Thomison Family Portrait

Starting in the first row left to right:
Howard Thomison
Linzy Thomison
Mary Steen Thomison
Alice Thomison (Maxwell)
Mary Belle Thomison (Priest Tibbetts)
(Unknown little boy.)

Second row left to right:
Earnest Thomison, Curtis's son (the babe-in arms)
Mrs. Curtis Thomison
Curtis Thomison (Linzy and Mary's son)
Ray Tibbetts (Mary Belle's son)
Lee Tibbetts (Mary Belle's son, my grandfather - given name Leon Seymour Tibbetts)
Elsie Tibbetts (Mary Belle's daughter)
Vera Tibbetts (Mary Belle's daughter)

Ruth Tibbetts (Lester Glen Tibbetts' daughter)
Lester Glen Tibbetts (Mary Belle's son by her first marriage, he went by Glen)
Unknown (F)
Unknown (M)
Unknown (M)

Back row left to right:
Lydia Thomison (Gard)
Cloyde or Lot Gard
Sidney Gard
Gard twins
Cloyde or Lot Gard
Ida Walker (Tibbetts ) (Glen's wife)

Westmoreland Recorder   September 17, 1907 Golden Wedding    Mr. and Mrs. Linzy Thomison celebrated their Golden wedding at the home of their daughter, Mrs. E. P. Tibbetts at noon Thursday, September 23, 1907. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Thomison present were Mrs. E. P. Tibbetts, Westmoreland; Mrs. Lydia Gard, Flush; Curtis Thomison and Alice Thomison,  of  Talmage.  The only child absent was Howard Thomison of Oklahoma. Other relatives in the neighborhood of Westmoreland were present including  sixteen  grandchildren and one great grandchild.  About sixty guests were  in  attendance.    The dinner was served in the style of the original wedding.  The first served were bride and groom of fifty years ago and near relatives.  The wedding march as these people left the table was played by Vera Tibbetts, daughter of the host and hostess.  A three course dinner was served and  was truly a sumptous affair.  The afternoon passed all too quickly and in departing each guest testified that he had a royal good time and all hope that this aged couple may live to celebrate many more wedding anniversaries. The presents were numerous and useful.    Linzy Thomison and Mrs. Mary Phillips were married in Vermillion county, Illinois, at noon September 22, 1857.  They came from Illinois to the home of Rev. J. Q. Buffington, September 22, 1865.  Rev. Buffington had moved  to  Kansas previous to this time, but his wife and family had remained  behind  and came out with Mr. and Mrs. Thomison.  Mr. Thomison has lived  in and  near  Westmoreland since that time with the exception of three or  four  years  when  they lived in Iowa.  They are splendid citizens and have  the  best wishes  of all who know them. Contributed by Mrs. Marion Bradley, Rock Valley Historical Society, via  John Matrow.

Picture provided by: Kathi Travers

Submitted by: John Matrow

Julie Hatesohl /
Pottawatomie County Coordinator

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