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If you have a book on Scott County and it is either
in the public domain or you have permission from the author
or publisher to do lookups in it, please let me know.  

Please put Scott CO Lookup in subject line, or the
email may not be read, and could be deleted.
Thank you.  Kathy Hoeme

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Book or Resource Lookup Volunteer
Scott County newspapers since the beginning of the county (1886).  If you have the date of an item you would like looked up, contact the person to the right of this message. Limit your requests please. Please, give more than just the year an event happened, also include the month. If you would include  the words:
Scott County Query 
in the subject line of the email, it would help. Thanks. 

The volunteer is a member of the Scott County Genealogical Society and will accept donations for the society. 

   At this time, there is no volunteer. Many thanks to D.L. for helping so
   many people in their searches. She spent countless hours for others..
?Your name could be here!!

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