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DATE: 11 December 2010
NAME: dctrost@aol.com
SUBJECT: Black School 1915-1916 / Ruth Weyland Teacher
I have an old rural school group photo with my grandfather THEODORE R SELDERS and 14 other unidentified grade school students along with their teacher. The caption is "Black School 1915-1916 / Ruth Weyland Teacher." My grandfather was listed in the 1915 Kansas State Census in Blue Township, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Was this rural school in Pottawatomie County? Where was it located? Does anyone know the other students in the photo? His 1913-1914 report card was from District 108 and signed by Jessie Bayles. Is this the same school? If not, where was it located?

DATE: 11 December 2010
NAME: davidpeery@everestkc.net
SUBJECT: Mt Calvary Cemetery-Charles Deleye 1852-1944
I have visited Mt. Calvary Cemetery several times. The map there shows Charles Deleye buried in G4. Could you or someone find out if he has a stone? I cant find it. There is also his son John Deleye at D1, which I have seen and another Charles D. Deleye in C4. When I look for Charles Deleye in G4, there is someone else there. If not you, do you know who could find out if the plot is either wrong or no stone?

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: jpettus@k-state.edu
SUBJECT: Laclede, KS
My name is Jamie Pettus and I am a College of Education student at Kansas State University. I am taking a class on the lost towns/cities of Kansas and we have to do research and write a paper about a lost town that we have found. I am doing my project on Laclede. I am having difficulites finding any early history on Laclede. I have dates of when the post office was there but other than that I cannot find who might have settled there or when the town might have "started". If you have any information or know someone that I might be able to interview that would be great. If not that is ok and I will have to hit the books because there is nothing online about Laclede. Thank you for your time.

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: kgravett1968@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Ralph W. Nichols
My name is Kristina Gravett. I have been working on my family's genealogy for many years. I have gone as far as finding my great-great-great grandfather Ralph W. Nichols (married to Martha J. Park-Nichols)- both parents to my great-great grandfather Elias Park Nichols. Both Ralph & Martha Nichols are buried at the Havensville, Pottawatomie, Kansas cemetery-as shown by your site (Ralph in 1913 and Martha in 1911). I am trying to find out the information for Ralph W. Nichols' parents (father and mother's name, etc.)

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: phoebehat@cox.net
SUBJECT: Cemetery contacts
I have had many e-mails regarding who is in charge of the various cemeteries in Pottawatomie County. I would love to get a list and provide contact information for each of the cemeteries listed on this Web site. So if you know who is in charge of a particular cemetery listed, please provide their name and contact information and I will add it to the cemetery list. Thank you all for your help!

DATE: 15 August 2010
NAME: dean.johnston@sbcglobal.net
SUBJECT: Charles G Davis (aka Curtis Davis)
A Charles G Davis (aka Curtis Davis) died at Blaine on December 31st 1882 according to records in the reg. of deeds there in your county) He left his property to wife, Sarah. He had a son Charles who was injured on Nov 18, 1908 and died shortly thereafter. Do you have access to local papers to find obituaries for these men? (& report of accident) Sarah Davis was supposidly listed in an obit in some Westmoreland paper after her death Dec 16, 1902. Would be happy to pay for someone to read & copy these obits (assuming they can be found). I am researching for a woman on the east coast and this info would finish up her local search. Thank you so much.

DATE: 15 August 2010
NAME: wcp2040@sbcglobal.net
SUBJECT: Sephronia Ketchum
I am looking for any history /family of a relative: specifically the name ketchum, sephronia born 3/4/1888(9)?

DATE: 15 August 2010
NAME: Wolfmara@aol.com
SUBJECT: Ester Andersen Nelson/Tinkle
Ester Andersen Nelson/Tinkle? and I weent to East Denver High School and Denver University together in 1944 to 1947. I just got word that she died in November 2004. Would someone kindly e-mail attach a news paper announcement of that event as well as a means of communicating with her surviving kin?

DATE: 15 August 2010
NAME: slolley3@comcast.net
SUBJECT: Lolley Grave Site
Is it possible that someone could take pictures of the Lolley grave site head stones and email them to me? John Wesley & Merry Rebecca Lolley are my Great Great Grand Parents.

DATE: 15 August 2010
NAME: nanron62@msn.com
SUBJECT: Olaf Olson
I am trying to find information about my great grandfather Olaf Olson. He was buried in St. Mary's in the 1870's or 1880's. I searched the Pottawatomie cemetery records and see there is Olson? with no more information in the Valley View cemetery. I know that my grandfather found the grave in the early 1900's. My memory of the photo is that the stone only says Olson. I am assuming there is no more information available about that grave. I am wondering if the Olson? grave in Valley View could be that old.

