"The Beaverette"
Scott County High School
February, 1923

SENIOR NOTES                                                                                       
1st Semester Officers:                                                                                  2nd Semester
Pres. - Emma Jan Ruth              Vice Pres- Ray MacDonald                        Pres.- Bertha Smith               Vice Pres. - Beulah Armantrout
Secy.-Treas. - Blanche Brown   Class Sponsor - Miss Epperson                 Secy-Treas. - Pearl Carson     Class Sponsor - Miss Epperson

    On September 21 the Senior class enjoyed a hike to McKean's grove.  Afte reaching the grove weinies were roasted and marshmallows toasted.
    The Senior - Faculty Banquet was given at the High School building December 16th.  It was enjoyed very much by everyone present.
     A Rook party was given at the school house, February 12.  Although the "flu" kept several of the class at home, the others spent a very
enjoyable evening.
     Beulah Armantrout has been elected to the positio of business manager for "The Beaver."

1st Semester Officers                                                                                    2nd Semester
Pres. - Kenneth Force                Vice. - Pres. Marie Cook                            Pres. - Wendell Grosjean        Vice-Pres. - Ivan Force
Secy.-Treas - Hubert Smith        Class Sponsor - Mr. Gepharte                     Secy.-Treas. - Marie Cook      Class Sponsor - Mr. Gepharte

    The Junior's first entertainment was a "hay-rack ride" on Sept. 21.  On arriving a few miles north-west of town, a weinnie roast and watermelon
feed was enjoyed.
    The Junior had a party at the High School building Dec. 12.  Progressive Rook was the main event of the evening, after which a delicious
luncheon was served.
    Lee Jones of Greeley, Colo. enrolled in the Junior class this semester.

1st Semester Officers                                                                                       2nd Semester
Pres.- Leland Long                     Vice Pres. - Howard Huling                           Pres.- Howard Huling                Vice Pres. - Everette Mulch
Secy.-Treas.- Mildred Easley      Class Sponsor - M. L. Kirby                         Secy.-Treas.-Lena Masch          Class Sponsor - M. L. Kirby

    The first entertainment of the year was a hike Sept. 21 to McKeans's Grove.
    The next was a party held Dec. 13 at the high school building.
    Friday, Feb. 2, the Sophomore class gave the following program for chapel:  
Lola Orton and Louise Meetheney -- Piano Duet
Larell Whitham - - Reading
Walter Epler - - Song           Mr. Kirby gave a fine talk on "Pep".


    The Freshmen held a class meeting Thursday, February 1, to elect new officer.  The following were elected:                                                                               
                                                                                                                        LAST semester's officers were:
Pres. - Marvin Wilson                   Vice.Pres - Helen Sloan                                Pres. - Mabel Piper                       Vice.Pres.- Frank Murphy
Secy.-Treas -Juanita Gilliland         Sponsor - Mrs. Smiley                                 Secy.-Treas.- Marvin Wilson          Sponsor -  Mrs. Smiley

    We expect to have another party soon and hope to make it as much of a success as the preceding ones and in this istance we do not propose
to have our "eats" stolen.
    We have lost three of our members as Dorothymae and Betty Risdon have returned to their home in Long Beach, Cal. and Frank Murphy
is now attending school at Shallow Water.
    We also have three new members: Stella Crofton, Lena McCool, and Leslie Jones.
    About the first of December of the last semester, we had a "Freshmen Day" and gave what was said to be a very creditable program which
consisted of a class song and yell, a reading by Dorothymae Risdon, a reading by Mabel Beckley, a piono solo by Betty Risdon and a letter
to Santa Claus and a paper entitled "The Freshmen Fizzle."
    The attendence has been breatly diminished by the "Flu", seventeen of the class being absent Friday afternoon, Feb. 2.

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