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NAME: David Howard
SUBJECT: Death Record - Esther Knight
I have a question about Pottawatomie Co. death records. Would any death records exist for the year 1879? I have a grandmother who died in Pottawatomie Co. in 1879. She was Esther Knight & was living with her son David Knight at the time of her death.

NAME: Steve Scully
SUBJECT: George C Welsh
Iím trying to find some criminal or prisoner records for my great grandfather, George C. Welsh. George was one of the many black sheep in our family. I have a newspaper account of his arrest for destroying the newspaper offices of the St. Mary Journal in Wamego, Kansas, in June, 1896. It seems George became disillusioned with the St. Mary Journal over its reporting of taverns operating in the area without the proper permits. The following August, George was additionally charged with maintaining a bar/tavern without a permit. In the 1900 census, George is listed as a ďprisonerĒ in the Rock Creek Township, Pottawatimie, Kansas. Iím assuming he was incarcerated on the charges above and spent sometime in custody as a guest of the Kansas taxpayers. I was hoping to find information on where he was held prisoner and any associated records of his incarceration. I didnít know where to begin to look for such records or if they even exist from that time period. George C. Welsh Born 1863 in Iowa Married to Mary Effie Isenhart in St. Maryís Kansas Daughter, Willa Belle Welsh born in St. Maryís, Kansas August 4, 1888 Please let me know if you need any additional information. I sincerely appreciate any assistance that you may be to give

NAME: Rose Duhaime
SUBJECT: Richard Sutton
I am looking for a newspaper obit for Richard Sutton who lived with his daughter Emma, and her husband Martin Thomas Glannon in Clear Fork township. Richard Sutton died on Jan 6, 1894. He is buried in the Catholic cemetery in Blaine with his daughter.

NAME: Tim Epperson
SUBJECT: Paul Hart
Who was Paul Hart of pottowatamie co. KS? Apparently he was the father of my mother, Maxine Josephine Hart born May 24, 1923. Anything you can reveal would be appreciated.

NAME: Ralph Hull
SUBJECT: Coates Family
I have relatives, Moses Clark Coates and family buried in the Havensville Cemetery and I am trying to get some more information on this family. I am really interested in pictures of the area and any information concerning him. Also, if there is anyone else looking for the Coates family, I purchased a book on line titled: A genealogy of Moses and Susanna Coates who settled in Pennsylvania in 1717 which has a lot of information concerning the Coates family. Moses and Susanna Coates was the great great grandparents of Moses Clark Coates. Any information will be helpful. Thank you in advance.

NAME: Julie Hatesohl
SUBJECT: Caretakers/Contacts for Pottawatomie County Cemeteries
After several years of maintaining this site, I get so many queries asking me if I know who to contact for the various Pottawatomie County Cemeteries. While I understand these people may change from time to time, but I think it is time that I start some sort of contact sheet so that people have a resource. So, if you happen to know of someone who is a caretaker for a cemetery in Pottawatomie County, if you could have them contact me. I would really appreciate any help in getting a list started!

NAME: Suzie Fayard
SUBJECT:Gene Branton Purcel Randel
I am trying to discover my grandfathers biological parents. His mother died when he was a baby and his mothers sister and her husband adopted him. His name was Gene Brant Randel and he was born in Kansas. You have him listed as Gene Branton Purcel Randel. Purcel was the unknown fathers last name according to my father (Stephen Brant Randel). Floyd and Della Belle Randel agreed to adopt my grandpa since Mr. Purcel felt he could not care for a baby on his own. Dellaís maiden name was Gray and her younger sister Bessie Gray was, we believe, his biological mother. My father also said that Mr. Purcelís first name may have been Don but he was not positive on that. Iíve tried searching the various ancestry sites but have been unable to find any other references to Purcel AND Bessie or Gene that fits. He was not born yet for the 1920 census and by 1930 he had already been adopted. I am looking for information on either Bessie Gray or a Purcel that might fit this scenario? My grandfathers DOB is 10/27/1923

NAME: Linda Allen
SUBJECT: Charles Franklin Willard of Wamego
I am looking for the parents of Charles Franklin Willard in Wamego. Any help would be great!!! Thanks!!!

