By Aletha Anderson Fields, 1970

In November, 1970 in the Havensville Cemetery, Havensville, Kansas andin separate areas of the cemetery there were two tombstones for EllersonFields; both say he died the 23rd of May in the year 1890, aged 69yrs,9m, 6ds. Why two gravestones?The single stone was the original and when Ellersonís wife, Mary AnnDiehl, died the 22nd of April in the year 1912, the single stone wasreplaced with a double one and the original stone was placed in thebarn.When Taylor Bassinger, husband of Harriet Fields, died (date unknown)the stone was given to his family with the understanding that it was tobe redone: but to this date, November 1970, Taylor Bassingerís finalresting place is under his father-in-lawís original stone. Tayloríswife, daughter of Ellerson, is buried somewhere in western Kansas.This story was told to C.W. Fields in November of 1970 by Mrs. LilaFields Blackburn in Havensville, Kansas. She is the granddaughter ofEllerson Fields and C.W. Fields is his great grandson through CharlesDiehl Fields and Albert E. Fields

Submitted by: Aletha Fields

Julie Hatesohl /
Pottawatomie County Coordinator

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