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There is an e-mail discussion list, called the KS-KIN-L, which is one of over four hundred lists at the University of Kansas. You may join this list and e-mail the discussion group, receiving a copy of all e-mails sent to the list. This allows many people to put a surname of question about genealogy/ancestors in Kansas on the list with the opportunity to receive an answer from any person who belongs to the list.

To join the Kansas-Kin Mailing List, just do the following:
Use the e-mail icon in the upper-right of this page and send an e-mail to listproc@raven.cc.ukans.edu (NOTE - CAUTION: If you are not where you will normally pick up your e-mail, don't send your subscription from this computer as the list will only recognize e-mails to the list from the computer the original request subscription is sent from.)
In the message part of the e-mail, type: SUBSCRIBE KS-KIN-L YourName
Substitute your name for the YourName.
For example, I would have typed: SUBSCRIBE KS-KIN-L Pat Adams
Click on the Send button to send your e-mail.

The List Processor will respond to your e-mail and put you on the list, giving you any needed direction to unsubscribe or how the list is handled. Enjoy!

NOTE: There is another discussion group called the KANSAS-L list. Don't mistake this one for the KS-KIN-L list. The KANSAS-L list deals with anything related to Kansas (gun control, recipes, history, current events, etc.) You can end up with numerous miscellaneous e-mails from the KANSAS-L list, which is fine if that is what you are looking for. The KS-KIN-L list is the GENEALOGY discussion group and if people post other items (other than genealogy) to the KS-KIN-L list, the subscriber is removed.

KSGenWeb Message BoardEnter Your Query at the KSGenWeb Message Board

The KsGenWeb now has a message board that you can enter and view information/queries from.  Just click on the inkwell and you'll be there.


To subscribe, address your mail to KSMARSHA-L.request@rootsweb.com
Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the e-mail type the word subscribe.  Remember to turn off any signature lines.


To subscribe, address your mail to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu
Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the e-mail type SUB IA-NEB-ROOTS-L yourname
You'll get a confirmation letter.

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