Scott County Kansas Queries

Queries March, 1999 to October, 1999

            Davis, Fletcher, Gresty, Hoffman, Merica, Nibert, Sawyer, Thorpe,
          RE: Turner, Turpin, RE: Ward, Wells

Author: Kathie Janski
Subject: DAVIS
Date: 05-23-1999
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Query: I am researching the Davis family. Lewis Davis married a woman in Scott City or 
Garden City. They had 7 children. The Davis' had a ranch between the two towns. 
There were 5 Davis brothers: Edward, Lewis, Albert, Clayton and Fred. 
My GF is Fred. He married my grandmother in 1909 in or around Kansas City. Albert and Clayton divided the 2500 acre ranch when they both married. My GGM was Julia Ferguson Davis. She was born in New York. 
Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Author: Diane Smith
Date: 09-16-1999
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Query:  I am searching for my great-father Emanuel Roger Fletcher who died in Scott City, Scott, Kansas on 21 Feb 1941. He was married to Ida M. Yaucy or Youngman and 
had 4 children Edna , Ralph Raymond, Leonard Maxwell, and Glenn H. Need to 
know who his father and mother were. Any help on the Yaucy or Youngman name 
would be appreciated. 

Author: Bill Fitch
Subject: GRESTY
Date: 05-28-1999
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Query:  Looking for family of Doris Gresty,she is the sister of Betty Hoffman. 
Would like to find family contacts to find family of The Hoffmans. 
contact Bill Fitch at 

Author: Bill Fitch
Subject: BETTY HOFFMAN birth mother
Date: 05-08-1999 

Query:  searching for Betty lou Hoffman born 
married to Don Hoffman of either garden city or scott city. looking for family medical 
Bill Fitch 

Author: Jack Merica
Subject: MERICA
Date: 09-26-1999
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Query: My grandfather was Jerrimiah Merica. He had three brothers, 
Julius Merica, Homer Merica and Elice(Solon?)Merica. He and his brothers may have lived around Scott City. 
If anyone out there knew him or his brothers or has any information concerning them I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'm also looking for information on my paternal 
Great-grandmother, Margaret Josephine Meier. She was married to Jerrimiah Virgil "Doc" Merica (Jerrimiah's father)  around the turn of the century. 
Also any information on  Sylvanus Merica and Jemima (Rhodes) Merica 
(Paternal Great-Great Grandparents) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, 
Jack W. Merica, Jr. 

Author: Candi Nation
Date: 06-29-1999
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Query:  Am trying to locate info on the family of James NIBERT (b. 1862 KY d. 1939 KS) and wife Julia Ann Preston NIBERT (b. 1865 KY 
d. 1856 KS). 
They moved from Paintsville, Johnson Co., Kentucky,  to somewhere in Scott Co. KS in 1898, then to  Wichita KS in 1920. 
They had six children somewhere in there: Claude, James H., Pearl, Ivory, Irene and Maye.  I believe James was a music teacher in Kentucky, and that his middle initial is possibly "N". 
Any info will be appreciated. 
-- Candi Nation 

Author: Rick S.
Date: 08-09-1999
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Query: I am looking for more information on my Wife family. 
Robert Sawyer, born 19 March 1921 died 10 July 1980  buried in Hoisington, Kansas. 

Parents (F) Robert _ Sawyer, born 1875 died 1945 Buried Scott City 

(M) Alice Jenkins, born ____ died 1990/93? Buried Garden City 

Robert married Esther May Lundstedt,  born 17 June 1928 Married 12 Oct. 1951 
one child 

Charlotte Marie Sawyer born 22 Jan. 1953 in Great Bend, Kansas Would like to know more about her Father and family line. Mother and Father div. when young and only met her father once. 

Any info or links would be helpful 

Author: Everett Thorpe, Jr.
Date: 10-19-1999
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Query: Seeking information regarding any THORPEs in  Scott County, Kansas, during the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Everett Thorpe is supposed to have been born around 1887. 
His father's name was David Thorpe. 
Everett, either alone or with his family moved to New York,  date and reason unknown. Information verifying dates and places of births, marriages, deaths, etc., would be very helpful. 
Thank you. 

