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Queries for 2012:

DATE: 30 November 2012
NAME: austinandshirleysuits@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Hanah Austin Wilder/Sally Barber Wilder
I just learned that my great,great grandmother,Hannah Austin Wilder lived in your county,with her mother Sally Barber Wilder,from about 1850 to 1852. They then moved to the Ogden,Utah area. Hannah's granddaughter eventually married my grandfather,Ray B Bowden. If you have any information to share with me,please do.Thanks, Austin Wilder Suits

DATE: 30 November 2012
NAME: elmerkitts@att.net
SUBJECT: Kitts Family
I would like to know about the kitts family history in this county

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: ldylghtng@aol.com
SUBJECT: Louisville Cemetery - William Drake
I am trying to find out who holds the records for Louisville Cemetery and how to contact them. I am trying to confirm the internment Of a William Drake there who died in 1874. If you can be of any help it would be greatly appeciated.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: carte56@aol.com
SUBJECT: Jehu Allen
I am trying to find death date for Jehu Allen. B. WV 1832 died Pottawatomie CO betw 1900-1901, He had a son George W and daughter Margaret, Any help appreciated.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: harmankris@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Nicholas Wyckoff - Pleasant Hill Cemetery; Louisville, Pottawatome County, Kansas
My name is Kris Harman. My great x 4 grandfather was Nicholas Wyckoff. He is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Pottawatomie County Kansas. His headstone was transcribed as Birth: Feb 1780 Death: 13 Oct 1869. (Note: someone on Ancestry.com has his birth as 17 Feb 1789 and death as 13 Oct 1867) I would like to know if there is anyone at your society that could possibly look in the newspapers from this time period to see if there was an obituary for him. His last wife’s name was Susannah Wyckoff. She died in 1859 and is buried at the same cemetery. His son Joseph along with his wife is also buried at the same cemetery.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: Stone4570@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Noe Family or Stone Family of Wamego
My Great Grandfather was Ovia W NOE, born in 1885 and died in 1986 in Wamego Kansas. Had a daughter Mary Belle Noe born in 1916 and died in 1973. This being my grandmother. I’m looking for anybody that can help me locate anybody of the Noe family or the Stone family. My grandmother married a gentleman with the last name Stone. But other then my father Tom Stone of Hiawatha, Kansas I have no information on my family. My great grandfather O W Noe was a Optometrist and a Jeweler in Wamego for what I believe was most of his life. He even has a lot of his jewelry equipment in the Wamego historical museum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: huber_familie@t-online.de
SUBJECT: Christian Huber (1849-1920)
Looking for information regarding Christian Huber, born 1/11/1849 in Palatinate, Brücken, near Kaiserslautern Germany. He came to the US in 1869.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: wildkat66502@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Bower(s)
My Great Grandfather was a Bower(s) born Sept. 1835 and married Matilda Springer Aug. 19, 1863 in Blue Township. I'm looking to find out what his fathers and mothers name was and any other information on them.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: rolandhainey@sbcglobal.net
SUBJECT: Albert & Rose Hainey
I am looking for information regarding Albert and Rose Hainey. I believe they were buried in the Olsburg Cemetery

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: wildkat66502@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Pottawatomie County Cemeteries
I'm look for all the cemetaries in PT County. Is there a map that would tell me this information. I would like to be able to contact them to see if any of my relations are there. NOTE: I have had several researchers introduce me to findagrave.com, which seems to be a good resource for finding individuals and cemeteries.

DATE: 10 January 2012
NAME: carolynattolland@comcast.net
SUBJECT: John W Hays
I am looking for the obit for John W Hays. He died May 6, 1921 at Leavenworth but was shipped to Fostoria to his wife Bassema or Bass.

DATE: 10 January 2012
NAME: thecensusguys@hotmail.com
DEWENDT, Julius b. 10 Sep 1870 Belgium, immigrated ca. 1885-95 and settled in Johnson/Pottawatomie Co., KS. Married and divorced Leontine VANDEDBUNDER. Children born of the marriage were Henry, 1896; Francis 1897 and possibly Anna Marguerite? 1900. Would like to connect with descendants and to determine death/burial information on Julius and to locate pictures of family members.

DATE: 10 January 2012
NAME: tomegjr@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: Grossman
Hello, my name is Tom Grossman and I live on the northside of Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I have been doing genealogy on my father's side of the family and I have found everyone I have been looking for except my great grandfather and a great aunt. My great grandfather's name was David Grossman and I think his middle name was Edward. The last name may have also been spelled with two ns. He was from Wurttemburg, Germany and was born in 1842. He married a Mary Ann Wagner and they immigrated to the U.S. in 1868. They were listed in the 1870 census as living in Circleville, Ohio with an infant son Henry. On the 1880 census they were living in St. Mary's Kansas Pottawatomie County. At that time they had the son Henry as well as my grandfather Charles then Mary, Katherine and Clara. The last four children were all born in Streator, Illinois. I visited Streator and looked at city directories and found a David Grossman living there in the 1876-77 city directory and listed as a house painter. They had one more child together by the name of Magdelena or Lena for short. She was born in 1881 and on some census data I have seen her listed as being born in Illinois and on others it states she was born in Missouri. As you probably know there is no 1890 U.S. census due to a fire so the 1900 U.S. census shows my great grandmother Mary living back in Streator, Illinois with three daughters and she is listed as "widow". When I was in Streator and examining the city directories I found Mary listed in the 1892 city directory listed as "widow" and living in Streator. I have searched cemetery records and had people in Streator research cemetery records as well as the county genealogy society and they have not been able to locate a David Grossman. The best I can determine at this time is that the family was living in St. Mary's, Kansas and something happened to my great grandfather while in Kansas and then the mother and children not knowing anyone or not having any family there decided to move back to Streator, Illinois where most of the children were born. They may have had some friends or family connections there. There was another family living in Streator with the last name of Grossman but I had never heard about them or that we may have been related. The other possiblity is that the family decided to move back to Streator, Illinois and as they were making their way back picking up work as they went, something happened to my great grandfather. This is about as far as I have gotten and I am really kind of stuck. Kansas is a little far for me to travel to at this time. Is there someone who might be able to help me?

DATE: 10 January 2012
NAME: tndelathouwer@frontier.com
I am wondering if Noble Coggins,who married Kittie Coggins is my great-grandmother Julia Ann Coggins Richards brother. I am wondering if there is anyone related to Noble who could tell me if his mother, Luisa Coggins had the last name Smoot, and was the daughter of Samuel Smoot, married Jesse Coggins and moved to Bureau Co. IL from Fleming Co. Kentucky.

DATE: 10 January 2012
NAME: donnastd@att.net
SUBJECT: Martin/Ellen Thorpe & Timothy/Margaret Thorpe
I am researching the Martin and Ellen Thorpe and Timothy and Margaret Thorpe Kelley Families that lived near Blaine. I believe, by old newspaper articles, that children of Martin and Ellen Thorpe are buried at Mt. Calvary and possibly, Timothy Kelley is also buried there. My husband and I visited the cemetery this past summer, but did not find any stones, which I was not surprised, as the children died in the 1890's. Timothy probably also passed away in early 1900's. My question is, do you know who holds the records for this cemetery? I would like to check to see if there was any recordings of these burials at this cemetery. Thank you for your any help you may be able to give me.

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