Excerpts from Asa Capper’s civil war pension file:

March 1880
State of Indiana, County of Grant
Personally appeared,  Asa Capper, age 41 years, a resident of the
township of Washington, county of Blackford, state of Indiana, who being
duly sworn declares:  that he is the identical Asa Capper who was
enrolled on the 25th day of September 1861 in Co. F  34th Indiana
Infantry Vols., and was honorably discharged at Indianapolis, Indiana on
the 1st day of March 1866; that his personal description at enlistment
was as follows:  age 23 years, the rest of the description left blank.

That while a member of the military organization aforesaid, in the
service and in the line of duty:   On Madagorda Island, State of Texas
during the latter part of January and for part of February 1864, I was
detailed to drive government teams  on said Island.  While in this line
of duty, I contracted sore eyes caused by sand blowing in them;  they
became very much inflamed; they were very sore when I was mustered as
blind on February 20, 1864;  came home at once on veteran furlough; soon
returned to New Orleans, Louisiana; remained with Regiment in said city
and done some duty up to sometime in June 1864; this was the last duty I
performed as a soldier, and in October of November 1864  as well as I
remember, I was sent to Marine Hospital at said New Orleans on account
of sore eyes.

 On the 15th day of December 1864 I was furloughed home from said
hospital. My furlough was extended from that time on, on  account of
said disease of eyes until I was discharged March 1, 1866.
They have been affected ever since for about four years from date of
discharge I was not able and did not perform labor of any kind.  Of much
consequence and suffered a great deal, being much worse at times when I
could not bear the light in them; the sight had become materially
impaired.  In the early part of 1870 I think, the inflammation greatly
subsided by careful treatments, but have not been able to read fine
print ever since December 1864. Since 1870 the eyes have been in such
condition as to prevent laboring as much as one half of the time; when
working in dust, or becomes overheated the eyes will inflame, so cannot

The above hospital was the only one that I was in while in the service
except a few days in Regiment Hospital an account of a slight injury in
1862 and 1863. For ten years, next preceeding enlistment, the soldier
resided in Grant County, Indiana, his occupation was farming. Samuel S.
Horne of Jonesboro, Indiana was his family physician at date of
enlistment and had been for several years previous, who is now dead.
Since discharge in 1866, Dr. Enoch P.Jones now of Marion, Indiana and
Dr. Mahlen Pugh of Upland, Grant County, Indiana have been his family
physicians.  That since discharge have had an attack of lung fever which
I was taken with at Indianopolis, Indiana, some two or three days before
discharge from service.

That since leaving the service this applicant has resided in County of
Grant in the state of Indiana and his occupation has been that of a
farmer. That prior to the entry into the service he was a man of good,
sound physical health, being when enrolled a farmer.  That he is not
partially disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by
reason of the above described injuries.  That his post office address
is:  Hartford City, Blackford County, Indiana.    Signed by his X
mark,  Asa Capper

April 1883 Pension Granted - - - at the rate of  $4. per month
commencing Feb 18, 1866;  and at the rate of $8. per month commencing
April 18, 1883

June 1883
State of Indiana, Blackford County
Affadavit of Almira J. Balsley

Personally appeared,  Almira J. Balsley, who upon oath does say:
That I have been acquainted with  Asa Capper for thirty years and know
when the said Asa Capper went into the war of 1861 that that he was a
sound man. I know this from my personal acquaintance with him. I know
that when the said Asa Capper returned home from the war that he has
what was called by the Army, sore eyes, and from my personal
acquaintance with him ever since he came out of the service that his
eyes have been so bad that he was not able to perform manual labor more
than one fourth of his time each year.    I know that he would doctor
with Dr. Horn and at times he could see better than at other times but
when he would undertake to do any work his eyes go so bad he could do
nothing on account of his eyes. I know of what I testify about him from
my personal acquaintance with Asa Capper, living neighbor to him a
greater part of the time; however the said Asa Capper moved since five
or six miles  from us, two or three years ago, although I see him often
in that time. I know that I have met with him and spoke with him and he
would not know me until he would have to look right at me or inquire who
I was.  My post office address is:  Montpelier, Blackford County,
Indiana.  Signed, Almira J. Balsley

