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DATE: 29 November 2009
NAME: amylynn0215@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: 701 Valley Street
I live at 701 Valley St in Wamego. I have been told that the house use to be a stage coach inn . I would love to know when the house was built and see a picture of the Inn if that is possible. I am very interested in the history of this house, and any information about the house would be great.

DATE: 14 November 2009
NAME: allezzam@q.com
I am looking for the court information that caused my ancestors, William W Allen and Ed M Allen, to be indicted for obtaining money by false pretenses and for forgery. The Attorney General sent requisition papers to the Governor of Missouri and the Government of Mexico for extradition as stated in the Seventh Biennial Report, dated 1 Sep 1890. I would like to know the circumstances under which they were charged in Pottawatomie county. Apparently at least William, aka W W Allen, fled to Laredo, Mexico.

DATE: 14 November 2009
NAME: lorenea@bellsouth.net
I am researching my maternal ancestors and need to ask about the origin of the names noo-o-kay UNK and nam-ka Unk. Their daughter was Charlotte Unk born in 1838 and christened in Saint-Marys Parish, Potowatamie, Kansas on June 17, 1838. I haven't been able to find any information and they are unusual names. If you can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. thank you, Lorene Arnold

DATE: 14 November 2009
NAME: davidalanfairbanks@yahoo.com
I am searching for Wilson McClellan, who I can document in Douglas, Kansas from 1865 to 1885 in both the Federal Census and the Kansas State Census'. In 1900, there is a Willson McClelan (different spelling) living in Blue, Pottawatomie, Kansas that is a servant in the home of John Kile. I hope this is my man since I don't know where he died. What I'm wondering is if he died there. An obituary may shed some light on who his parents were. I would appreciate it if you could help me with this.

DATE: 22 October 2009
NAME: carole.tucker@gmail.com
We are looking for a Mitchell family, that I found in the 1870 and 1880 in Pottawatomie County. The mother was Sarah, and children were Frank E Mitchell born in Iowa; John W who was born in MIssouri and Henry born in Kansas. Frank was 7 years old in 1870 and 17 in 1880. Henry was 13 in 1880. Sarah was born in about 1834 in Kentucky. Frank's census records say that his father was born in New Hampshire. The father's name is unknown. From Kansas they moved to Woods and then Major County, Oklahoma. Can anyone help me with this family. The Mitchell family moved from Oklahoma to Colorado, around Brighton, Longmont, Boulder and surrounding areas.

DATE: 10 October 2009
NAME: smfrisbey@yahoo.com
Looking for information on the FRISBEY family living in Onage, Pottawatomie, Kansas in 1895 (located in 1895 census). Isaac Mills Frisbey was listed as a Minister age 50. His son, Norman B. age 26, a Printer. His other son, William age 22 Teacher and his wife Maud age 23 Teacher.

DATE: 3 October 2009
NAME: kbone@holtonks.net
SUBJECT: Richard C and Zoodie Lewis
Do you have any records of the deaths of Richard C. and Zoodie Lewis in Sept. 1886 at St. Clere, Ks. Their father was Wm. S. Lewis, previously from Circleville, Ks. (Jackson Co.).

DATE: 5 September 2009
NAME: Julie Hatesohl
SUBJECT: Cemetery Contacts
Since taking over this Web site for my aunt, I've had several inquiries for contacts for various Pottawatomie County cemeteries. I am interested in any information you can provide. Once I get a listing started, I will post them to the Web site. Thanks for all of your help with this project.

DATE: 5 September 2009
NAME: Judy West
SUBJECT: Louisville Cemetery
I was wondering if you might help me or advise where I might find an answer regarding getting the correct date of death off a tombstone at the Louisville Cemetery??? Rev. Franklin G. Sherrill's death date that is listed on the cemetery project is incorrect. He is listed in the 1880 census along with his family in Osage Co. He and his wife Mary were still having children until 1868. His daughter Helen who married Dr. Harry Reding was born in abt 1862.I checked on the "Random Acts of Kindness" website and there are no volunteers for Pottawatomie Co. Do you know of anyone there in Pottawatomie Co., who lives close to this cemetery who might be willing to look for Franklin's grave and give me the correct dates?? I would be willing to send some gas money if necessary.

DATE: 20 August 2009
NAME: Gail Hooper
SUBJECT: Chilcott
I am looking for Oscar M. and Anna Rowe Chilcott. He was a principal of a school in Westmoreland, Rock Creek Township, in the 1930 Census. He was born in Pennsylvania and was listed in the Jewell County Census in 1910 and 1920. They had one daughter, Mary, and two sons, Idene E. and Emerson Dwight. Emmerson was the only son living with them in the 1930 Census. I have found Emerson Dwight, but not the other two children. Any help with this family would be appreciated. Thanks

DATE: 6 August 2009
NAME: Sandra Floyd
TRUDO, Frank appears as grandson of William and Rhoda (Allen) McKinnon on 1880 Census; on 1900 Census he is cousin to William LITTLE. WWI Draft Card shows dob as 4 July 1877. He was born in Missouri, his father in Missouri, and his mother in Virginia, where all the McKinnon children were born. Who are his parents? How is William LITTLE connected?

