 Jul 2004
NAME: Todd Abraham
Would anyone possible know of a Francis Marion Scott born abt 1842 in Mercer Co., IL and died 12-14-1909 in Pottawatomie Co? Would anyone know where he and his family is buried? Thanks!
     COORDINATOR'S NOTE: Francis Marion Scott is buried in the Louisville Cemetery.

DATE: 17 Oct 2004
NAME: Suskind6976@aol.com
Has anyone seen a gravesite of Alice C. Hutchison Sharrai? Her usband was Napolean Oliver Sharrai. Known to have lived in Pottawatomie County.

DATE: 7 Nov 2003
NAME: Wallie Shearer
I am looking for any information about/ or descendents of John D. Shearer and his wife Susan. I know they were born in Pennsylvania and he was a Civil War veteran. They are buried at Wamego Cemetery. I have his date of death and obit but not hers. They had at least 3 children Anna, J. Edwin and W.H. Shearer. Any and all other help would be appreciated. I have a large amount of information and photos on his PA family I also have photos of John and Susan and would be glad to share with family members.
NOTE FROM COORDINATOR: Susan Shearer died 7/29/1924. Obit for Susan Shearer received 12 Nov 2003.

DATE: 28 Jun 2002
NAME: Russell E. Perrussel
I am looking for any info on Otto and Emily SHOCKEY living around Wheaton/ Blaine area in 1880's.

DATE: 7 Jul 2003
NAME: Betty Boddy Jantz
Looking for descendants of Alexander Mitchell Shriver and Mary Cline (daughter of John Cline and Elvia McVay of Monroe County, Ohio). Alexander may have married a second wife named Virginia (maiden name unknown) and perhaps had a son named James).

1900 Kansas Census, Belvue Twp, Pottawatomie Co. Kansas Alexander Shriver b. Sept 1837 age 62 married 23 years - born Ohio Virginia (wife) b. Feb 1852 age 48 b. in Virginia - Parents both born in Virginia.- married 23 years - 5 children - 3 living - James Lanarskey? age 16 - step-son born Kansas Apr 1884

Also looking for descendants of Adam Piper Witter and Hannah Tice Witter. My paternal Grandmother was Gertrude 'Nell' (Witter) Boddy:

1. Gertrude Nell Witter b. 6 Jun 1889 McClead or LaClede (or somewhere near Louisville or Bellview) in Pottawatomie County Kansas and died in Littleton, Colorado in 1973. She was the daughter of Abraham Howard Witter and Nancy Elmira Shriver. Her siblings were:

2. Howard Ray "Dick" Witter (b. 28 Nov, 1890, Wamego, KS) married Hannah Merle Huff of Savonburg, KS, and moved to Glendale, AZ in about 1916.

3. Myrtle Witter b. 1886
4. Edgar Leroy Witter b. 1887
5. Mary Dell Witter b. 1891
6. Clarence Reuben Witter b. 1896
7. Coral Henrietta Witter b. 1903

My grandmother Gertrude Nell Witter married Aura Reinforth BODDY m. 1917 in Norton County, Kansas. The Boddys farmed there as well as owned store-front property in downtown Littleton, Colorado.

DATE: 14 Aug 2004
NAME: Kathy Smith
I am researching the Smalley family. They appear to have lived in Pottawatomie county in 1880. The brothers JW and FJ (John and Freeman) along with their sister Margareth. Any help in locating them would be appreciated. Thanks.
DATE: 28 Mar 2004
NAME: muttidi-genealogy@yahoo.com
Looking for info on Enoch M. Smith and family. They moved to Pottawatomie County sometime between 1860 and 1863. Enoch M. SMITH was born 05 Sep 1815 in VA. He was buried Dec 1863 in St. George Cemetery, Pottawatomie, KS.
Wife: Virginia was born 04 Jul 1818 in VA and was buried Sep 1875 in St. George Cemetery, Pottawatomie, KS.
Harvey SMITH Born: Abt. 1841 VA
Shelden SMITH Born: Abt. 1843 in VA
Vyranda SMITH Born: Abt. 1845 in VA
Charles P. SMITH Born: 08 Apr 1846 in VA, buried Apr 1878 St. George Cemetery, Pottawatomie, KS
Ellen SMITH Born: Abt. 1848 in MO
John Wesley SMITH Born: 15 Mar 1855 in Cass County, MO.

John married Anna Marie SUTTERLIN in Pottawatomie, KS. John and his mother are living in St. George in 1870 but the rest of the family can't be found. John and his wife, Anna, are living in Rock Creek in 1880. In 1885 they are living in Fairview Twp, Russell, KS.

