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DATE: 15 October 2011
NAME: jerrycoffman@cox.net
SUBJECT: Hanson-Springer-Churchill-Bowers
I have tried to search for people in Pottawatomie Co. and have been unsuccesful. The info I have found does show them in Pott Co. Like one said Olsburg, Ks and I did find them but now (I forgot to bookmark) I can not find them. The following is a list of people I am looking fore. Peter August Hanson Born Jun 23 1839 in Sweden died July 2, 1897 Wife was Anna Greta (Erickson) Hanson born Dec. 22, 1845 in Sweden also and died Jan. 3, 1928. these are the ones I found in Olsburg. Morris Springer Born 1818 in Pa. and married to Lucinda (Gill) Springer who was born in 1820 in Ohio. I have found they died in Pott. Co. but can not find a record. James L. Churchill born 1848 and married to Emma R.(Blake) they were married in 1868. I do not have the dates they died Dennis Springer born 1799 and died 1826 was married to Katy(Catherine) Ann (Woods) that is all the info I have on them. William H. Bowers born Sept. 1835 on Va. Married to Matilda born 1846 in Ohio. The info I have showed they died in Pottawatomie Co. Blue Township and here again I can find no info. ANY help you can give me to help find them and get pictures of headstones or just anything would be greatly appricated.

DATE: 17 September 2011
NAME: rolandhainey@sbcglobal.net
I am seeking information concerning Albert Hainey and his wife Rose (Benson) Hainey. It is documented that Albert and Rose lived in Fostoria, Pottawatomie Co., in 1902 and then in Olsburg in 1919. Records show that they both lived in Pottawatomie County, Westmoreland area until Albertís death in 1950. My records show that Albert was buried near Olsburg on December 27, 1950. Anyone having information they would like to share concerning the cemetery where he and Rose might be interred would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 17 September 2011
NAME: tmiseroy@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Poor Farms
Where can I get records regarding the poor farm. I am Looking for the last name Gasser there. I saw my great grandfather Joseph Gasser was listed at the poor farm in census records 1900. What exactly where these places?... Thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated!

DATE: 15 September 2011
NAME: jaredburton11@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Mount Calvary Cemetery Contact
I was just up to the Mount Calvary Cemetery there in St. Mary's with a family member of mine and as we were looking through for our relatives and placing flowers on their graves I came across a relative of ours, Nicholas J. Seitz. I was disgusted to find that his headstone was broken competely in half and just layed their where his grave was suppose to be. I dont live near St. Mary's but I was just curious to see who I could contact via e-mail to regard this issue. I'm not sure if anything can be done about it, but it's upsetting to know that this man's headstone is broken in half.

DATE: 26 March 2011
NAME: chrisumner@gmail.com
am researching my family name of SUMNER, and find that I have a relative that immigrated from Cheshire, England to the Olsburg, KS area in 1883. He was a brother of my G grandfather. His name was Joseph SUMNER and his wife Sarah WILLIAMS. As far as I can tell, they had no children. He was a wheelwright by trade. I will be traveling through the area this summer and wanted to see if I can find any further information on the family. I have heard that there is a grave marker in the Olsburg Cemetery. Perhaps you could suggest people or places I could contact for any further information or accounts of their many years in Olsburg. I believe they died around 1916. If anyone else is researching this family, please feel free to forward my e-mail address.

DATE: 26 March 2011
NAME: donhgrob@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Baraba Schilling
Looking for obituary of Baraba Schilling. Onaga High School class of 1961.

DATE: 26 March 2011
NAME: donhgrob@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Barbara Harrison
Looking for the obituary of Barbara Harrison, Class of 1961 Onaga High School. I do not know married name.

DATE: 26 March 2011
NAME: donhgrob@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: J.J. Wolfley
Looking for the obituary of J. J. Wolfley, Class of 1961 Onaga High School. I think he passed away in Oklahoma.

DATE: 26 March 2011
NAME: cspmchenry@newwavecomm.net
I am searching for information on Anola/Annola Francis CAMPBELL born April 4, 1875 St. Mary's KS. She married Luther OSWALT Dec 1892 Stone Co Mo and died April 4, 1941 Stone Co MO I do not have her parent or sibling information

DATE: 4 January 2011
NAME: jen.endsley@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Delilah Coledon/Coldon/Colen
I am looking for a Delilah Coledon/Coldon/Colen, who died after the 1885 census of Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas. She came to Wamego as a widow living with her daughter Bella Colen Leatherbury, and arrived in Pottawatomie County, Kansas sometime between April-Oct1884. Her daughter returned to Switzerland County, Indiana before her son Earl Leatherbury was born in 1886. I cannot find Delilah's grave in Switzerland County and cannot confirm she returned to Indiana with her daughter. I cannot find Delilah's grave anywhere, including the online lists, and wonder if it is in the "stranger's lots" as is mentioned. Can someone please share if they know of Delilah's grave? Thank you!

DATE: 11 December 2010
NAME: dctrost@aol.com
SUBJECT: Black School 1915-1916 / Ruth Weyland Teacher
I have an old rural school group photo with my grandfather THEODORE R SELDERS and 14 other unidentified grade school students along with their teacher. The caption is "Black School 1915-1916 / Ruth Weyland Teacher." My grandfather was listed in the 1915 Kansas State Census in Blue Township, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Was this rural school in Pottawatomie County? Where was it located? Does anyone know the other students in the photo? His 1913-1914 report card was from District 108 and signed by Jessie Bayles. Is this the same school? If not, where was it located?

DATE: 11 December 2010
NAME: davidpeery@everestkc.net
SUBJECT: Mt Calvary Cemetery-Charles Deleye 1852-1944
I have visited Mt. Calvary Cemetery several times. The map there shows Charles Deleye buried in G4. Could you or someone find out if he has a stone? I cant find it. There is also his son John Deleye at D1, which I have seen and another Charles D. Deleye in C4. When I look for Charles Deleye in G4, there is someone else there. If not you, do you know who could find out if the plot is either wrong or no stone?

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: jpettus@k-state.edu
SUBJECT: Laclede, KS
My name is Jamie Pettus and I am a College of Education student at Kansas State University. I am taking a class on the lost towns/cities of Kansas and we have to do research and write a paper about a lost town that we have found. I am doing my project on Laclede. I am having difficulites finding any early history on Laclede. I have dates of when the post office was there but other than that I cannot find who might have settled there or when the town might have "started". If you have any information or know someone that I might be able to interview that would be great. If not that is ok and I will have to hit the books because there is nothing online about Laclede. Thank you for your time.

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: kgravett1968@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Ralph W. Nichols
My name is Kristina Gravett. I have been working on my family's genealogy for many years. I have gone as far as finding my great-great-great grandfather Ralph W. Nichols (married to Martha J. Park-Nichols)- both parents to my great-great grandfather Elias Park Nichols. Both Ralph & Martha Nichols are buried at the Havensville, Pottawatomie, Kansas cemetery-as shown by your site (Ralph in 1913 and Martha in 1911). I am trying to find out the information for Ralph W. Nichols' parents (father and mother's name, etc.)

DATE: 2 November 2010
NAME: phoebehat@cox.net
SUBJECT: Cemetery contacts
I have had many e-mails regarding who is in charge of the various cemeteries in Pottawatomie County. I would love to get a list and provide contact information for each of the cemeteries listed on this Web site. So if you know who is in charge of a particular cemetery listed, please provide their name and contact information and I will add it to the cemetery list. Thank you all for your help!

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