Scott County, Kansas
Civil War Veterans from 1895
Kansas Census
Note: Some of the information was very difficult to read.
Name State Enlisted Company
Regiment #
Arm of Service
Prison Name

I. Thunz Ohio B 48 Infantry
E. A. Whit(h)am Indiana K 12 Infantry
I. L. Romans Illinois H 83 Infantry
L. R. Starr Kansas A 7 Cavalry
W. H. Hawkins Missouri K 11 Cavalry
John Silvey Indiana E 1st Ind. 
H.A. (A)

Albert Davis Ohio B 104 Infantry
W. H. Myers Iowa A 13 Infantry Libby
R. E. Seward Illinois L 14 Cavalry
J. S. Mason Iowa H 12 
Infantry Libby
G. W. Ruth Indiana E R.V2? 
J. R. Malchitt? Iowa H 9th Infantry
J. W. French Missouri E (blank) Infantry
D. D. Beck Indiana 18 Light Artillery - Artillery
B. Vogeli Missouri G 10 Infantry
J. M. Gentry Missouri H H9 Infantry
W. H. Daniels Illinois H 94 Infantry
James Caldwell Illinois G 145 Infantry
J. F. Pancake Illinois G 68 Infantry
Luke Hyland Illinois K 10 Infantry
Henry Metz Illinois D 93 Infantry
S. P. Kane (blank) (blank) (blank) Navy
Stacy Thomas Illinois E 122 Infantry 

J. S. Tuft Wisconsin D 27  Infantry
James C. Magee Ohio D 47  Infantry
James E. Brown Ohio D 47  Infantry
Martin Minenoh? Illinois I 54 Infantry