DATE: 9 FEB 2002
NAME: Kathleen Rizer
A Morris Springer died of cholera in July 1860 in Pottawatomie Co, Kansas. I am trying to find if this was the Morris Springer who married Lucinda Gill in 1842 in Champaign Co., Ohio and is found there in the 1850 census. This Morris I am seeking was born 1818 in Fayette Co, Penn. the son of Dennis Springer and Katy Ann Woods. His known children were William D. b. 1842, Hosia b. 1844, Matilda b. 1847 and olive Springer b. 1850. All born in Ohio.
DATE: 28 Jun 2002
NAME: Jenean Carpenter
I am looking for information about my grandfather. He was born in Pottawatomie. I don't know the year. He had an identical twin brother named Harold. They were the children of James Harry and Jeannetter(Reinecker sp?) Staley. I know that he had a lot of brothers and sisters. Some of the names I know are James Harry(jr), Virgil, Winnie, and Alice. I think that there were more, but I don't know there names. I also think that there was another set of twins in the family. I am sort of at a stand still in my search. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
DATE:: 31 May 2003
NAME: Gisela (STELTER) Klinger
On the Berg Cemetary I found Wilhelmine Stelter born 03.02.1832 and died 26.02.1878. Perhaps it is my ancestress. I know of Wilhelmine Stelter that she died in Kansas. She was married to Carl August Stelter, who went back to Germany after her death with one of his son, Albert. I know that there were perhaps two other sons and a daughter, who stayed in America possibly not in Kansas.
Perhaps someone could give me more information about Wilhelmine and her family. Thank you very much
DATE: 24 May 2003
NAME: M. A. Dreiling
Seeking information on Benjamin F. Stephens (Stevens), born 1875, probably Westmoreland, married Bertha H. Duval (Duvall), Onaga, died Topeka 9/1/1943, buried St. Clere Cemetery, Emmett.
DATE: 14 Aug 2004
NAME: Charly Bray
I am trying to find out more information on my Dad (Owen Stevens) that was born in Blaine, Kansas on March 5, 1893 to John H. Stevens and Filena Elvira "Lena" Berry. Any help you can give me, I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you for your assistance.

DATE: 25 Aug 2004
NAME: Pat Scott
See Jones

DATE: 13 Jun 2003
NAME: Donna Stout Pfitzner
I'm looking for information on the Stout family. Peter Stout and his wife Sarah Scott Stout lived in the Wamego/Louisville area. Their son Samuel Stout was my grandfather. Sarah died in 1936 at the home of her daughter Gertrude Meinholdt. I'm trying to establish when Peter died. Any info on this family appreciated. Thanks!
DATE: 22 Jun 204
NAME: Donna
Looking for information on John Wesley Stout. He is buried in Rock Port Cemetery at Louisville. Stone says he was born 2/10/1838 & died 3/20/1895.

He apparently had ties to Blue Rapids also as there was a newspaper story mentioning him. Would also like info on Thomas Stout who married Mabel Schults in Pott County abt 1893. Thomas also was mentioned in the Blue Rapids Times.

My Stout line started in Blue Rapids with g.g.grandparents Elbert or Albert Stout and Nancy Williamson Stout. My g.grandparents Peter Stout & Sarah Scott Stout married in Marshall County in 1868 but moved to Pott County where they remained until their deaths.

Since John Wesley Stout & Thomas Stout were apparently both in Blue Rapids and Pott County I'm trying to determine what if any relationship they had to each other and to my Stout line. Thanks!

DATE: 15 JAN 2002
NAME: Linda Jennings
I'm looking for information on John Wesley Taylor and his daughter Sarah Frances Taylor ( birthdate: January 28, 1864) in Kansas. I'm not sure if she was born in Pottawatomie County but Sarah married Henry Cyrus Brown and they lived in Havensville before moving to Oklahoma. This is about the only information I have on Sarah and her father John Wesley. Henry Cyrus Brown, was a vet., he may not have been at the time they married. Any information would be of great help. Thank you
DATE: 10 May 2002
NAME: Don Teeter
My Great Grandfather and Grandmother are buried in the Polly Creek Cemetery, Beluve, Kansas. There is another reference to a J. E. Teeter in the Wamego Newspapers of 1905. I believe this was my Grandfather, Jacob E. Teeter. As my father died when I was 8 years old and we had very little communication after that with his relatives I have had a most difficult time finding information on Teeter. Anyone that has any information on this line would be appreciated.
DATE: 8 Nov 2002
NAME: Raymond Tilton
Just wondering how many descendants of Tilton of Wakeeney Kansas, Garrison, Wamego and surrounding Riley County, etc. are around and searching.
DATE: 20 May 2002
NAME: Deborah J. George
DATE: 18 Feb 2002
NAME: Gayle Klein
Where can I get information on the Louis Vieux Historical Cemetery in Wamego? Why would certain people be buried there? Where can I get the history on that person?
DATE: 17 MAR 2002
NAME: Cynthia Vogel
DATE: 1 Dec 2003
NAME: Sheila Mohror
I am looking for any information on James P and Sarah A Walker residents of Westmoreland, KS. I do believe they are buried in Rochester Cemetery in Topeka, KS. They had 3 children:

Grace b-4/18/1894 d-4/16/1990 in Topeka,KS married Clarence Evan Paxson. They had 2 children Robert b-6/18/1923 and Rachel b.12/12/1927(my Mother).

Bessie b-6/17/1900 married Jim Stafford and later a Smith.

