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Topic: UPDATE: William and Lorretta Kilgore, found
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From: Donald Toothman (
Date: 12/5/2009 01:28 PM

It all began in the year of 2000, in the search I was new to the internet, I stumbled onto something that I was always fascinated with...., Roots.

Didn't really start until around 2004 with and some other helpful site for extra search and found unbelievable information, and things and info I never knew or was told of. I did find my family and relatives, and all investigative work involved, I did have loop holes or unexplained areas, then after being burned out, I stopped.

What intrigued me the most, was that my G-Grandparent's William and Lorretta Kilgore. My Grandmother's maiden name was Minnie Alice Kilgore(her daughter was my Mother, born Alvin, Texas),and Grandma Kilgore was born in Beloit, Kansas, which lead me into genealogy research which I love doing.

Back in the 1900 US Census, they had Harry J. Kilgore listed as their grandson, but I wasn't able to connect him with anyone on William's side, later I found out that Harry, listed William and Lorretta, as his parents on his Social Security Application(I did sent for that application, and I got it).

Moving on now, Lorretta disappeared somewhere between the 1900 and the 1910 US Census, and nowhere to be found, then William died on March 17,1924 in Alvin, Texas. his body was shipped back to Larned, Kansas, to be buried, but that all stopped, because I wasn't able to find him after that and didn't how to go about the search or who to call for information, so I just stopped to give this family search, a rest.
I sparsely searched here, and there from 2005 until 2008, but coming up with dead end's and didn't want to really get back into family search and I wasn't ready to, until this year 2009.

After writing to some of the Kansas Genealogy website's and looking in here many times, it all seemed to come together, finding my G-Grandparents and the land that they owned(320-acres), living next door to his 1st cousin Emerson(who also had 320-acres of land), just Southeast of Garfield, Kansas.
Also, in the same sites, I was able to find out that Lorretta, became ill while in Alvin, Texas back in 1908.

Lorretta, moved to be close to one of her daughter's in Garfield, Kansas, before she passed away, then, I found William, and then, their son Garfield(2nd oldest son, who died in 1945), all buried in Larned Cemetery, in Larned, Kansas...., just north of Garfield, Kansas.

It doesn't end here. There are question's about the Kilgore family that I need to piece together, as well as the family name's of the Shurtz's, Anderson's and the Toothman's...

Starting my full search again, beginning in 2010, and if there are any surviving relatives out there, please feel free to contact me, through this website...or at my e-mail address above, Thank you.