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Queries for 2007:

DATE: 18 Dec 2007
NAME: David
SUBJECT: Malissa Proctor/Melissa Decker
I am trying to find out the parents of Malissa Proctor. It is believed that before she was married, she went by Melissa Decker. She married Washington Proctor in Holt county, Missouri, April 26, 1855. We believe that after they married, they moved to Brown county KS and then moved to Pottawatomie county around 1870 (or later). I am quite anxious to find her parents. We believe her mother may have been Tabitha Decker. Further known information includes: Benjamin Henry "Ben" Proctor (Malissa's son) married sarah Etta "Sadie" Parks 11/30/1893 in Westmoreland. He had the following children born in Blaine: Gilbert A Proctor (B: 5/27/1896); Ben Harland "Bennie" Proctor (B: 6/7/1900); Goldie Birdena Proctor (B: 9/7/1902); Beulah Lorena Proctor (B: 5/23/1912); Glen Donald Proctor (B: 5/8/1914); Lester Lewis Proctor (B: 12/23/1898); George Edward Proctor (B: 3/10/1906).

DATE: 16 Dec 2007
NAME: Robert
SUBJECT: Irish Imigrants in Blaine
I am looking for information on a group of Irish Immigrants that settled around Blaine,Kansas in Pottawatomie County in 1878. These 60 or so families came from St. Louis with the St. Louis Colonization Association founded by Father Thomas Butler. Two of the families, the Greens and Monahans were my relatives. I am particularly interested in how they obtained their land and where the original homesteads were. Both sides of my Grandmothers family ( the Greens and Monahans ) settled around Blaine Kansas in 1878. The came from St. Louis with Father Butlers Colonization Association.

DATE: 30 Nov 2007
NAME: Norm
SUBJECT: Wamego House History
I am looking for photos and history on the home that I bought that is located at 515 Ash Itís original owner was Susan Brown and was built in 1906

DATE: 30 Nov 2007
NAME: Jennifer
SUBJECT: Adams-Hewitt
I am trying to find any information that might give the birth place of John Adams listed at the time of his marriage to Rebecca Hewitt as noted on the Pottawatomie County Web site. Specifically looking for info on marriage of John Lockwood Adams to Rebecca Hewitt on or about May 29-30 1858

DATE: 17 Nov 2007
NAME: Ronald
SUBJECT: A.C.Cochrun
My name is Ronald D. Cochrun, my great grandfather was A. C. Cochrun. He owned the first general store in Westmorland. He also helped plot the Cochrun portion of the town. I am interested in any information you have on him for genealogy. Especially ion his father Simon and Mother Margaret (Scott). Or Simon and Mary Guthrie. We cannot find out what happened to Simon after Margaret died and he married Mary Guthrie. Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 17 Nov 2007
NAME: Randall
I am searching for information regarding Frank Gier. I understand he may have resided in Pottawatomie County.

DATE: 7 Nov 2007
NAME: Rodger
My name is Edgar 'Rodger' Goodbary & my great-grandmother, Martha Jane "Mattie" (Speer) Shoop, 1830-1921, was a sister of Robert Speer, 1828-1900, who is buried in the cemetery on Rock Port Road, Louisville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Robert Speer & his family moved with his sister, Mattie, & her husband, Lt. Jacob Oscar "Jake" Shoop, 1829-1884, & family from Pennsylvania to Linn Creek, Camden County, Missouri in 1867. Robert Speer, 1828-1900, carved a small section of wooden chain from a floor board of Libby Prison during the Civil War. This section of Chain is still in the possession of a member of our family. I would be very interested in exchanging information regarding the Speer & related families with any interested person. Robert Speer, 1828-1900; Martha Jane "Mattie" (Speer) Shoop, 1830-1921; John Speer, 1817-1906, (of Lawrence, Kansas); & Judge Joseph Lowrey "Joe" Speer, 1826-1901, (of Newman, Kansas); were children of Robert Speer, 1791-1880, & Barbara (Lowrey) Speer, 1797-1835, of Pennsylvania PHONE & FAX: 417-673-1510; Mail: PO Box 728, Joplin, MO 64802-0728

DATE: 3 Nov 2007
NAME: Mike
I am looking for any information on John T. Collins or his wife Grace E. Collins(Dewey) from Wamego, KS. He was born 11-22-1881 and she was born 6-12-1891. They are both buried in Wamego City Cemetery and I know they lived in Wamego in 1930 as per the US Census. I am particularly interested in their parentage but any information would be welcome. They are my great grandparents

DATE: 22 OCT 2007
NAME: Kent
My name is Kent Harper, and my Great grandfather shows up on the Rock Creek Township 1910 census. His name was Samuel L. Harper. Any information about him would be much appreciated. Samuel L. Harper was the father of Charles Otis Harper (born about 1904) who begat John David Harper (born 1936 still living and in Cherryvale KS). John David Harper is my father.

