"The Beaverette" September, 1923

Scott County (Kansas) High School

 From the "NEWS" page:

Miss Murttis FARR and Floyd COOK, Aug. 5th.  They are at home at the Christy Ranch.
Miss Caroline GEIST and Murle EITEL, June 16th.  They are at home on the Eitel Farm, Grigston, Kansas.

Misc. News:
Enrollment of classes are as follows: Freshmen 52, Sophomores 37, Juniors 36, Seniors 22, Special Students 2, Post Graduates 3.
Miss Fern CALKINS and Miss Maude THOMAS are Special Students this year.  Both are enrolled in the Commercial Departments
Miss Pauline WHICKER, Freshman is attending school at Goldwell, Kansas.
Miss Mae KOUGH of Wichita County enrolled as a Freshman Monday, Sept. 10.
Miss Wilma POTTER has withdrawn from school.
Mable SHEARMIRE has withdrawn from school.
Miss Audra SLAUGHTER, a last year's senior, has enrolled in the commercial department.
Paul and Kenneth COTTS of Great Bend are new members in the Sophmore class.
Misses Louise and Pauline METHENEY left this week for their home at Marienthal.
Several of the Sophmores are unable to attend here this year but expect to come back next year.  Harl KELLY is attending at Lamanois, Iowa.  Blanche HULING in Manning.  Ross CARSON is not going this year.  Additions to the class are: Minnie STRICKERT, Pearl HAMIT, Wesley PITMAN and Gladys ELLIOT.

   From Editorial Page:
Improvements Since Spring:  
   The high school building and interior fixtures have undergone a siege of rejuvenation during our absence.  The most noticable improvent to the exterior is the removal of the old chimneys.  The places where they used to be are shingled over.  Here's hoping soot showers belong to the past.  
   The desks have been treated to two coats of cherry stain, which certainly adds to the looks of things in spite of the "jack-knife carved initials".  There's a new desk in the assembly hall, new chair and desk in the mathematics room and three new students desks in the English room.
   The floors have been oiled and the woodwork has been oiled and polished.
   Standard commercial desks have been ordered for the commercial room and it will be completely reseated.  A ew typewriter has also bee added to the equipment.
    The "air traps" have been taken off of the windows in the English room, in an atempt to prevent or escape such chilly attacks of the north wind.
    With these additions and substractions we are anticipating a more invigorating atmosphere than in previous winters.

   From Alumni page:   
                                      Whereabouts of the Class of 1923:   
Bertha SMITH, teaching
Emma Jane RUTH, teaching
Audra SLAUGHTER, cashier, Gem Cafe
Edgar HESS, Clerk First National Bank
Marie FLETCHER, teaching
Farrell ROSE, Santa Rosa, Cal.
Lola PEAK, Post Graduate at S.C.H.S.
Ray MacDONALD, Student, K.S.A.C., Manhattan
Paul BOYD, Clerk Rexall Drug Store.
Marie WOOD, Student, State Teachers College, Emporia
Russell ARMANTROUT, at home
Nanna Mae SLOAN, News-Chronicle Reporter
Beulah ARMANTROUT, at home
Victor DAUGHERTY, Student, William Jewell, Liberty Mo.
Mary DAGUE, at home

     A number of S.C.H.S. graduates are teaching in Scott County this year:  Zelda KRAMER, Arta OXLEY, Nellie PROUDDFOOT, John McKEAN, Agatha RICTOR, Agnes and Ruth CHENEY, and Lucille WARD.

   Several of the Seniors are attending schoole elsewhere:

    Miss Margaret ANDERSON is enrolled at Haviland, Kansas
    Miss Charolotte KELLEY is attending at Lamoni, Iowa.  She is also taking      expression at Lamoni College.
    Kenneth FORCE, who was with us, the first two weeks of this term is at Salt    Lake City.
    Griff DAVIS is at Liberal this year.
    Cleda and Mildred NEESE and Merna CRABTREE are attending Phillips University at Enid, Oklahoma this winter.
     Lena COOK and Helen KIRK, attending school at Manhattan.
     Kathryn CRETCHER and Jack RILEY are at Hays.
     Audrey BARNHART is in California where he expects to attend school.
     Miss Leone GRIFFITHS has enroll-in the commercial department.
     Miss Erma RECTOR is acting as a bookkeeper in Los Angeles, Cal.
     Rea GREENLEE is taking a course in Advance BAking in Dunwoody Institue, Minneapolis, Minn.
     Miss Aletta JACKSON left Sept. 6 for Manhattan where she expects to attend school.
     Miss Beryl SUMMERS has the position in Marshall's store formerly held by Miss Jackson.
     Miss Etta SUMMERS is working at the McGinnes-Pate Hospital.
     Kenneth RECTOR and Hilliard GAMBLE are working with the Coast Survey at Yellowstone Park.

   Royce STARRETT, a well known young man of this county and former student of the county high school, died at the local hospital, Friday morning, Aug. 31, from peritennitis caused by a ruptured appendix.
    Royce was born in Payson, Ill, March 10, 1893.  He came to Kansas in 1905 and has lived most of the time in this county,  He was employed in a local drug store for several years, where he was very well liked because of his pleasing personality.  Later he became a registered pharmacist in Oklahoma.
    When the United States entered the war, Royce was among the first to enlist; serving one year and nine months in active service in France.  He was wounded and gassed in the battle of the Argonne, Sept. 25, 1918.
    He was married to Deane Conley, of Bartlettsville, Oklahoma.
    He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Jo Ellen, his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. S. U. Starrett, and his sister, Mrs. Claude Linsacum of Towner, Colorado.
    Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. C. E. Mell, at the Christian Church at 1:30 P.M. Sunday, Sept. 2.  A military burial was in charge of the American Legion.

   Miss Bernice DAUGHERTY and Orland EASLEY, both graduates of S.C.H.S., were married June 16.  They are making their home in Scott City.  Mr. Easley is salesman for the Scott City Wholesale Company.
   Miss Gladys LEHMAN, a graduate of '15, and a teacher for a number of years, was married June 6, to Walter WOOD, of WIchita County.  They are living near Leoti.
   Miss Bernice PETEFISH and Hugh GILLILAND were married June 9, and are at Victor, Colorado.  Miss Pertefish graduated in '21.
   Miss Vivian NEESE of the class of '19, was married May 29, to S. F. BUTLER.  Mr. Butler is pastor of the Christian Church of Oswego.