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Queries for 2005 and 2006:

DATE: 18 Dec 2007
NAME: David
SUBJECT: Malissa Proctor/Melissa Decker
I am trying to find out the parents of Malissa Proctor. It is believed that before she was married, she went by Melissa Decker. She married Washington Proctor in Holt county, Missouri, April 26, 1855. We believe that after they married, they moved to Brown county KS and then moved to Pottawatomie county around 1870 (or later). I am quite anxious to find her parents. We believe her mother may have been Tabitha Decker. Further known information includes: Benjamin Henry "Ben" Proctor (Malissa's son) married sarah Etta "Sadie" Parks 11/30/1893 in Westmoreland. He had the following children born in Blaine: Gilbert A Proctor (B: 5/27/1896); Ben Harland "Bennie" Proctor (B: 6/7/1900); Goldie Birdena Proctor (B: 9/7/1902); Beulah Lorena Proctor (B: 5/23/1912); Glen Donald Proctor (B: 5/8/1914); Lester Lewis Proctor (B: 12/23/1898); George Edward Proctor (B: 3/10/1906).

DATE: 16 Dec 2007
NAME: Robert
SUBJECT: Irish Imigrants in Blaine
I am looking for information on a group of Irish Immigrants that settled around Blaine,Kansas in Pottawatomie County in 1878. These 60 or so families came from St. Louis with the St. Louis Colonization Association founded by Father Thomas Butler. Two of the families, the Greens and Monahans were my relatives. I am particularly interested in how they obtained their land and where the original homesteads were. Both sides of my Grandmothers family ( the Greens and Monahans ) settled around Blaine Kansas in 1878. The came from St. Louis with Father Butlers Colonization Association.

DATE: 30 Nov 2007
NAME: Norm
SUBJECT: Wamego House History
I am looking for photos and history on the home that I bought that is located at 515 Ash Itís original owner was Susan Brown and was built in 1906

DATE: 30 Nov 2007
NAME: Jennifer
SUBJECT: Adams-Hewitt
I am trying to find any information that might give the birth place of John Adams listed at the time of his marriage to Rebecca Hewitt as noted on the Pottawatomie County Web site. Specifically looking for info on marriage of John Lockwood Adams to Rebecca Hewitt on or about May 29-30 1858

DATE: 17 Nov 2007
NAME: Ronald
SUBJECT: A.C.Cochrun
My name is Ronald D. Cochrun, my great grandfather was A. C. Cochrun. He owned the first general store in Westmorland. He also helped plot the Cochrun portion of the town. I am interested in any information you have on him for genealogy. Especially ion his father Simon and Mother Margaret (Scott). Or Simon and Mary Guthrie. We cannot find out what happened to Simon after Margaret died and he married Mary Guthrie. Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 17 Nov 2007
NAME: Randall
I am searching for information regarding Frank Gier. I understand he may have resided in Pottawatomie County.

DATE: 7 Nov 2007
NAME: Rodger
My name is Edgar 'Rodger' Goodbary & my great-grandmother, Martha Jane "Mattie" (Speer) Shoop, 1830-1921, was a sister of Robert Speer, 1828-1900, who is buried in the cemetery on Rock Port Road, Louisville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Robert Speer & his family moved with his sister, Mattie, & her husband, Lt. Jacob Oscar "Jake" Shoop, 1829-1884, & family from Pennsylvania to Linn Creek, Camden County, Missouri in 1867. Robert Speer, 1828-1900, carved a small section of wooden chain from a floor board of Libby Prison during the Civil War. This section of Chain is still in the possession of a member of our family. I would be very interested in exchanging information regarding the Speer & related families with any interested person. Robert Speer, 1828-1900; Martha Jane "Mattie" (Speer) Shoop, 1830-1921; John Speer, 1817-1906, (of Lawrence, Kansas); & Judge Joseph Lowrey "Joe" Speer, 1826-1901, (of Newman, Kansas); were children of Robert Speer, 1791-1880, & Barbara (Lowrey) Speer, 1797-1835, of Pennsylvania PHONE & FAX: 417-673-1510; Mail: PO Box 728, Joplin, MO 64802-0728

DATE: 3 Nov 2007
NAME: Mike
I am looking for any information on John T. Collins or his wife Grace E. Collins(Dewey) from Wamego, KS. He was born 11-22-1881 and she was born 6-12-1891. They are both buried in Wamego City Cemetery and I know they lived in Wamego in 1930 as per the US Census. I am particularly interested in their parentage but any information would be welcome. They are my great grandparents

DATE: 22 OCT 2007
NAME: Kent
My name is Kent Harper, and my Great grandfather shows up on the Rock Creek Township 1910 census. His name was Samuel L. Harper. Any information about him would be much appreciated. Samuel L. Harper was the father of Charles Otis Harper (born about 1904) who begat John David Harper (born 1936 still living and in Cherryvale KS). John David Harper is my father.

