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Cemeteries of Brown County, Kansas

Mission Township


            This cemetery is located in the northeast corner of the northeast quarter of Section 12, Township 4, Range 17, and the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section One, Township Four, Range Seventeen; 75 feet by 75 feet square.

            From Hiawatha you go 8 miles south on Highway 73, turn left on 150th Road and go 4 miles and the cemetery is at the southwest corner.  You drive through the town of Willis.  This cemetery is now very small, does not take up the 75x75 feet as it did at one time.  It was named the Carr Cemetery as the Carr family owns the property and started the cemetery.  Since it is a small cemetery I will list the burials here:

CARR, Bowman, b. 29 SEP 1858; d. 30 SEP 1858
            , Gehial S., b. 4 MAR 1853; d. 13 JUN 1878
            , George Wickham, b. 26 OCT 1850; d. 19 MAR 1877
            , Joseph F., b. 3 JUN 1810; d. 14 JUN 1884, aged 74y
            , Lewis W., b. 21 MAR 1842; d. 6 MAR 1862
            , Margaret “Maggie”, b. 1879; d. 3 MAR 1881; dau. Of J.& Fannie, aged 2y
            , Margaret A., b. 12 FEB 1819; d. 29 OCT 1901; nee Thomas; aged 82y8m17d
            , Mary A., d. 11 OCT 1868; aged 13y 2m
            , Sarah I., d. 28 AUG 1871, wife of John Franklin Carr; aged 17y8m; nee Sears
PROBASCO, Amanda, b. 22 JUL 1882, dau. Of S.S.
            , Joseph C., b. 8 FEB 1872; son of S.S.
            , Lydia Fannie, b. 24 MAR 1876; dau. Of S.S.
            , Mary A., b. 16 AUG 1856; dau. Of S.S.
            , Sara I., b. 30 DEC 1859, dau. Of S.S.
SEELEY, Mary Edna, b. 19 FEB 1888; dau. Of Martha Probasco Seeley
SNODGRASS, Bertha C., b. 27 FEB 1885; d. 23 OCT 1885
            , Margaret J., b. 16 FEB 1862; d. 21 JUN 1870; dau. Of G.W.& S.C., 2y4m5d
            , Martha E.R., b. 23 OCT 1878; d. 23 MAR 1883
            , Samuel L., b. 17 NOV 1880; d. 3 MAR 1881


            This cemetery is located in Section 21, Township 3, Range 17.  It is a well kept up cemetery.

            From Hiawatha go 4 ½ miles south on Highway 73, turn left on 190th Road and go 1 mile, turn right on Lynx Road and go ½ mile to cemetery.  It is on the north side of road.


            This cemetery is located at the East edge of Horton.   The records for this cemetery are kept at the City Hall.

            From Hiawatha go 12 miles south on Highway 73 to Horton.  At 8th Street turn left and go to the edge of town and the cemetery will be a block to the south.


            This cemetery is located in Section 35, Township 4, Range 18.  It is about 1 ½ miles east of Horton on Highway 73, then turn right on Mulberry Road one mile, turn left on 100 Street and the cemetery sits on the right side of the road about ¼ mile from corner.

            From Hiawatha go 12 miles south on Highway 73 to Horton.  At the corner of 15th Street and Central turn left and go about 1 ½ miles, then turn right on Mulberry Road and go one mile, turn left on 100th Street and the cemetery is ¼ mile and on north side of road.

            The town of Kenneku was in Atchison County about 1 ½ miles south of the Cemetery.  The school and church was in Atchison County, but the cemetery was in Brown County.

 Edward T. Sadler, Jr.    1931 - 2004
           He is buried next to the Presbyterian Mission Monument just to the southwest of the Horton Cemetery about 3 blocks.
           The monument reads:  "Site of the Presbyterian Mission for The Kickapoo Indians, Erected in 1856, Dedicated on January 10th 1937 by the First Presbyterian Church, Horton, Kansas.
    Edward T, Sadler, Jr. grave is to the left side of the monument and he has one of those metal funeral markers to mark his grave.


            This cemetery is in Section 35, Township 3, Range 17.  This cemetery was a Parker Family Cemetery and only had two burials in it.  They were later moved to the Claytonville Cemetery.  Those two burials were:
PARKER, Earl, b. 14 APR 1884; d. 9 MAR 1896
            , Ida, b. 9 MAR 1888, d. 22 APR 1896


            On the first day of March, 1904, John and Dora Schumann for the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) sold the following land to the Trustees of the German Lutheran Society of Brown County for use  of the Church and Cemetery.  Later John and Dora Schumann sold their land to Henry and Anna Kneisel, and for One Dollar ($1.00) the land remained for the use of German Lutheran Church and Cemetery.

            Location:  One half acre of land in the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of section eleven, township four, range sixteen; bounded and described as follows:  commencing at a point eight rods south of the northwest corner of said section 11, thence east twenty rods, thence south four rods, thence west twenty rods, thence north four rods to place of beginning.

            From Hiawatha go two miles west on Highway 36, turn left onto Horned Owl Road.  Go about 8 miles to 150th Street.  The Cemetery is located at the southeast corner of 150th Street and Horned Owl Road.  The Church is no longer standing and just a few graves left in cemetery that are marked.  When the Church was moved to Powhattan many moved their loved ones to the Powhattan Cemetery also.  Those remaining in this Lutheran Cemetery are:

FERNAU, Henry G., b 12Nov1847, d 21Jun1906.
HOSSFELD, Katherine E., b. 19Apr1916, d 14Nov1920, dau. of Henry, aged 4y6m26d.
KNEISEL, Infant, b 1910, d 1910, dau. of Pontius & Lena.
KNEISEL, Martin, b 9Aug1882, d 19Aug1901, aged 19y10d.
KNEISEL, Grandma Anna CH, b 29Sep1820, d Nov 1901.
SCHMIDT, Adam, b 1Sep1838, d 2Sep1909.
SCHMIDT, Sophia, b 12Nov1837, d 24Sep1913.
SCHONE, Gertrude, b 21Mar1863, d 7Dec1918.
SCHONE, Henry, d May 1910, son of Albert Schone.
SMITH, Carrie Thonen, b 20Aug1880, d 9Mar1905.
THONEN, Infant, b 20Oct1905, d 27Oct1905, dau. of Fritz, aged 7 days.
WILLICH, Martha E., b 14Jun1903, d 21Jul1903.
WILLICH, Adam N., b 8Feb1889, d 10May1904.


            This cemetery is located in Section 35, Township 4, Range 17.  It is operated by the St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Horton and is very well taken care of.  It has a United States Flag flying in the center all the time with a light on it.

            From Hiawatha you go south on Highway 73 for twelve miles to 15th Street in Horton, turn left and go about 2 miles to Mulberry Road and the cemetery is on the southeast corner.


            This cemetery is located in Section 10, Township 4, Range 16.  The St. Peter’s Catholic Church was located a miles south of the cemetery in the town of  Germantown (later known as Mercier).  The church is no longer there, but the congregation take good care of their cemetery.

            From Hiawatha you go east on Highway 36, turn left onto Horned Owl Road, go about 8 miles to 150th Street and the cemetery is on the southwest corner.

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