Dea or Dean b 02/09/1897 - I have no info on him. After Sarah died 10/26/1904 from blood poisoning, Grace took care of the other children. Thanks
DATE: 3 Jan 2003
NAME: Deanna Davis
I am looking for information of Morgan Elda Ward, born May 15, 1884, in Westmoreland, Kansas. His father is Melville Conant Ward, married to Fannie Brasher. I welcome all family from this group. Thanks.
DATE: 10 MAY 2003
NAME: Ann Hinchey
I am looking for John Henry Ware (born 1850 Illinois) his first wife Jane Spradlin, second wife Elizabeth Ann McPherson , My great-grandfather John Franklin Ware was born in 1880 in or around Westmoreland Kansas, so was Levina A. Myers my great-grandmother She was born in 1888 Moodyville Kansas.. John Franklin and Levina were 1st cousins. John Henry Ware's father was Michael O. Ware (born 1820 Ohio ) and his mother was Sarah A. Jones - Ware - Myers,(born 1830 Indiana) she was married at least two times. Sarah remarried after Michael's death to Joseph Myers.. The families lived all over Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana..I have found Sarah Myers and John Franklin on a 1900 census living in Rock Creek Pottawatomie County Kansas, I also found Levina and her family in the same place.. ANY info would a great help!!!! I can not find anyone before 1900 on the censuses. Please contact me if you have any info I do have some info to use in trade!!!! Thanks Ann
DATE: 10 MAY 2003
NAME: Ann Hinchey
I am looking for John Henry Ware his first wife Jane Spradlin, and second wife Elizabeth Ann McPherson, Between the 2 wives and maybe a 3rd they had alot of children My ggrandfather was John Franklin Ware who married Levina A. Myers (They were 1st cousins ) John Henry Ware's mother was Sarah A Jones- Ware - Myers, his father was Michael O. Ware, stepfather was Joseph Myers..
DATE: 16 Sep 2002
NAME: Elizabeth Warren
Am researching Charles Albert Warren married to Mary Ellen Risinger. They arrived in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas 1878. Twelve children. Some of the married names are Duncan, Hill, Lindahl, Lambert. Any information would be so appreciated.
DATE: 20 May 2002
NAME: Deborah J. George
Researching the surname Weese (Belvue 1879) George and Van Skike mid to late 1800s).
DATE: 1 JUN 2002
NAME: Steve Scully
I'm searching for any information on the WELSH family. My Grandmother, Willa Belle Welsh was born in Pottawatomie County, St. Mary's Kansas on August 4, 1888. Her parents were George Welsh and Effie Isenhart. Any information would be appreciated.
DATE: 10 JAN 2002
NAME: Rodger Reedy
I would like the names of the parents of DOROTHEA WENDT and where she was born. Pottawatomie Co resources list her as born 7 December, 1826 and died 16 December,1890 , buried in Berg Cemetery.
I am researching the family of Marcus and Elizabeth Becker Warth, Swiss immigrants. The Warths are buried in New York. They came to America in 1833. One of their daughters married E. F. Wendt. This family settled in Kentucky. The Warths have another daughter named Dorothea that I have not found as yet.
DATE: 20 Apr 2004
NAME: Dottie Miller
My grandmother Laura Sophia Wicks was born 30 May 1886 in Wheaton, Pottawatomie Co, KS. Her parents William Ransome Wicks b. NY & Ella May Sherman b.Illinois married in Wheaton 25 DEC. 1884. They died in Idaho. William's dad Ransome Josiah Wicks died in Onaga 28 March 1880. He had lived in KS since 1868. I need a clue as to his parents. We have Wicks in ID; OR; AZ, are there any left in KS? Thank you.
DATE: 9 Sep 2003
NAME: Sharon
Seeking marriage date for Isam Williamson to Sally Taylor between 1874 and 1879 in Pottawatomie county. They were there in 1880 census with a 2 year old son. Thank You

UPDATE: 17 Sept 2003
Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about FRANK WILLIAMSON living at Vienna TWp. Pottawatomie county in 1859. I suspect he was the father or brother to Isam Williamson who was there in 1880. Any help appriciated. Thank you. UPDATE: 2 Nov 2003
Looking for the death date and place of William or M.J.Williamson. I know he died sometime between 1860 and 1865, he was in Rockingham Twp in 1860.
DATE: 4 APR 2002
NAME: Sylvia Witter Kelley
Looking for descendants of Adam Witter, born 3 Feb 1829, Bedford Co., PA. (now Fulton Co., PA). Adam died ca 1889 in probably Pottawatomie Co., KS. In 1870 he was in Louisville Twp. Wife Hannah Tice. Children: Mary Catherine, Abraham H., George S, and Josiah. Adam's parents were Abraham and Catherine Ann Piper Witter. My g-grandfather John Alexander Witter was living with Adam in 1870.
DATE: 7 Jul 2003
NAME: Betty Boddy Jantz
DATE: 1 Sep 2002
NAME: Debbie Leverich
I am interested in any information on the Yantz family of Flush, Kansas. Thanks.
DATE: 12 Sep 2004
NAME: Joyce Rhodeman
See Rhodeman

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