DATE: 4 APR 2007
NAME: Linda

DATE: 1 Jan 2007
NAME: Donna Erwin
I am looking for any and all information about the Haff family. Anders (Andrew) Haff, my Great Great Grandfather, and his family lived in Olsburg, Kansas and many are buried in the cemetery there in Olsburg. They attended the lutheran church in Olsburg. I know his son, Gottfrid, married Huldah and raised his children there in Olsburg. I would like to know the full date of Huldah's death; I have the year of 1940. I believe their son, Sigfrid died in 1943 but I would like the full date. I would like to know what happened to their son, Ernest. I would like to know when their daughter, Esther, died and all about her family which I have a little information on. I would like to know about their son, George Phillip, and his life. Also, Andrew Haff's daughter, Elvia Nathalie Haff, who married Oscar Frank Peterson. I would like information about her whole family. I have some information. Andrew Haff's son, Gabriel Haff, who married Hannah Peterson and their family. They stayed in the area for a number of years and I would like to know more infor about them. Anyone who is related or could help me I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

DATE: 26 Mar 2007
NAME: Mitch Pettross
I am trying to locate information about May Kemp Short and her husband Don Short. May was the daughter of Polly and Newt Kemp. I am hoping to locate where she is buried and get a copy of her obituary. She was living in St. Maryís at the time of her motherís death, which was July 13, 1950. Thanks.

DATE: 4 APR 2007
NAME: Linda
MARIADAHL - Looking for information on the orphanage at Mariadahl in late 1880-90's. Interested in information as to the location, number of overseers, teachers, etc. and orphans. Especially interested in names of orphans. Looking specifically for Emanuelson children, but glad to have any information on the orphanage. Thank you.

DATE: 10 MAY 2007
NAME: Judy
I'm trying to trace a George W (G W) McCarter who with his wife Arta (Arto?) show up on the 1880 US Census for Waubaunsee County, KS. Possibly in Pott Co in 1877. Possibly parents of Mary Rosetta b 1877. Do you possibly have any info on the McCarter family in your county circa 1877? Thanks

DATE: 1 Jan 2007
NAME: Diane Esperson
Trying to find info about Arthur and Amelia (MALM) MOORE who were married Feb. 17, 1909 in Olsburg. They were still there in the 1920 Census and had a daughter June 9yrs and son Lyle 4yrs. I had heard they maybe moved to Oregon at some time. Amelia's mother was a sister to my ggf and I had recently found Amelia's name. Is there any MALM or MOORE relation still in the Olsburg area that could help?

DATE: 25 Jul 2007
NAME: Barbara Mathers
I am looking for information on the children of John Proctor and Laura McMahan who married 5th Jul 1876 in Putnam Cty Indiana. The children are an Infant Son Proctor born about 1881 and died about 17 Mar 1881 in Havensville and daughter M.E. Proctor also born in Havensville, Pottawatomie County KS. I would also like to know how the full name of the mother and father. Thanks for any information you may have.

DATE: 10 Jan 2007
NAME: Donna & Kevin Erwin
I am looking for any information about Alexander Ryberg from Sweden. He arrived in Olsburg, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas in 1885. He owned a store and residence. His business was Harness and such. Later he took a partner, G. H. Haff and their business was called Ryberg and Haff Harness Makers. Alexander Ryberg married Agneta Haff in Olsburg, Kansas and had a family. He attended the Lutheran Church there. In 1888, he became the postmaster of Olsburg, Kansas. By 1896, he moved away to Illinois. Alexander returned to Olsburg to bury his wife in 1902 and I think he stayed in Olsburg, but I don't have any proof. He may have married his second wife, Marie (Mary) there in 1904 but I don't know yet. He moved away again but I believe he moved back around 1913. I would appreciate any info, pictures, Kansas state census, church info, city directory info, obituary info, other newspaper articles about them. Thank you.

DATE: 26 Mar 2007
NAME: Mitch Pettross

DATE: 25 Jan 2007
NAME: Jill Dodds (NJ)
I am interested in the Streiner family that lived in the vicinity of Wamego in Pottawatomie County beginning in the 1880s. I would love to hear from a descendant of this family, or anyone else who is researching the Streiners.

DATE: 21 Nov 2005
NAME: Ed Norris
  I am looking for a photograph of John U. Allen's grave at Havensville City Cemetery. Born during 1833, he died on January 2, 1913. An obituary would be great also.
   I'd like this information for my research on the 9th Battery Mass. Vols. I publish this information at
   Any help will be appreciated and duly noted.