Author: Jon Bryan
Subject:  RE: TURPIN
Date: 03-28-1999
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Query: Hi Kenneth Norman Turpin, 

It doesn’t appear that anyone has answered your "Turpin" query, so I will include some of what I was able to find. 

As far as I know, Scott County, KS has two county histories. The earlier one with 
about 527 pages is dated 1977 and titled "History of Early Scott County." The later 
one with about 416 pages came out about a decade later and is titled "Scott County, 
Kansas: 1886 – 1986." This newer one is the Centennial volume. 

From page 368 of the Centennial volume I find the following on the Alonza E. and 
Hattie Turpin family: 

"Alonza E. Turpin was born near Louisville, Kentucky, Feb. 17, 1854. He came with his 
parents to Kansas in 1872 and settled on a claim near Sedgewick. 

Hattie, daughter of John and Pamela Sheldon Hollister, was born June 29, 1859 
near Springfield, Illinois. 

Alonza and Hattie were married in February of 1878 and lived in the vicinity of 
Sedgewick until 1900. They then moved to Scott County where they had a farm east 
of Scott City. 

Four children were born to this union: Ada (Wright), Fanny (Hobble), Harry and Chase. 
Besides their own children, they raised two nieces and two nephews: Cora, Nora and 
Zina Bissel and Hazen Adamson. 

Alonza died April 20, 1924 at his son, Chase’s, farm in Scott County. He had just 
moved back to Sedgewick and had returned for a visit. Hattie died Jan. 1, 
1944 at Newton, Kansas. 

Submitted by Norma Dea Turpin Unruh" 

Author: Michelle Roberts
Subject: TURNER
Date: 05-13-1999
Mailing address (optional): 

Query: Looking for family of Silas H. Turner and his wife, Carrie. A. Fay Wallace Turner was born in Kansas February 1, 1892 and entered WWI from Lake City, Scott, 
Kansas. He had a sister named Nena, born in 1899 in Woods County, Driftwood, 

Author: Jon Bryan
Subject: RE:WARD
Date: 03-28-1999

Query: Hi David Ziegler, 

It doesn’t appear that anyone has answered your "Ward" query, so I will 
include what I was able to find. 

As far as I know, Scott County, KS has two county histories. The earlier one with 
about 527 pages is dated 1977 and titled "History of Early Scott County." The later 
one with about 416 pages came out about a decade later and is titled "Scott County, 
Kansas: 1886 – 1986." This newer one is the Centennial volume. 

From page 374 of the Centennial volume I find the following on a R. A. Ward family: 

"May, 1919, R. A. Ward family arrived in Scott City and were met by Grandfather J. 
D. Ward. Father had been told to go west and work outdoors even if he had to peddle 

Richard, the oldest child, migrated to Oregon, married and raised Polled 
Herefords. Lucile taught school and married Jess B. Whitson. Recently, they celebrated 
their 50th anniversary. Kathryn, a registered nurse, married Leslie C. Janes 
and they lived in Colorado. June, married to Charles L. Sim, migrated to Oregon and 
raised four children. John was a veteran of World War II, serving many months 

No one was famous-only law abiding citizens. To my knowledge, no one was 
ever in jail. 

Of this family, two are living. Jane, who lives in Oregon, and myself. 

Submitted by Lucile W. Whitson" 

Best wishes! 

Jon B. Bryan 
Livermore, CA 

Author: Donna Rich
Subject: WELLS
Date: 03-18-1999
Mailing address (optional): 

Query:  Trying to research Louis Wells who came from MO in late 1800's or early 1900's. He came to Scott City and went to work for a grain elevator...married Sadie and had 4 
children, Thelma, Blanche, Willie, Lawrence...died of TB, date unknown. 

Author: Everett Thorpe, Jr.
Subject: THORPE
Date: 02/03/1999 
Mailing address (optional): 10304 Villa Milagro, El Paso, TX 79924 

Query: Request any information verifying the births, marriages, deaths of any THORPEs in Scott County. Specifically interested in Everett Thorpe (Sr), my father. He was born around 1887 and eventually migrated to New York, date and reasons unknown. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.  

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