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Henry Music Obituary

In Memoriam
Henry Music was born in Logan Co., Ill., May 6th, 1825.  At his death he was fifty-nine years and three months old.  He was married to Elizabeth J. Ewing October 9th, 1844, by whom he had one son.  This companion died in 1850.  He was then married to Martha Folsom, November 11th, 1851, by whom he had seven children, four daughters and three sons.  Seven of these children are now living with his wife to mourn their loss.  Mr. Music joined the Christian Church at the age of sixteen years, and from the time of his giving his heart and services to the Lord he has lived a most consistent Christian.  In his death a wife has lost a kind husband and his children a faithful father, the church one of its pillars, and society a worthy member, but Heaven has gained a jewel.
The Hutchinson News
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
page  4 *** column  2

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Rose Stout on May 21, 2005.

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