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Joseph B. Thomas Obituary

"Jos. B. Thomas. - 

Joseph B. Thomas passed away this morning.  He was seventy years old, and is survived by two sons, J. B. Thomas of this city and W. J. Thomas of Wichita, also one daughter, Mrs. S. S. Perry of South Hutchinson.  The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock from Johnson's parlors." 
[Generously provided by: Hutchinson Public Library Reference Department.]  

Saturday, June 14 1919 edition of The Hutchinson News on page 15 (lower right hand corner of page) under the boxed heading Deaths and Funerals:

NOTE: Joseph Thomas is buried at Eastside cemetery (located in Clay Township south of Avenue "D" between Cleveland and Severance streets) in Lot # 1209, space #7, 1 space from the south on the west half of the lot. 

Submitted by Bill Love on October 27, 2002.

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