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James J. Bertram Obituary

Crushed By Cars.
James J. Bertram Killed While Switching This Morning.
From Monday's Daily.
James J. Bertram, foreman of the Rock Island switching crew, was terribly crushed between freight cars, received injuries from which he died later, while switching at the Morton Salt plant at a few minutes after 8 o'clock this morning.
Bertram, was with the Rock Island switching crew a few minutes before the accident.  He had the switch list in his hand and was marking the cars with chalk.  The loading foreman at the Morton works had just finished telling how he wanted the cars set in for loading at the dock.
Switchman Koontz was handling the cars.  A car was kicked onto the main line by the switch engine, and it rolled slowly to the line of cars.
Bertram evidently meant to pass between the cars, he was caught between them and crushed.
Immediately after the accident, the dying man was placed in a box car and rushed to his home, 319 Avenue D. East, and Dr. C. Klippel, the Rock Island physician was called.  Bertram died at 9:05 o'clock before he could be taken to the hospital.
James J. Bertram was about 40 years of age.  He had a wife, but no children.  His brother, Dave Bertram, is a member of the Hutchinson fire department, No. 3 station.  Another brother, Andrew Bertram, is employed in the bridge and building department of the Rock Island.
The Hutchinson News (Weekly)
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
Thursday, January 1, 1914
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