Wallace County Kansas


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Dinas Community Harrison 16 15 38
Fairview Morton 4 11 41
Fort Wallace  Wallace 20 13 38
Report of Deceased persons buried by the Quarter  Master Deptartment  Fort Wallace, KS Wallace 20 13 38
McKinley   (Lake Creek) Wallace 34 11 39
North Township North 22 11 40
Sharon Springs       A-D      _E-I      J-M       N-S      T-Z Sharon Springs 15 13 40
Sharon Springs  (Old Cemetery)                               See below Sharon Springs      
Stockholm Stockholm 26 15 42
Weskan                A to H        J to M        N to S        T to Z Weskan 2 14 42
Other Graves        

     The First Sharon Springs Cemetery was located in a pasture privately owned by Mr. Meyer. This was about one-half mile east and about one-half mile north of Sharon Springs.

     A bond for the cemetery was defeated on January 22, 1893. A meeting was held on January 15, 1894 to start proceedings to condemn the ground one mile north of Sharon Springs. Clay Bouslog, Lester Perry and H. T. Black were appointed to hire a lawyer. The ground was purchased from the Union Pacific Railroad Company for $240.00 on july 27, 1894. Deed was recorded on October 30. 1894.

                  The bodies were moved to the new cemetery except for Sara Baldwin who had died of  a
        contagious disease.

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