June 1883
State of Indiana, Blackford County
Affadavit of Margaret Minor
Personally appeared,  Margaret Minor, who upon oath, says:
That she has been well acquainated with Asa Capper, applicant for
pension.  “  I was well acquainated with Asa Capper and have been for
the last thirty years and know him to be a sound, able bodied man and
had no disease of the eyes until he came out of the service of the army
in the Rebellion, and have been acquainted with him ever since.  I know
that he has not been able to perform manual labor by reason of disease
of the eyes; that the greater part of the time he has not been able to
perform manual labor more than one fourth of the time, since he came out
of the service of the United States.  That my post office address is:
Montpelier, Blackford County, Indiana.     Signed,  Margaret Minor

July 1890
State of Kansas, County of Lincoln
Personally appeared,  Asa Capper, aged 53 ??  years, a resident of
Beverly in the county of Lincoln, in the state of Kansas, who being duly
sworn, declares:  that his personal description currently is as
follows:  age 50 years;  height 5 feet 8 inches, complexion light, eyes
dark, hair auburn. That is is disabled as follows:
1)  by disease of the eyes
2)  constipation and piles
3)  disease of urinary organs
4)  injury to spine from accident
5)  right ?? hernia

That his occupation has been that of a farmer;  that he would like to be
examined by the board of examiners at Lincoln County, Kansas.  That  he
is currently a pensioner under certificate No. 243977 at the rate of $8.
per month; that his post office address is:  Beverly, County of Lincoln,
State of Kansas
Signed,  Asa Capper

December 1891
State of Kansas, County of Saline
Personally appeared,  Asa Capper, aged 55  years, a resident of Beverly,
County of Lincoln, State of Kansas. He declares that:  he is nearly
blind in both eyes, unable to read, and cannot see at night, and his
eyes are very susceptible to cold.  Application is hereby made for an
increase in pension, on account of a new disability, to wit:
In Helena, Arkansas on or about the 10th day of February 1863, he  was
injured in the following manner:
He was driving a government wagon, and in crossing a bridge,  a team in
front broke through the bridge, and in lifting on a ?? to help the team
out, the whole weight came back on him an crushed him down and caused a
rupture on the right side.
That his post office address is:  Beverly, Lincoln County, Kansas
Signed, Asa Capper

March 1893  Approval for Increase of Pension to $18. per month,
commencing March 1893

May 1898
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C.
Sir, please favor me by returning this circular with replies to the
following questions:
Are you married:  If so, state your wife’s full name and her maiden
name.  Yes.  Martha Ellen Richardson.
When, where and by whom were you married:  1868, Blackford County,
Indiana by ??
Have you any children living, if so, state their names and dates of
birth:  Yes.   Pomeroy Capper age 25;  Joseph Capper age 22;  Cora
Capper age 21;  Eva age 18;  Lee age 16;  Iva  Jan 31, 1884;  John
April 1886;  Maggie  Nov 4, 1890.
Signed,  Asa Capper

March 1907
State of Kansas, County of Logan
Personally appeared,  Asa Capper, a resident of Sexton in Wallace
County, Kansas , who declares:  that his military discharge papers were
burned by a fire in his home;  that he weas born on Sept 10, 1834 (might
say 1837 ? )  in Virginia.  That his places of residence since leaving
the service have been:  Indiana 1866 to 1887; in Kansas 1887 to present
time.  That he is now a pensioner.  That his post office address is
Sexton, County of Wallace, State of Kansas.
Signed,  Asa Capper

December 1907  Bureau of Pensons, War Department
Washington, D.C.;  to the commissioner of pensions, with information
that the case of Asa Capper, Co. F  34th Ind. Inf., the records of his
personal description at enlistment show:
Age:  23 years, Height: 5 feet 7 inches, complexion light, eyes grey,
hair light; place of birth:  Hampshire, Virginia.  Records also listed
as Asa Copper.

May 1912
State of Kansas, County of Wallace
Personally appeared,  Asa Capper, aged 76 years, a resident of Wallace
County, Kansas; that his post office address is Wallace, county of
Wallace, state of Kansas.  Signed,  Asa Capper