Scott County, Kansas
Tidbits from old newspapers

March 5, 1887 : Scott County Herald
   Frank H.Miller, cashier of the Traders Bank in this city, and Mrs. I. L. Eastman, well know here, were married at Topeka, last Monday, February 28.  We join with their many friends here in extending comgratulations and wishing them bon voyage.    ...    
   Among those present were Colonel and Mrs. Richie, Mrs. M. DeGeer, mother of the bride, and Mrs. Kate B. Russell, editor of the Western Times, Sharon Springs, and Mrs. H. B. Jackson, Chicago, sister of the bride, J. B. Johnson, mayor of Scott City, Mrs. and Mrs. Houlston; Judge and Mrs. A. B. Quinton, Charles L. Waite, Scott City. ...
   From the Daily Capital:  
   Mr. Frank H. Miller, of Scott City, and Mrs. Ida L. Eastman, of the same place, were united in marriage in the parlor of the Hotel Throop, at 8 o'clock last evening, Rev. G. W. Waters officiating.  The ceremony took place in the presence of the relatives and a limited number of invited guests. Those present were Mrs. M. E. DeGeer, mother of the bride.  Mrs. Howard B. Jackson, of Chicago, and Mrs. Kate B. Russell, of Sharon Springs, sisters of the bride; J. B. Johnson, mayor of Scott City; Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Houston, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Quintor, Colonel and Mrs. Ritchie, Charles L. Waite, Scott City.

*note* Mrs. M. E. DeGeer and her daughter, Ida L. Eastman,  are among those credited with founding Scott City.
March 5, 1887 : Scott County Herald
   "Judge" Whitmore, the jolly "knight of the grip", from Atchinson, was doing the city Thursday and swaping chestnuts with the "b---boys."

  W. L. Crabtree is happy this week on account of the arrival of Mrs. C. and the children from Polk county, Iowa.  They will make their home in Scott City.

   R. W. Black was in Garden City the first of the week, and met his sister, Mrs. Will Payne on her return from a visit to relatives in Illinois.  They arrived in Scott Tuesday evening.

   E. E. Nichols arrived from Kingman Tuesday and has commenced a building on his homestead west of town.  His family will remove from Kingsman to Scott as soon as the house is completed.

   Howard Walton, returned last evening from an extended visit to relatives and friends in Illinois.  He says that Scott county is the cream of the earth, and that he will be satisfied to remain here in the future.

   Wm. Gwinn is again behind the counter in S. P. Kanes' store. We congratulate Mr. Kane on securing such a valuable salesman as Billy, and know what we are talking about when we say that his trade will be increaseed thereby.

   Isaac Brown, one of Valley's substantial farmers called  Monday and subscribed for the Herald, ...
March 19, 1887 : Scott County Herald
   Jim Holton was in Garden City this week.

   Mrs. W. K. Copeland is visiting relatives and friends in ElDorado.

   Mrs. Norman Agard and daughter are visiting in Lawrence, this state.
   B. F. Rochester, of Pence City, was doing business at Scott county's hub yesterday.

   Mrs. Ben Hines has been seriously ill for the past week, but is some better at this writing.

   L. S. Boyer, our Police Judge is in Wichita.

   S. T. Burgess returned yesterday from Lamar, and reports that town on a boom.  He sold his team of ponies there for $200 cash.

   Among others in this city who are making valuable improvements, on their farms are James and Jack Bloomer and sister Eva.  They have three fine farms two miles northeast of town on which they already have over eighty acres broken and 4,000 growing trees.  

   William Triffet returned Saturday from an extended visit to his old home in Illinois.   He says that Scott county and Scott City are world beaters, and he is satisfied to remain here.  He has accepted a position with T. H. Lemons in the Pioneer barber shop,and his popularity and accommodationg manners, will surely increase the patronage of this already favorite barber shop.
March 19, 1887 : Scott County Herald
   The Garden City Daily Sentinel of Thursday morning has the following to say concering a number of our citizens who were in that city this week to hear Emma Abbot:
   G. W. Fox came to Scott county a yar ago from Buchanan, Michigan, took up a claim and is now the county clerk with a bright future before him ... A. L. Sharrock owns a livery stable at Scott City and is also deputy district clerk. He too has been in the county less than two years and has made himself quite popular .... C. T. Burgess has been in Scott county but a year but made sufficient friends to be electied to the responsible position of District Clerk, which he fills to the satiffaction {sic} of all ... R. E. Disoway located in Scott City two years ago with an extremely small bank account.  He enjoys the personal acquaintance of every one in Scott county and is a partner in the real estate firm of Johnston & Disoway .... J. S. Wells came from Buchanan, Michigan, March, 1886, settles in Scott county and now has charge of Johnson Bros. complete set of abstract books.  He is quite a popular young man at Scott .... A. L. Kingery is a young man from Buchanan, Michigan., has not been in Scott a year, but has a lucrative position in the register of deeds office as well as a valuable claim near the city... H. L. Walton, Register of Deeds, of Scott county, came from Illinois two years ago, settled in Scott city,and has never had occasion yet to regret.  He is quite popular where ever he goes.... Charles Reed was appointed census taker by the Governor and elected first county clerk of Scott county  He is now doing a fine business as abstractor and making money.  He comes from Indinapolis, Indiana... W. Meisenheimer came from Illinois in March 1886, and opened a large and complete hardware storein Scott.  He is the pioneer in that linie and has always taken the lead in that line... D. E. Gibson and his best girl Miss Blanche Smith came down from Scott City yesterday. Mr. Gibson is one of the first young men of Scott county.  He went there in September, 1885 and has met with nothing but prosperity ever since.  He is in the lumber trade and driving a big busines.

   H. J. Foote, an old acquaintance of ye scribe, was in the city the first of the week.  He is at present living at Olathe, this state but being very favorably impressed with Scott, will return here to live.

  Miss Maud Adams, our enterprising Milliner, is in St. Joe, Missouri, purchasing a select stockof the latest styles of millinery goods. She left Tuesday moring and will be gone about ten days.

  R. W. Gibbs, the able and enterprising editor of the Lane county Herald , registered at the Commercial Thursday.  In conversation we learned that he had disposed of his interest in the Herald and will soon start a straight-forward Democratic paper in Wichita county, to be known as the Leoti Transcript.  He seems to have great faith in Leoti and Wichita county, and will, no doubt, make a success of the Transcript.

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