DATE: 17 Aug 2006
NAME: Linda
Looking for info. on John and Emma Amiss who lived in St. George, Ks. They are buried in Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan. Need maiden name of Emma and if she was married to a William Harrison who died in 1927 before she married John. Any help would be great!!!! Thanks!!!

DATE: 21 Jun 2006
NAME: Shaunalee Porter
I am looking for my great grandfather John Brennan and his wife and son Catherine Morris Brennan and James M Brennan born 5 July 1869. The son was born in Blue Township, Pottawatamie, KS, and I was wondering where I can go online or who I can contact regarding birth and marriage records in this area. Thank you.

DATE: 5 Jan 2005
NAME: David Middleton
I am trying to find any info about the family of James and Nannah Cohs. My interest is due to a 1900 Census of Havensville City, Grant Township, showing a "Cunningham" in the family. He is listed as a "g son" with James and Nannah. I belive this may be Henry Cunningham who is later found living in Rush Cnty KS. Henry was born in 1881 in NB. The 1900 census shows this Cunningham as born in Oct 1881 and born in Nebraska. I havn't been able to find James or Nahhah in the 1910 census... dead ? or find them in the 1880 census. Family rumor has it that Henry Cunninham was orphaned or lived in a orphanage in Nebraska. Then the only other family info is when Henry married Love Alkire in aprx 1903. The 1910 census shows Henry and Love living in Rush county KS. Henry always evaded any discussion on his growing up..according to family. Anything would be appreaciated. Thank You.

DATE: 18 Jul 2006
NAME: Hilma C. Stewart
I am looking for information on Frances Bernice "Betty" Curtis, who was born in Pottawatomie County about July 1909, and at age 32 married my uncle, Robert L. Alexanderson, in Tampa, Florida, in June 1942. She was a twin, whose twin sister was Esther Curtis. Other family members (siblings) who may have all been born in Pottawatomie, Kansas (to John F. and Elizabeth Curtis), included Mary Catherine Curtis Bourk (1893), Gertrude Curtis (1894), Willie Curtis (b. 1895), Kathleen (b. 1897), Leo Curtis (b. 1899), and a younger sister, Berniece Curtis (b. 1911). The family (diminished in size) appeared in Ogden Township, KS, for the 1920 and 1930 censuses.

After their marriage in June 1942, Bob and Betty Alexanderson moved to Philadelphia, PA, where he was serving as an FBI agent. Unfortunately, she contracted Undulant Fever during her pregnancy and died in Philadelphia (along with their unborn child) in November 1943.

I am searching for her burial place, which I believe was in Kansas, as my uncle accompanied the casket by train from Philadelphia, PA, riding in the unheated baggage car to protect his wife's remains (the worst experience of his life, he later said).

Though the Curtis family moved from Pottawatomie, KS, by 1943, I am hoping someone remembers one of the Curtis family members and can give me a contact with relatives of "Betty" Curtis Alexanderson. I know that her twin sister Esther Curtis did have a baby boy on January 10, 1944, who was named Michael Robert, but his surname is unknown. Any idea who Esther Curtis married? Or where her twin, Betty Curtis Alexanderson, may be buried?

Thanks for any help you can offer. Descendants of Betty's younger sister, Berniece Curtis (b. 1911), may be able to share information if they see this query.

DATE: 8 Apr 2006
NAME: Jef Dauber
Does anyone have information about anyone named Dauber from Grossheubach, Germany, or other areas - that settled in Pottawatomie County or other areas in Kansas? Thank You.

DATE: 13 Nov 2005
NAME: Brenda Jenkins
Working on family tree looking for Hiram and Martha Jenkins Dennis familys. Their children are Sarah, Charles, David, Allie. Like to hear from any of these family. Martha is at rest in the Havensville Cem. In Pottawatomie Co Kansas. Martha Jenkin's father's name was Edward Jenkins. I am still researching her mother's name.

DATE: 14 Feb 2005
NAME: Justin L Dingman
According to the 1880 Federal Census my Great-Grandfather William and Abby (Abigail) Dingman were living in Pottawatomie, Ks. I'm looking for any information relating to this family. Were they buried there? Was there a town called Pottawatomie in Pottawatomie County? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 12 Jan 2006
NAME: Rachael Bargdill
I am looking for any info on the surname Drebes and Shannon. My great grandfather's name was Clyde William Drebes b. July 15, 1893 around Oldsburg, his parents were William Webster Drebes and Ida Adora Shannon but I have hit the infamous wall. Any help would be appreciated even if it is to tell me where to look next.

