Scott County, Kansas
Scott Community High School
Graduates 1926-1930
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Class of 1926
Beckley, Mabel
Brookover, Paul
Cheney, Gladys
Comstock, Constance
Cotts, Kenneth
DeVault, Erma
Givens, Max
Grosjean, Mildred
Hamit, Pearl
Helfrick, Helen
Helfrick, Thelma
Hrbek, Anna
Huling, Blanche
Huling, Howard
Jones, Leslie
King, William
Lamar, Robert
Leach, Olive
Leach, Victor
Phillips, Marion
Piper, Mabel
Pitman, Wesley
Quance, Vera
Shriver, Taylor
Strickert, Minnie
Tucker, Mae
Watkins, Roy
Whitham, Loyd
Wilson, Marvin
Yates, Melba

Class of 1927
Allen, Mona
Armantrout, Leonard
Armantrout, Ruth
Beaton, Beatrice
Brown, Thelma
Calkins, Faye
Carson, Ross
Chamberlain, Helen
Cotts, Alice
Day, Joyce
Deng, Elvin
Eikelberger, Albert
Fouser, Ada
Fouser, Edith
French, Mildred
Hoover, Florence
Kirk, Mary Belle
Kough, Mae
Kramer, Paul
Liggett, Maurice
Marshall, Virginia Lee
McKean, Mary
Michell, Faye
Mulch, Vernon
Mulnix, Marcella
Mulnix, Duwane
Parkinson, Elaine
Pfenninger, Ralph
Rhea, Hilda
Rodenbeek, Vada
Silvey, Alice
Smith, Violet
Spannaus, Vera
Steele, Curtis
Stockwell, Clarence
Stralow, Archie
Vaughan, Daniel
Vaughan, Christine
Vaughan, Virgiia
Ward, Kathryn
Watkins, Edith
Whitson, Arla May
Williams, Edith

Class of 1928
Christy, Dorothy
Christy, Donald
Farmer, Edna
Farr, Cordelia
Filson, Elma
Filson, Eva
Fletcher, Willard
French, Blanche
Griffith, Glenn
Hager, Lewis
Hamilton, Jack
Heller, Lorraine
Hess, Alfred
Hull, Floyd
Kump, LeRoy
Markley, Olin
Mulch, Eugene
Mulnix, Mary
Muzzall, Victor
Potter, Wilma
Scheuerman, Elmer
Seward, Mae
Sharpe, Clive
Silvey, Blanche
Smith, Harold
Storm, Austin
Taylor, Frederick
Whiteman, Robert
Wilkins, Lena

Class of 1929
Abel, Steward
Deaton, Alice
Elrod, Audrey
Force, Ruby
Givens, Nelle
Grosjean, Louis
Heller, Marjorie
Johnson, Bessie
Jones, Paul
Kelley, Sarah
Kenyon, Olive
Lamb, Maurine
Legge, Roy
Loux, Letha
Luke, Edith
Markley, Maude
Moore, Zelda Lee
Petefish, Chester
Rhea, Josephine
Roark, Olen
SIm, Charles D.
Starr, Charles
Steele, Hyland
Talbott, Kathryn
Thiele, Richard
Thomas, Elizabeth Maude
Vaugan, Homer
Weishaar, Wesley
Wells, Thelma
Whiting, Eula

Class of 1930
Chamberlain, Floy
Crowl, Velda
Daugherty, Mary
Daugherty, Holda
Day, Milton
Fletcher, Helen
Force, Carol
Griffith, Gladys
Hamit, Kate
Hollister, John R.
Hushaw, Keith
Irwin, Dorothy
King, Zita
Kirk, Geneva
Morland, Chloe
Murphey, Charles
Nelson, Alice
Parkinson, John R.
Rector, Lucy
Rictor, Mable
Riley, Marguerite
Roark, Basil
Rose, Martha
Ryan, Marie
Schoonover, Melvin
Shankel, Alta
Streeter, Dorothy
Summers, Wayne
Tucker, Ella Rose
Whitham, Louise


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