DATE: 4 APR 2007
NAME: Linda

DATE: 1 Jan 2007
NAME: Donna
I am looking for any and all information about the Haff family. Anders (Andrew) Haff, my Great Great Grandfather, and his family lived in Olsburg, Kansas and many are buried in the cemetery there in Olsburg. They attended the lutheran church in Olsburg. I know his son, Gottfrid, married Huldah and raised his children there in Olsburg. I would like to know the full date of Huldah's death; I have the year of 1940. I believe their son, Sigfrid died in 1943 but I would like the full date. I would like to know what happened to their son, Ernest. I would like to know when their daughter, Esther, died and all about her family which I have a little information on. I would like to know about their son, George Phillip, and his life. Also, Andrew Haff's daughter, Elvia Nathalie Haff, who married Oscar Frank Peterson. I would like information about her whole family. I have some information. Andrew Haff's son, Gabriel Haff, who married Hannah Peterson and their family. They stayed in the area for a number of years and I would like to know more infor about them. Anyone who is related or could help me I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

DATE: 26 Mar 2007
NAME: Mitch Pettross
I am trying to locate information about May Kemp Short and her husband Don Short. May was the daughter of Polly and Newt Kemp. I am hoping to locate where she is buried and get a copy of her obituary. She was living in St. Maryís at the time of her motherís death, which was July 13, 1950. Thanks.

DATE: 4 APR 2007
NAME: Linda
MARIADAHL - Looking for information on the orphanage at Mariadahl in late 1880-90's. Interested in information as to the location, number of overseers, teachers, etc. and orphans. Especially interested in names of orphans. Looking specifically for Emanuelson children, but glad to have any information on the orphanage. Thank you.

DATE: 10 MAY 2007
NAME: Judy
I'm trying to trace a George W (G W) McCarter who with his wife Arta (Arto?) show up on the 1880 US Census for Waubaunsee County, KS. Possibly in Pott Co in 1877. Possibly parents of Mary Rosetta b 1877. Do you possibly have any info on the McCarter family in your county circa 1877? Thanks

DATE: 1 Jan 2007
NAME: Diane Esperson
Trying to find info about Arthur and Amelia (MALM) MOORE who were married Feb. 17, 1909 in Olsburg. They were still there in the 1920 Census and had a daughter June 9yrs and son Lyle 4yrs. I had heard they maybe moved to Oregon at some time. Amelia's mother was a sister to my ggf and I had recently found Amelia's name. Is there any MALM or MOORE relation still in the Olsburg area that could help?

DATE: 25 Jul 2007
NAME: Barbara Mathers
I am looking for information on the children of John Proctor and Laura McMahan who married 5th Jul 1876 in Putnam Cty Indiana. The children are an Infant Son Proctor born about 1881 and died about 17 Mar 1881 in Havensville and daughter M.E. Proctor also born in Havensville, Pottawatomie County KS. I would also like to know how the full name of the mother and father. Thanks for any information you may have.

DATE: 10 Jan 2007
NAME: Donna & Kevin Erwin
I am looking for any information about Alexander Ryberg from Sweden. He arrived in Olsburg, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas in 1885. He owned a store and residence. His business was Harness and such. Later he took a partner, G. H. Haff and their business was called Ryberg and Haff Harness Makers. Alexander Ryberg married Agneta Haff in Olsburg, Kansas and had a family. He attended the Lutheran Church there. In 1888, he became the postmaster of Olsburg, Kansas. By 1896, he moved away to Illinois. Alexander returned to Olsburg to bury his wife in 1902 and I think he stayed in Olsburg, but I don't have any proof. He may have married his second wife, Marie (Mary) there in 1904 but I don't know yet. He moved away again but I believe he moved back around 1913. I would appreciate any info, pictures, Kansas state census, church info, city directory info, obituary info, other newspaper articles about them. Thank you.

DATE: 26 Mar 2007
NAME: Mitch Pettross

DATE: 25 Jan 2007
NAME: Jill Dodds (NJ)
I am interested in the Streiner family that lived in the vicinity of Wamego in Pottawatomie County beginning in the 1880s. I would love to hear from a descendant of this family, or anyone else who is researching the Streiners.

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