Scott County, Kansas
Scott Community High School
Graduates 1904-1914
as of 1928  
with (married names) shown, if known.
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Class of 1904
Card, Ben                              Washington, DC            Government
Filson, Lester                         Joliet, Illinois                  Editor
Filson, Sam                             Scott City, KS               Theatre Owner

Class of 1908
Epperson, Carrie                    Scott City, KS              Nurse
Epperson, Elmer                     Scott City, KS              Editor
Hale, Edna                              Scott City, KS              Homemaker
Oldham, Lee                            Leoti, KS                     Hardware Dealer
Purcell, Arthur                         Rexburg, Idaho            Teacher
Render, John                           Topeka, KS                 Bridge Builder
Timmerman(Talley), Nina       M'tain Hope, Idaho      Homemaker
Williams(Harberthier), Mary Wichita, KS                  Homemaker

Class of 1909
Helfrick(Carpenter), Elsie      Scott City, KS              Homemaker
Hines, Jay                                Scott City, KS              Bank Cashier
Needles, Walter                       Salina, KS                    Dentist
Render, Josie                           Scott City, KS              At Home
Render, Tom                            Great Bend, KS            Chiropractor
Webster(Littlefield), Ian          Bend, Ore.                   Homemaker
Class of 1910
Epperson(Clark), Gertrude     Scott City, KS               Homemak'r
Garner(Hale), Bernice             Westcliffe, Colo.            Home'kr
Mowery, James                        Dighton, Kansas            Lawyer
Post, Walter                              Oakland, Calf.               Salesman

Class of 1911
Christy(Wright), Ethel             Scott City, KS                Deceased
Day, Lyle                                  Wichita, KS                   Linotype Operator
Epler(Sutton), Maude              Scott City, KS                Homemaker
Haworth(Adamson), June        Vandelia, ILL.                 Home'kr
Hughes, Belle  M.                    Deceased
Mowery, Glenn                         Deceased
Starr(Buckels), Carrie             Wichita, KS                    Homemaker

Class of 1912
Freed, Matilda                          Scott City, KS                Co. Supt.
Haworth(Keller), Lela              Kansas City                    Homemaker
Hedden(Reed), Miranda          Ellsworth, KS                 Home'kr
Hill, Paul                                    Wichita                           Y.M.C.A.
Mallory, Alta
Mott(Beebe), Wilfred               Scott City                        Homemaker
Riley, Romie                             Stockton, Calf.                Fruit Inspector
Taylor, Mayme                         Wichita                            Bookkeeper
Van Antwerp(Macy), Sara        Ponca City, Oklahoma     Homemaker

Class of 1913
Dague, Ethel                              Scott City                        Homemaker
Epler, Sylvia                               Hays, Kansas                  Student
Hollister(Rudolph), Estella        Scott City                        Home'kr
Hollister, Ross                           Leoti, KS                         Bank Cashier
Jones, Florence                          Newton, KS                    Clerk
Lancaster(Mowery), Genevieve  Dighton, KS                  Homemaker
Smith, Annabelle                                                                Teacher
Van Antwerp(Day), Flora           Oakley, KS                     Home'kr

Class of 1914
Been, Mattie                              Guilfor, N. Car.                 Teacher
Card, Harold                               Arlington, Colo.                Farmer
Deaton(Roark), Helen                Scott City                        Homemaker
Dickhut(Hueftle), Edna               Otis, Kansas                   Homemaker
Epperson, Albert                         Woodward, OK              Lino Operator
Garner, Evelyn                            New York                       Student
Garvin(Whitham), Mabel           Scott City                         Homemaker
Helfrick, Floyd                            Arkansas City, KS            Farmer
Hines, Bryan                                Evanston, Ill.                    Athletic Director
Hollingsworth, Ralph                   Scott City                         Mechanic
Hopper(Johnson), Cleo                Scott City                         Homemaker
Landrum(Edmundson), Eva         Dighton, Kansas               Homemaker
Lenz(Hough), Allie                       Salina, Kansas                  Homemaker
Moore(Triffet), Thula                  Scott City                         Homemaker
Morris(Dichhut), Lona                Scott City                          Homemaker
Robinson(Garner), Bertha          Holly, Colo.                       Home'kr
Steele, Roy                                   Deceased
Triffet, Tom                                  Scott City                         Well Business
Van Antwerp, Earl                        Scott City                         Merchant
Yiengst, Harvey                           San Antonio, Tex.              R.R. Eng.



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