To request a lookup please follow these simple guidelines:

Put SHERMAN COUNTY LOOKUP in subject line. Most volunteers have offered to do lookups in more than one book and more than one county. This will insure that your request is not overlooked. Put the name of the book on the first line of your message, followed by the name you are looking for. Request only one name in one book per request.
Don't forget to thank your volunteer! I am sorry to say at this time we have no Look up volunteers.

USGenWeb will not tolerate any copyright violations. Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it's a married couple. Information given will be minimal, for example: if it's a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed.

Author Owner/Email

Just give me a yell if you have any questions or can help with any information.

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Last Updated:  Saturday, March 12, 2005

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