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Topic: Newton Ainsworth
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From: Dave Goldy (
Date: 9/30/2006 01:17 PM


Most of the links to the illustrations in the 1874 Johnson County Land Atlas seem to be broken today. So I cannot get to the sketch of Mr. Ainsworth's farm. To down load the image, just put your cursor over the image and right click. Then, on the menu that appears, click on "Save Links As" or "Save Image As" to save the file on your computer.

There were three land atlas published for Johnson County, in 1874, 1902 and 1922. You have found the biographical sketch and the sketch of his farm in the 1874 atlas. In the 1902 atlas there are a biographical sketch and a photograph of Newton. There may also be a sketch of his farm.

Look here for the photo. Again, right click on the image and save as noted above.

Book versions of all three atlas are available in the Olathe Library. However these are oversize books and the bindings have been destroyed on all three books. The pages are laminated and stored in a flat file. All three books are stored in the same drawer so it takes a while to sort them out by year.

The Johnson county Central Resource Library may also have the book versions. However these are not on the shelves and you have to get them from the librarians. This library also has microfilms, which it what the librarians give you to use. I suspect that you cannot take photos copies of the atlas at the Johnson County library. Again this is to preserve the books in what ever shape they are in.

The Kansas State Historical Society also has microfilms of the books that are available for interlibrary loan to your local library or Family History Center. Your librarians will have to contact the Society and get the films. The film numbers are:

LM 443, no. 6; also LM 491, no. 1
Atlas Map of Johnson County. Wyandotte: E.F. Heisler, 1874.

LM 491, no. 2
Standard Atlas of Johnson County, Kansas...Chicago: George A. Ogle & Co., 1902.

LM 491, no. 3
Standard Atlas of Johnson County, Kansas...Chicago: George A. Ogle & Co., 1922.

Have your librarian visit this link at KSHS for the interlibrary loan policies......

If you have not searched the skyways site for Ainsworth, you might try it. You will get a lot of hits but those referencing Wyandotte County are for John M. Ainsworth, Newton's brother. You should also search Google for Newton Ainsworth, as you will find a few items there.

You might also want to visit the WorldConnect site at and look at the ja1506 data base, connecting with several of your cousins.

Since you should have the 1874 biographical sketch for Newton, you can look here for the marriage information of his five sons. (Note that if you click on the license number in the right column, all dates after 2000 and on overlap with the dates from 1900 on and the information on the license link with be for the 2000 year marriage not the 1900 year marriage. This is the result of poor data base design.)

Photo copies of the marriage licenses are available from the County Archivists, for copy and postage costs. Let me know if you would like to contact the archivists.

I will check the county cemetery index when I am at the library if a few weeks to see if I can find death and burial information on this family.

Dave Goldy
Overland Park, KS