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Topic: KIDD, William Lee
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From: Lynne Sadler (
Date: 6/22/2007 09:34 AM

For a history of the RIFE ranch in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, I am seeking information about the ranch run from about 1913 by William Lee KIDD (March,1878-January,1963) and his wife Raye Elsie RIFE Kidd (August,1886-August,1961). Located near Hallet in Hodgeman County, Kansas, about 25 miles northwest of Dodge City, the ranch was known the "Springdale Ranch" by Raye Rife KIDD's father Edmund "Ed" H. Rife, who owned it at his death in 1916 and put it into a life estate for his daughter. It was run by William Lee and Raye Rife KIDD for 46 years. About 2,000 acres in extent in 1916, it originally consisted of portions of Sections 29, 30, 32, 19 and 21, Township 25S, Range 25W; a portion of section 25, Township 23 South, Range 26 West; and part of section 30, Township 23 South, Range 25 West, 6th PM. The ranch may originally have been used in conjunction with Rife's sheep ranching activities in Wyoming (to fatten lambs for market?). At one time Raye and Lee KIDD maintained a residence at 1406 Central Avenue in Dodge City, where they were members of the First Presbyterian Church. They raised Lee's daughter Helen Hull KIDD, who married a Robert O'Donnell or O'Connell, lived in Jackson, Mississippi, and died in the early 1970s. There are no known descendents. I am interested in hearing from descendents of the NEIGHBORS of William Lee and Raye KIDD or from anyone with knowledge of the nature or history of ranching in Hodgeman County, particularly in the Hallet area. I am also interested in knowing anyone who knew them in Dodge City or in connection with the house they owned in the Colorado mountains. Please write Lynne Sadler at