DATE: 8 July 2010
NAME: marilynharnish@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: Delores Moody
My aunt, Bonnie Green, was a friend of Delores Moody while she was a student at Emporia Teachers College. I have a number of letters that Delores wrote to my aunt while at school and before she married Cecil Clark. She was living in Pomona, California in 1964. I would love for a family member to have these letters. Delores Moody grew up in the Onaga area, and my aunt lived north of Laclede. Delores became friends with my aunt when she taught at the Eureka school. I am in hopes there would be relatives in the area that would know how to contact her children/grand children. I have tried calling the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society in Westmoreland a number of times, for I have pictures, certificates, and letters from teachers that taught at the Eureka school.

DATE: 8 July 2010
NAME: montemayorfarm@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: Green Family
I have been working on the Green family a, i am stumped in the 1895 census records it list the green family Lucy Hinton Green ( Butler married in 1901) i know she got a divorce some time between 1895 and 1900 Because both Edwin Green & Lucy remarried) i would like to know if you can point me in the right directionto obtain a copy of thier divorce. I would also like to know if you could help me locate what happened to Herrett green age 14 in 1895 and Edgar Green abt 1883 age 12, where can i find cemetery records, I was hoping for a clue as I have tracked Lucy Hinton Green Butler up til 1920 and after that date she is gone, i was hoping that if i could find out what happen to Herrett & Edgar maybe she is buried with them

DATE: 29 May 2010
NAME: magrif@verizon.ne
SUBJECT: George Persinger
Searching for any information on George Persinger who was on the 1885 Pottawatomie, Kansas census with wife, Mary. He is born 1854 at Indiana, but says the last place he was at prior to moving to Kansas was Illinois. I believe he is the son of Benjamin R. Persinger 1797-1864, born at Virginia, was at several Indiana counties between 1820-50 and moved to Christian County, Illinois by 1860 where he died 1864, near the town of Pana. I cannot find him on any census after 1885 - but cannot find him in any of your county cemetery listings.

DATE: 8 April 2010
NAME: pjday1@att.net
I am looking for an obituary or death certificate for Horace Risley who died in Pottawatomie County in 1901. In the 1900 census, he and his wife Lydia (Liddy) were living with their daughter and family, Ella and Thomas Hatfield in Louisville Township. Lydia survived Horace and died in December 4, 1901. They were both transported back to Livingston Co., Missouri to be buried.

DATE: 8 April 2010
NAME: houstonclan@comcast.net
Would someone who is be familier with Wamego and might know about a small unlisted cemetary there dating from the 1800's? I am looking for the name of the cemetary and the street or address location for a reference. I do have some pictures that I can send you that may help you identify the cemetery I am trying to find more about; just e-mail me and I can forward those pictures to you.

DATE: 26 March 2010
NAME: clchilds@ptd.net
I would like to find information on Sims Richmond - born 1820 in TN and supposedly died in St. Mary's KS in 1897. I am looking for an obit or death cert or any collaborating data. There was a rumor about his grave being ransacked as well.(?) He shows up in the 1880 census in Center, Pottawatomie, KS.

DATE: 26 March 2010
NAME: eatkisson@yahoo.com
I am trying to find the gravesite of Jasper Whims, a Civil War veteran who lived and died in Pottawatomie County, 17 Jan 1899. His wife Sarah is buried at the Westmoreland Cemetery. If Jasper is buried there too, there is no record of it. If someone can check the death register to find where he was buried, I would be hugely grateful. If he doesn't have a headstone I plan to acquire one for him through the VA.

DATE: 14 March 2010
NAME: wcp2040@sbcglobal.net
Ester Lillian Andersen and I attended East Denver high and Denver University from 1944 to 1947. She was my first sweetheart. D.U. records say she died in Nov 2004 an from some unremembered source I think that was in Pottawatomie County, KS with names Nelson and Tinkle associated with her. She was born in 1928, Racine WI. I'm looking a copy of a news paper death announcement or anything else about her and family?

DATE: 6 March 2010
NAME: amybradp@kdsi.net
SUBJECT: Jennie Rose (Lilley) Knapp
I have been conducting some family research and have run into somewhat of a roadblock on my Great Grandmother. Her name was Jennie Rose (LILLEY) Knapp and lived in the Wamego and Topeka areas. She was born in Aug. of 1889 in Wamego and have found her on a census for Topeka in 1910. The years of 1889-1920 are pretty empty as far as filling in her story. We have no idea what her mother or father's name were. We do know her mother(German born) was a midwife and died when she was very young. Her father(Kansas born ?) died before she was born when he was thrown from a horse. She (and her daughters) also spoke of a lady she then lived with by the name of Alice. We assume it was an aunt or cousin. This Alice was in the Wamego and later in Topeka until her death we believe. I was just wondering if there is someone in this area who does research and what they may charge. I am just wanting to find out her parents, where they lived and any family she may have had in the area. Thank You for your time

DATE: 27 February 2010
NAME: weverson@me.com
BATEMAN Marcus married Mary Jane in 1901 oldest daughter of, STEWART George died 1925 & Annie died 1958 both buried in Saint Marys but which County? Pottawatomie or Sedwick. Can any one help?

