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Mrs. Jane Burgess Obituary

Sterling Kansas Bulletin......Thursday, December 25, 1913
After an illness of but one week, Mrs. Jane Burgess passed away Monday evening at the farm where she had resided nearly twenty-nine years. Had she lived but two days longer, she would have reached the age of seventy. It was in 1903 her husband passed away at the home four and one-half miles southwest of this city. Pneumonia is given as the cause of her death at 6:15 p.m. on the 22nd. Four of the thirteen Burgess children have died. The mother's funeral was held at the farm Wednesday at 1 p.m. Rev. Fahrney pastor of the Dunkard church, was assisted in the services by E. H. Tubbs of the Baptist denomination after which interment was made in the Sterling cemetery.

Obituary...Sterling Kansas Bulletin....January 1, 1913
Jane Huddleston was born in Fayette County, West Virginia, December 2, 1842, and died at Sterling, Kansas, December 22, 1913, aged 71 years and 20 days. She was married to Henry Burgess in 1857 at Oak Hill, West Virginia. Thirteen children were born to this union. Nine of whom are still living. Mrs. A. J. Myers and Mrs. J. H. Morehead, Louisburg, Kansas; J.E. and W.C. Burgess, Hutchinson; Mrs. Conner and E.E. Burgess; H.G. Burgess, K.C., Kansas; Mrs. D.W. McFadden, Nickerson; and F.P. Burgess, Huntsville; all of whom were present at the time of her death. The husband passed away 10 years ago the 9th of last month. Mrs. Burgess was conscious to the last. She joined the Christian church in early life.

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