DATE: 27 July 2009
NAME: jules4you1955@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: Brenton or Frazier
I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the following family names Brenton or Frazier, was particularly interested in Mildred Frazier Brenton, who was born and died in Potawatomie county. My g grandmother, who died in the 1930's i think. Also her son, Ora (Orrie) B. Brenton, my grandfather, whos grave apparently cannot be located. Orrie brenton was a farmer and also rode the rodeos as far west as oregon, grandpa was poor and when he died in the 1940's, his wife and children did not have the means to afford a burial. Apparently, his brothers claimed his body for burial and he is somewhere (hopefully) in Kansas.

DATE: 5 July 2009
NAME: ricksthomas@msn.com
SUBJECT: Henry & Emily (Conner/Connor) Leslie Family
I am looking for evidence of the Henry and Emily (Conner/Connor) Leslie family living in or near Onaga, Pottawatomie County, Kansas from 1866 through 1871. I am most interested in census, farm, deed, tax, family Bible, or other records that can corroborate claim that family lived in Onaga, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. The family later moved to the northeast to just inside Nebraska in Richardson County about 1872 or 1873.

DATE: 29 May 2009
NAME: gduree@duree.com
SUBJECT: Alfred/Abel Fredrick Johnson
I am looking for information on the second marriage of Abel Fredrick Johnson of Emmett, between his first wife’s death in 1913 and the 1920 census. The second wife’s name may be Albertina and she definitely was Swedish and used Swedish as her language. We believe she came from out-of-state and we know that she returned there, or somewhere, after his death in 1928. To complicate matters, Abel Fredrick Johnson is variously listed as Abel, Fred, A. F., A. Fredrick – any combination you can think of – and Alfred, which is the name used in the 1920 census with Albertina.

DATE: 29 Apr 2009
NAME: Kskenneall@aol.com
SUBJECT: Nina E. Cunneen
I hope you can help me. My great grandmother is Nina E. Cunneen from St. Mary's Kansas. I do not know her maiden name and I know that she was married before her marriage to William P. Cunneen that produced two children Jessie C. Williams (born 1893) and Ruby Williams (born in 1898). She moved to Camanche, Oklahoma near a large Pottawotomie. They had relatives by the name of Tisdale that were Pottawotomie. I am trying to find any info on Nina.

DATE: 29 Apr 2009
NAME: cjmccurtain@cox.net
SUBJECT: Greemore
My husband, Mike Mc Curtain, is a descendant of Basil Grimard and Catherine Welch Grimard who came from Vincennes, Indiana to the Potawatomi Reserve in what is now Pottawatomie County. Their son, Charles Augustus Grimard, was born in Belvue, we think. He was baptized at the Immaculate Conception Church in St. Marys. On the 1870 census, he is listed as Charles Greemore, with the legend, "at school." Was there a boarding school in Pottawatomie County in the 1870s? Charles Greemore was married to Lydia Alice Copeland around 1879, we think. Is there some place we can get a copy of their marriage bond or certificate of marriage. As Lydia Alice Copeland was not a Catholic and did not convert, it is doubtful they were married in the church. All their children were raised in the Catholic Church, however. Their son, Walter Copeland Greemore, who was born in 1883 and died in 1887, is buried in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in St. Marys.Christina Jameson Mc Curtain; 4912 Cypress Lake Drive; Norman, OK 73072-3866, 405-364-1947

DATE: 21 Apr 2009
NAME: joanwg1940@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Glasgow
Looking for parents of Samuel Glasgow 1836-1905, Ohio to Pottawatomie Co. Looking for additional information on my husband's great grandfather who was born 31 Oct 1836 in Belmont Co, Ohio. He died 2 November 1905 in St. Mary's Kansas. Looking for his parents. Census records say his father was born in Pennsylvania and mother in Ohio. His wife was Nancy Mariah Huntsman.

DATE: 5 Apr 2009
NAME: John Weete
SUBJECT: Ferdinand and Kathryn Weete
I am researching the Weete family history. I have learned that Ferdinand (Dutch) E. was married to Kathryn Weete. Although they lived in Dawson (Tulsa), Oklahoma, I believe she was from Kansas and buried in the St. Bernards Catholic Cemetery. I do not know her maiden name. I am wondering if you could lead me to any sources of information so I can learn more about Ferdinand and Kathryn.

DATE: 22 Jan 2009
NAME: Cindi Dean Wafstet
SUBJECT: Dean & Armstrong Lines
Looking for information regarding the Dean and Armstrong family lines.

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