DATE: 8 Aug 2006
NAME: Elizabeth Freeman
Thomas C. Dunn was in Pottawatomie County KS where he "sold 160 acres of land in Pottawatomie County in the Territory of Kansas on the 1st of July 1858."

I have identified the following children for Thomas:
Lucinda - born 1861
William Edgar - born 8-11-1863
Effie M. - born 4-1-1867
Jocelia - born June 1873
Moody - born 8-10-1876
Sankey - born 4-1878
Some of the children were born in IN, others in KS. I have located William Edgar Dunn on the 1920, Creek County, OK census and have indication he died 4-21-1926. I am endeavoring to determine where he is buried. Would also like to know when and where Thomas died and where he might be buried.

DATE: 26 Sep 2005
NAME: Violet M. Brown
I am looking for anything about Frederick Fronce, died Sept 20, 1878 posted in the Onaga Journal 10 Oct 1878 Onaga Kansas. I am most interested in learning where is he buried. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 5 Nov 2005
NAME: Ginny Toney
Trying to find someone who descends from Henry or Ella Geyer family. Please contact me.

DATE: 8 Aug 2006
NAME: Betty Kimble
Hello, we have been trying for a long long time to find any information on my Great-grandmother, her maiden name was: Eliza Watts, married to Henry Gier, they lived in Pottawatomie Co. in 1860.
We have her death certificate: date: 12/5/1914 in Westmoreland, Ks., her birth date was 2/28/1840. My mother Irene Hill, is 94 yrs old, & would love to know if she was an American Native.We have been doing some search, but haven't found proof, she was born in Illinois.Mother remembers her has having coal black hair.Don't know her fathers name. If there is any information you can find we would love it.Sorry thats all infor that I have my great-grandfather he came here from Frankfort, Germany, born in Switzerland born in 1824.
We found census they lived in St. George, Pottawatomie, Ks.in 1860.They also lived in Kansas City, Ks also in late 1800's & early 1900.
I saw this web-page & thought I would give it a chance. My maiden name is Hill----Parents Clyde & Irene Hill, they are both still alive & still going strong I'm very blessed-Dad is 98yrs. I hope that I do hear back, any information, will just make my mother's day. Her maiden name was Gier-father Frank Gier & mother's name was Eliza also. Sorry to just going on & on, but I was real excited when I saw your web- page.

DATE: 13 Jul 2006
NAME: Mike Atkinson
My grandmother was born in St. George in the 1880's Her name was Ona Dee Woods. If you google ALTA VISTA Images and put in St George Kansas, you will see a picture of HER grandmother's (Amanda Melvina Woods nee Gillaspie) house taken about the turn of the century. It's the one on the right with the fence. It was built for her, by her father(George Washington Gillaspie) when her husband (John C. Woods , 11th Kansas Volunteers) died during the civil war. Family tradition states that George Washington Gillaspie either named St George or that it was named after him. He came there from Kentucky. The house is still there and the tree in the picture is also still there only much larger now.
Question... Can anyone back up the story of the naming of St. George AND are any of the Gillaspies or Woods decendants still there? Thanks!!

DATE: 1 OCT 2006
NAME: ValerieReese
I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather who was born in or around Blaine KS in 1887. His name was Tom L. Green. His father was Patrick Green and his mother was Sara Dunigan (or Donigan). I have traced both families to Pottawatomie County in 1880. I know the Greens were in St. Louis in 1870 as I can find them there in the census. I was wondering what Catholic church might have been there during those times and if there are any of the church records left?

DATE: 11 Sep 2006
NAME: Richard L. Grim
I am looking for information as follows: Margaret E. Grim, born about 1867. 1880 U.S. Census indicates Mill Creek, Pottawtomie County, Kansas. Would like to know when she married and to whom. Also birth and death certificate information and where buried. Have checked all Pottawtomie County Cemeteries without success.
     Katy F. Grim, born 01/06/1883 and died 08/15/1884. Buried in Regar cemetery in Pottawtomie County. Would like birth and death certificate information.
     Parents of both thought to be Peter Paul and Sarah Francis Grim of Mill Creek. I thank you for your time.>br>

DATE: 26 Sep 2005
NAME: Violet M. Brown
I am looking for any information about Lewis and Catherine (Fronce) HELMS. I am most interested in learning where they are buried.
COORDINATOR'S NOTE: in the 1870 Federal Census, Shannon Twp it shows Family No. 24 as Lewis Helm and wife Catherine living next door to Family No. 23 Fronce,William and Family No. 14 as Fronce, Frederick (age 79) and wife Ann (age 55).

DATE: 5 Mar 2006
NAME: Kenneth Herman
I am searching for history of Mary Katherine (a.k.a. Maryette) Hepner Buzzard.