NAME: Marc Trueb
SUBJECT: Josiah & Melvina Davis
I am researching the Hugh LW Brimer family-Hugh died in 1887 Brookville Hotel fire -leaving his widow Ida with 3 young children His son Frank was born in 1887 and I would love to know any details of their Kansas life before they moved to Calif. early in the 1900s thank you so much

NAME: Patti Koala
SUBJECT: Hugh LW Brimer Family
Josiah was born between 1838 and 1840. Records are conflicting. Any information related to his life would be very helpful particularly his Mormon background and traveling with the Smoot party to Utah in 1852. I believe he left the Mormons and then hid his background for most of his life. Hugh is actually buried in Wamego but I am searching for info on his ( and Ida May Brimer nee McFadden) children school into etc/ Cant find any into in the 1890 or 1900 census but in 1902 looks like the widow Ida and children lived in Topeka at at some point moved to California

NAME: Chris Armstrong
SUBJECT: Henry and Margaret Mosing (Mossing)
I am looking for any information on Henry and Margaret Mosing (Mossing) who came to lincoln, pot. co. in 1883 from Germany. their son and his wife, George and Wilhelmina came over in 1889. i would like infor on where they are buried, and if any pictures are available. Thanks so very much.

NAME: George & Marcia Gibson
SUBJECT: Lucien Bonaparte Leach
I just found the obit of Lucien Bonaparte Leach (d. 1873) Ė I was wondering if you have an obituary for his wife, Harriet C. (Moore) Leach who is also buried in the Wamego Cemetery, KS Ė died in 1877 (if memory serves me right). Thanks.

NAME: Marshall H
SUBJECT: Mahala Jane Darnell/McNew/McNay
I am trying to find information about Mahala Jane Darnell, who married James F. McNew in either 1820 or 1822. James was the father of John Wesley McNew/McNay, who was married 5-31-1866 and died 2-22-1928 in Louisville, Pottawatomie County. I do not know where Mahala Jane Darnell or James F. McNew are buried, although it might be in Virginia. Thank you very much for any help. My mother, Doris McNay, was born in Louisville, as were her mother, Mabel Richey, and father, Charles McNay.

NAME: Nicholas Bender
SUBJECT: Irish Immigration
Iím writing a research paper on Jeremiah Minihan. I know he came to Kansas in the mid 1800ís with a group of Irish immigrants under Father T Ambrose Butler. I'm trying to find some more resources to find out about Irish immigration in Kansas and what life would have been like in Pottawatomie county in this time period. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, my thanks to you in advance

NAME: jonesdeb55@gmail.com
SUBJECT: Coyle Family
Looking for information on the James Coyle family who migrated from Wayne County, Kentucky into Pottawatomie County, KS. Thank You

DATE: 22 April 2013
NAME: peggysmetana@srt.com
SUBJECT: Abigail Bradley
I am trying to find the death date of my 3rd G Aunt Abigail (Abbie) BRADLEY. She was born in 1830 in Vigo County, Indiana. She moved with her mother and step father from Keokuk County, Iowa to Ellsworth County, Kansas about 1885. How Abbie made her way to Pottawatomie county is unkown. But, I found her in the 1910 Federal Kansas Census in Pottawatomie County,Kansas. She was living in the County Home (Poor Farm) age 80. Any help you can give me in locating the death date, obituary or any other information would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 30 November 2012
NAME: elmerkitts@att.net
SUBJECT: Kitts Family
I would like to know about the kitts family history in this county

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: ldylghtng@aol.com
SUBJECT: Louisville Cemetery - William Drake
I am trying to find out who holds the records for Louisville Cemetery and how to contact them. I am trying to confirm the internment Of a William Drake there who died in 1874. If you can be of any help it would be greatly appeciated.

DATE: 21 July 2012
NAME: carte56@aol.com
SUBJECT: Jehu Allen
I am trying to find death date for Jehu Allen. B. WV 1832 died Pottawatomie CO betw 1900-1901, He had a son George W and daughter Margaret, Any help appreciated.

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