DATE: 21 February 2010
NAME: Irishnks@msn.com
SUBJECT: Burke Family
I am a member of the Burke family from Lone Tree, Pottowatamie County. My line is Michael and Ellen (Keefe). Sons: Lawrence, Edward (my g.grandfather) and Thomas Burke. I'm interested in any information you may have regarding this family.

DATE: 21 February 2010
NAME: CDBerndt@Aol.Com
SUBJECT: John and Rosetta Gilliland
I am looking for a John Gilliland and his wife Rosetta. They were last listed in the 1910 Federal Census, in Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Family Lore says he died between 1910 and 1920 and was buried in Kansas and that he was a US Marshal. I am looking for his death date and place of burial. It is believed that she re-married and moved to California. John's parents names were Charles Gilliland and Rachel Mees or Meece.

DATE: 21 February 2010
NAME: tnvjeff1@sbcglobal.net
SUBJECT: Father Thomas Butler and the St. Louis Colonization Association
I am trying to find descendents of the Irish families that were encouraged to move to Butler City (Blane) by Father Thomas BUtler and the St. Louis Colonization Association. I am a descendent of the Greens who moved there and eventually married into the Minihan (Monahan) family. Additionally, another branch of my family camme a little later-Dunigan. I am curious to know if anyone else has found out more informaiton about the association and how it came about etc.

DATE: 17 January 2010
NAME: jastafford2828@socket.net
SUBJECT: Casper and Emma Seitz of St. Marys, Pottawatomie Co, Kansas
am trying to help a friend who is descended directly from the above persons. I have noticed that there are a number of Seitz buried in the Mt. Calvary Cemtery by the name of Seitz and have checked the census in this county and am now wondering if their are all connected. Casper Seitz was born in Russia on Feb 1859 and d. in St. Marys in 1942 and his wife, Emma was b. in Russie Oct 1858 an d. 1936. Casper imigrated to the Usa in 1878 according the census and Emma immigrated in 1883. Emma's maiden name is unknown to me as of this date. They were married approximately 1881 (this leaves in question the time that Emma states that she immigrated) and they had the following children: Anton P. Seitz b. 1882 in KS Anna L. Seitz b. Dec 1883 in KS Johnny Seitz b. Feb 1887 in KS Michael Leo Seitz b. 4 Nov 1890 in KS Rosa Seitz b. Sep 1894 in KS Thomas Seitz b. Mar 1898 in KS Genevive M. Seitz b. 1901 in KS Laura Seitz b. 1904 in KS Winefred Seitz b. 1922 in KS Above all probably b. in St. Marys as the family continues to be shown in this county. Thank you for any help you can give me. I would love to connect Casper to the other Seitz families in this county.
{Added 1/25/2010} I wanted to add that I have tried to get Casper Seitz death certificate online today, but I only have the year of his death according to the Mt Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Saint Marys, so I was unable to go any furtheer with Casper Seitz. I have his birth as being in Feb 1859 in Russia. I don't know what ship he came over on as of yet but the year is recorded on the census as 1878. If anyone knows anything else about this Seitz family, I would very much like to hear from them.

DATE: 6 January 2010
NAME: carole.tucker@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Sarah J Mitchell
I am looking for information on the family of Sarah J Mitchell, who was living in Pottawatomie County Kansas in 1870 and 1880, with her three sons, Frank, John and Henry. who were 17, 14, and 13 in 1880. The father, name unknown had left the family apparently, and Sarah says she was divorced. Sarah was born in Kentucky. Frank was born in Iowa, John in Missouri, and Henry in Kansas. Did Sarah remarry after 1880? What happened to John and Henry? We have the family of Frank E. Was Sarah divorced in Pottawatomie County? Any help would be appreciated.

DATE: 6 January 2010
NAME: fieldstom@hotmail.com
SUBJECT: Guy and Albert E Noll
I am a nephew of Guy and Albert E. Noll of Louisville, KS. Both passed away sometime in the 1960's and I am trying to get information as to date of death, etc. and any other information available. Both were in the US Army during WWII , Albert in the European Theatre. Both are buried at the Wamego, KS cemetary. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

DATE: 6 January 2010
NAME: lorna.realtor@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Thomason
I'm looking for information regarding my grandfather and his family. His name was Carl A Thomason he was born in 1914.

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