I have a photo from about 1908 showing my GM Ida Mae Hepner Kightlinger on the porch of the Belvue (Pottawatomie County) Hotel that was taken in about 1908. My mother, Mary Katherine Kightlinger is on the porch also and is about three years of age and was born in 1905.

Also in the picture is Ida's sister Mary Katherine Hepner Buzzard (Maryette?) and her husband Noah Buzzard who is standing off the porch with their horse & buggy. The Kightlingers lives nearby in Wabaunsee County.

Two questions:

1. Where can I locate the Buzzards (who may have been staying in the hotel on a trip from ??.)

2. Is there a repositary in your GenWeb project that would be a good place to provide a copy of this 98-year-old family photo?

I have checked the US census records through ancestry.com and find NOTHING on Noah. I tried Noa but still no hits. I did not try any of the myriad former spellings of Buzzard. I feel sure it was not BUZZARD prior to arriving in the USA.

In my photo collection I also have a picture of Nicholas Reynolds Hepner and his wife Helen Amanda Payne with their six daughters (including Ida Mae (my GM) and her eldest sister Maryette (a.k.a. Mary Katherine. This photo was taken in about 1880 in Roaring Brook, PA. A seventh daughter was born in PA right after the 1880 census. The family moved to Wabaunsee, KS where they had one more daughter and three sons. Thanks in advance for you attention.

DATE: 4 Apr 2006
NAME: Toni Schlaefli
I am searching for the burial place of Lucius Valerian Hibbard, who is said to have died in Louisville, Kansas, April 1894. Any help you can give me with this will be very greatly appreciated. Thanks.

DATE: 15 Jul 2006
NAME: Mary Holtman Butler
    Henry John Holtman, my grandf was suppose to have died in Westmoreland Kansas on 12/13/1933, and then sent to Quincy Ill for burial. I would appreciate any info that concerns this or why he was in Kansas. Thanks

DATE: 6 Sep 2006
NAME: Jerre
Seeking obituary for William H. Hoover, resident of St. George twp from at least 1910 - 1923. He was born 1869 in Missouri and died in 1923 and is buried in St. George Cemetery with his wife,Etta L. Hoover and son, Joel Louis Hoover. Thanks.

DATE: 9 Sep 2006
NAME: alicewehmhoener@juno.com
I am looking for the death of Elizajane Howe, that was born 24 Oct 1841 in Il and died 13 Sept 1860 in Pottawatomie Co. KS., and her husband Charles Howe b. abt 1841 and do not know when he died. I do not know if they had any children. Any help that I may get will be appreciated.

DATE: 28 Oct 2006
NAME: Dave Herman
Interested in Wife of James R. Huddleston St George Pottawatomie county 1870 census her name is Minnie or something like that. She is my great grandmother DATE: 7 Mar 2006
NAME: Paul R. Swan
I'm compiling a genealogy of the descendants of James and Elizabeth (Everhart) Huey of Centre Co., PA. Many of his children settled in Pottawatomie County and, after James died 1874, his widow came there also. A grandson, Augustine Lowery "Gustin" Huey (1865-1956) married Olive May Alford, a sister of my grandmother, Mary Jane "Merrie" (Alford) Hartzell, and his sons were friends of my parents who lived in Topeka. An early version of my Huey research can be found on


I would be interested in exchanging information with anyone researching this lineage.

DATE: 27 Mar 2005
NAME: Greg L. Adams
     I am researching the families of Otto and Henry A. Kastner.  Otto was my great-great-grandfather. He and his wife, Louise (Lenz) were both from Germany (Pruessia) and they had 9 children, 8 sons and 1 daughter. Otto was born around 1835 and Louise was born around 1844. They were married around 1867. Their children were born....William (1862),....Austuff (1864),....Otto (1866),....Bettie (1868),....Hermann (1870),....Earnesh (1872),....Henry (1875),....Charles (1877),.... and Louis (1880). The first five children were born in Germany and the remaining were born in Kansas.
     Henry August Kastner was my great-grandfather. He and his wife, Elizabeth G. (Perner) had 5 children that I know of, 1 son and 4 daughters. Henry was born around 1875 and Elizabeth was born around 1879. Their children were born....Harold (1902),....Elsie (1903),....Mabel (1905),....Nola (1909),....and Elna (1914).
     Mabel was my grandmother and she married Raymond C. Mundell in Pottawatomie Co.
     I would appreciate any information on any of the names listed in this query. I thank you for your time.

