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Eliza Harriet (Newcomb) Bussing Obituary


Obituary of Eliza Harriet (Newcomb) Bussing

The following is the obituary of Mrs. Eliza Bussing as it was printed in the February 6, 1890 issue of the Hutchinson Weekly News newspaper:


At the home of her son, Frederick Bussing, in Lincoln township, Reno county, Jan. 26, 1890, Mrs. Eliza Bussing, recently of Baldwinsville, Oneida county, N.Y., in the 57th year of her age.

The services were held at the Elmer M. E. church, Monday Jan. 27, at 1 o’clock p.m., conducted by M. G. Dean of Hutchinson.  Mrs. Bussing was the mother of six children, Frederick, with whom she lived, being the oldest, whom, with a husband, she leaves to mourn her loss.

She was buried in the Lincoln township cemetery, followed to the grave by many friends, who deserve high commendation for their most valued services in the hour of great sorrow.  That they most heartily received from all the relatives of the deceased, especially those living here.  They were most wondrous kind and helpful.

Note: In the second sentence where, “recently of Baldwinsville, Oneida county, N.Y.” should read Onondaga county.

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Les Bussing  on September 29, 2007.

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