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Mrs. Cora Schnurr Obituary

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph
Friday, Oct. 20, 1950
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Mrs. Cora Schnurr, 70, of Manitou Springs, was killed accidental early this morning by a bullet discharged from a high powered rifle in the hands of her husband, Ed Schnurr, who was preparing to go deer hunting.

The accident occurred about 4:15 am in the kitchen of the Schnurr home at 104 Midland Ave, according to investigating officer Lloyd C. Klock.  Schnurr, who was nearly hysterical when police were summoned to the scene, was unable to describe events leading to the accidental shooting, but Police Chief Robert Carlisle pieced together the probable details from neighbors.

Frank Henningsen of 101 Midland Ave. said that he had called the Schnurr residence at approximately 3:45 am to awaken Schnurr for the hunting tip.  Mrs. Schnurr had answered the phone, and was believed fixing breakfast and a lunch for the men who were going hunting together when she was hit by the bullet.

Carlisle said Schnurr had evidently been cleaning his gun, or checking the rifle, while seated on a stool across the kitchen while his wife was standing beside the sink.  Two ejected cartridges from the .32 caliber gun were found on the floors by officers.  A third cartridge evidently jammed in the gun and was accidentally discharged as Schnurr attempted to to work the lever of the rifle.

The bullet struck Mrs. Schnurr in the right side between her ribs, and death occurred instantly according to Deputy Corner William Loss, Carlisle said the catch on the gun was worn and evidently working the lever action had caused the hammer to strike the cartridges.  The rifle had been loaded with soft-nosed high powered big game shells, according to police.

A son-in-law, George Gibson at 315 E. Caramillo St;., who was called to the scene, notified the sheriff's office.  Dr. H. M. Min of Manitou Springs pronounced the woman dead.

Mrs. Schnurr was born in Indiana, March 26, 1880.  She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. George Gibson and a son, Clark, Schnurr, of Boulder.
 The sheriff's office was represented by Deputy Sheriffs Norm Short, Jr., and Carl Freeman in the investigation. 

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Donna Barnes Clark on September 6, 2003.

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