DATE: 2 Mar 2005
NAME: Joel Thornton
KROHN, Newtnick and Clara children Charlie, Laura, and Grace I am looking for any KROHN buried in Pottawatomie County. They lived in the Sherman Township according to the 1900 Census. They might be in the Arispie Cemetery. Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 15 Feb 2005
NAME: Janis
Needing to know if you have a death record between the year 1860 and 1875 for a HANNAH LAUGHLIN/LOUGHLIN, she was would have been abt. 52 or older and the wife of PATRICK LAUGHLIN/LOUGHLIN. Thank you.

DATE: 19 Apr 2006
NAME: Caroline Ensley
My Great Grandfather Edgar Sabin Lewis, of Onaga, Potowatomie Co. Kansas, had a 200 year bible he said he was so proud of and I was wondering if anyone around that area acquired it from a sale of his property or perhaps it was handed down to relatives. I would like to find it because of the genealogy that was said to be in it. I would appreciate any information you could give me.

DATE: 5 Mar 2006
NAME: Jerry Meeker
I would like to find out if Joseph Edwin or Edward Livermont married a Jennie Johnson in Pottawatomie county in 1888, or did he marry a Jennie Hutchinson in 1889, in Pottawatomie county. This is a big question in our family, and it would be nice to clear it up, I hope you can help us out. Thanks

DATE: 20 Jul 2006
NAME: Marjorie Lowe
Seeking information about Dr. Guy R. Loofbourrow who practiced dentistry in Westmoreland, Kansas. He married Kate M. Smith in about 1902. She was born in Sandia, Republic Co. KS. Would like to contact any descendants of this couple. Thanks.

DATE: 30 NOV 2006
NAME: Muriel Wilson
Looking for information about Jonathan and Alcasta Lozuaway. They moved to near Havensville ca 1868, five or more children were born there. They were divorced in 1888 and Jonathan moved to Oklahoma.

DATE: 5 Feb 2005
NAME: Steve
I would like help in finding my GG Uncle, he came to Olsburg between 
1870 and 1880. He stayed with his sister Maria and her husband Jonas 
Hanson.  They lived north of Olsburg. The legend has it he stayed two
or three years then left never to be heard from again. There are two 
brothers not accounted for, they are

      Erik Peter Alfred Mansson       02/05/1836 
      Gustaf Wilhelm Mansson        06/16/1839 

When My GG Grandfather Anders Magnus Mansson Came to the U.S. He changed 
his name to Andrew Monson then to Munson, so the spelling of the last 
name could be changed. Thank you for any help.

DATE: 8 Aug 2006
NAME: Rebecca Parry
I am interested in obtaining copies of will/estate documents for ADJET MCGUIRE (died 23 Apr 1880) and/or MARY ANN "Polly" MCGUIRE (died 21 Apr 1881) - both in Pottawatomie County. Can anyone direct me to the correct office or a point of contact to help me with this? Thank you so much.

DATE: 25 Oct 2005
NAME: Mary
I am looking for information about my Gt Gt Grandfather Martin McNeive born 1816 d 2/27/1880 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery. His wife's name was Alice Carley. Their children were: Edward b. 1838; Thomas b. 1840; James b. 1842 and Michael b. 1845 and Carthine b. 1847. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 20 Feb 2005
NAME: Bonnie Callaghan
I looking for any information on William and Bridget Monroe 1850 1909. Appreciate any news you could give me.

DATE: 13 May 2006
NAME: Margaret graham
I am looking for my husbands family. Nathan Bangs Rarrick is buried in Havensville cemetery I am trying to find his wife's name. His son is George Rarrick. They are related to the Jaynes that are also buried there. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: 5 Feb 2005
NAME: Sherman Gibbs
Seek any information on Sims Richmond, who according to family tradition, died at St. Marys, Kansas in the late 1890s. Supposedly, his body was stolen from a cemetery by cadaevers. His widow (and third wife) was Hannah. With her he had: Melissa, Laura, and George Washington Richmond. Any probate record or cemetery record would be esp. appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: 21 Feb 2006
NAME: C. Clayton Rock
My gg-grandfather, James Lewis Rock and wife, Lucinda, their four children and other family kin moved to Pottawatomie Co., Shannon Township, KS in 1871. While there a son, Charles Lewis Rock was born on 22 June 1874 and died on 7 July 1874. James Lewis Rock and some of the family returned to KY in late 1874. Others who stayed and are listed in the 1880 Census were George & Alice Briggs, Rosanna Ferguson, Charles Rock and Margaret Williams, all in Shannon Township. Can anyone help me to know more specifically where they lived and where Charles Lewis Rock is buried? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 21 May 2006
NAME: Hisdogbo@aol.com
Need to know: Samuel P. ROLANDER'S Parent's names. Could be Mr. Rolander & Miss SWANSON?? just speculation.

Samuel P. ROLANDER b. 1837 in Sweden d. 1879 Randolph Kansas--came to America when about 21. He was a farmer & stone mason.
Samuel Rolander & his brothers & sisters
1. John Rolander--had 2 children--Josie & John--neither married
2. Johannes Rolander--had 4 children (Alex, Tilda, Frans & Carl. Alex & Tilda never married. Frans died as a young man. Carl had 2 wives & 12 children
3. Josephine Rolander--died young
4. Samuel Peter Rolander b. 1837 Sweden d. 1879.
5. Sophia Rolander--had 3 children (William, Tilda (never married) & Hulda--died in infancy
6. August Rolander--had wife & triplets (who died at birth)
Samuel & his sister Sophia came on same boat to America from Sweden. Sophia's boyfriend died of cholera (on the boat)
Samuel Peter Rolander got his citizenship papers 1 June 1857 from state of Illinois, Henry Co..
Samuel was in the Civil War--Atchinson Kansas. He met Mary Louesa Larson there but didn't marry her because she was still too young. He bought a ranch in Randolph Kansas & deeded it to Mary Louesa even though they weren't married.
Samuel P. ROLANDER m. 1864 d. 1879 Mary Louesa LARSON b. 21 Mar 1847 Tromso Norway d. 17 Feb 1904. He was kicked in the head by a horse while riding with his family in a buggy.
Mary Louesa's parents were Lars Larson & Johanna Amundsen who married in Norway and came to U.S. in 1857. Moved to Kansas & built a stones house not far from Randolph Kansas. Lars must have become a U.S. Citizen because Samuel Rolander, his daughter's husband, paid a Poll Tax of 50 cents for Lars Larson is 1863. Lars Larson drowned in Blue River in Dec. 1863
Children of Samuel & Mary Louesa Larson Rolander
1. Laura Augusta Rolander b. 6 July 1865 Pottawatoma Co. Kansas--baptized 21? Jan 1866 by Rev. Phil Fischer--died 1867
2. Alice Madora (called Dora) Rolander--my grandmother) b. 6 Dec 1866 Pottawatoma Co. Kansas--baptized 14 Mar 1868 by Rev. Schraeber m. Oldsburg Kansas 18 Aug 1892 Oscar W. OSTROM b. 30 Jan 1869 St. Peter, Minnesota d. 28 Oct 1939 Easton CA near Fresno. Her birth & baptism records says Allis instead of Alice. Dora & Oscar had 4 children (Merrill Wesley Rolander Ostrom, Frances Virginia Ostrom, Orlando Warren (called Warren) Ostrom & Randolph Whitney Ostrom--my father
3. August Godfried Rolander d. 1869
4. Laura Lenora Rolander b. 7 Sept 1871 d. 30 June 1939 m. Will Olsen--had 1 adopted child--Hazel
5. Nellie Josephine Rolander b. 12 Feb 1875 d. 24 May 1947 Vancouver, WA m. Emil Larson--had 2 children--Vera Larson & Vernon Larson
Samuel Rolander is buried on a hill near the Tuttle Dam--now on private property
Mary Louesa married 2nd time to Mossen Johnson & had 1 child--Ina Johnson Mary Louesa is buried with 2nd husband Mossen Johnson at cemetery) can't remember the name nr. Oldsburg Kansas

DATE: 21 Feb 2005
NAME: William Scully
I am looking for information on my great-grandparents, Patrick and Catherine Duffy Scully, who lived in Pottawatomie County in the mid-1800's, and had six children (Mary, Margaret, Hannah, Thomas Joseph, William and John.

DATE: 12 Jan 2006
NAME: Rachael Bargdill

DATE: 10-13-05
NAME: Jerry Spangler
My grandfather, Floyd W. Spangler, was born in Onaga on September 29th, 1892. He married Fannie Bateman on November 28th, 1912. His father, Charles N. Spangler moved to Kansas around 1883. He married Julia Bellwood in 1889, who's previous husband had died crossing the Vermillion River in an ox cart. I want to know if anyone has any information on a hotel in Onaga that was bought by Charles Spangler on April 23rd,1903, as posted in the Onaga Herald. It says in the information that I have, that the previous owner was a E.J. Ackley. It says that it was called the U. P. Hotel.

DATE: 18 Dec 2006
NAME: Corine Wood-Donnelly
I have traced my geneology to some Pottawatomie county residents by then the trail runs cold. I'm hoping you can help me? Here are the details that I know:
Martha Louella Spaulding (Wood) was born in Westmoreland, Pottowatomie, Kansas on 3 September 1868. (She is my great-great-grandmother) Her parents are: William Spaulding born about 1844 in Illinois and Mary Jane Gard born about 1846 in Wisconsin. They were married in Pottowatomie County sometime between 1858 and 1869. Thanks for anything you can send my way!

DATE: 1 Nov 2005
NAME: Chris Sumner
I recently found that an ancestor named Joseph SUMNER, b. 31 Oct 1844, married to Sarah WILLIAMS, both of Cheshire, England, immigrated in 1883. They were documented in 1900 census of Pottawatomie Co, Blue Valley Township. He was a wagon maker. He is in the 1910 census, but absent from 1920 census. Wife Sarah SUMNER is located in Hastings, Adams Co, Nebraska, listed as a widow.
Does anyone have any connection with this family?
Could there be an obituary or monument to Joseph SUMNER who died between 1910 and 1920?
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be welcomed.  Thank you.

COORDINATOR'S NOTE: Joseph and Sarah Sumner are listed in the Olsburg Cemetery.

DATE: 1 Jan 2005
NAME: Boots
I am looking for any information you may have on the following ancestors:
My Grandfather; Edgar Luther Swanson, was born; 5 Mar 1890, in Olsburg, Pottawatomie, Kansas. His father; Andrew Swanson, (a.k.a. Anders Svensson) was born in Sweden, Kristianstad, Nasum Parish on 7 Feb 1857, he married Mary Elizabeth Nelson; 3 October 1885, (place not known), they had five children, four of them born in; Olsburg.
    Ethel Alma Swanson b 14 Mar 1887 (no other information found, may be died at birth)
    Edgar Luther Swanson b 5 Mar 1890 ( My grandfather, I knew him and have his life history)
    Alben Joseph Swanson b 27 Mar 1893 ( He died 26 May 1964, not sure where, don't know much)
    Clarence Andrew Swanson b 14 Apr 1899 ( He died 16 Jun 1933, don' know anything about him)
    Mildred Leora Swanson b 26 Jun 1905 ( She was born in Semper, Jefferson, CO; died 20May1908)

DATE: 22 Jan 2005
NAME: Mary Martin
I am looking for the family of Ulysses G. Travis son of Joseph and Margaret J. Travis, of Reilly Twp. Nemaha, Kansas and Paxton Ford Ill.

Joseph born apx. 1831
Margaret J. born apx.1834 or 1836 acc. to diff. census of 1870 and 1880
Children of Joseph and Margaret J. Travis were:
Ulysses born 1864
Robert M. Travis b. 1859-1862
Harriett L. Travis
Franklin S. (Frank) Travis b. 1868
Mary Jane Travis b. apx. 1873 or 1874
Hannah Travis b.1876 or 1877

Ulysses Travis I found in 1920 in Pottawatomie, Blue Valley, Kansas. He was 56 yr. old. He married Mary age 49 in 1920 b.1871 born in Switzerland. Daughters Lola age 13,b. 1907 and G. Marie age 10 b. 1910.

I have information back to 1720 on this family. If any one knows of this family or other Travis families in the areas mentioned please contact me.

DATE: 17 Aug 2006
NAME: Elizabeth Warren
Looking for information on Charles Albert WARREN and wife Mary Ellen RISINGER and decendants. Charles was born in Indiana but spent most of his life in Wamego. Any information is greatly appreciated.

DATE: 6 Oct 2006
NAME: LaVona Wilson
I am seeking information on a William Wilson. He is listed in the 1880 St. George township census,as 27years of age, transient, Wife Mary 21, and daughter Nannie age 3. I have reason to believe that he is a relative of our family having once lived in Dickinson County, Kansas.Any information will be appreciated. I noticed that a lot of the people listed on this census are listed as transients. Explanation of this? Thanks.

DATE: 8 Aug 2006
NAME: Kamala Cynthia Wolfe
Seeking WOLFE from this county. I have Elijah (E.T.) Wolfe b 2.16.1848 d. 10.3.32
Served in Civil War, from Kansas Pottawatome County later Osage. One arm gone. Married Orlinda Watson, father to Harrison Melville (Harry b 1888 d 1970), Benjamin, William Blaine (I am in contact w/ his ggdaughter), & Elsie. Jason onto Cupertino Calif (hence WOLFE ROAD in Silicon Valley) and then onto Covina in So Ca, on Griswald Street.
Harry produced Harry M. Wolfe, moved to Calif at 6 yrs of age w/ mother, in 1930. Owned Wolfe's Shoe Stores in Council Bluffs & Lincoln.

I am seeking info prior to Elijah. Thank you for any assistance.

DATE: 13 Jul 2006
NAME: Mike Atkinson

DATE: 5 Nov 2006
NAME: Leni Noble Logan
I am just starting to research my husbands family and need help as I have little or no information. I am looking for any information on the Zabel family. The family was started by John F Zabel. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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