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Topic: Edwin Dangerfield
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From: Diana Rogers (
Date: 4/16/2010 11:52 AM

My 2nd great-grandfather, Edwin Dangerfield, a coal miner in Scranton with a wife & family of 12 children, died 5 Mar 1902; an unusual accidental death in Liverpool, when the ship on which he & his wife & family were returning to USA, collided with another ship & sank. He fell into a life boat & died.
His wife Hannah Lavinia & 4 of their children returned to Scranton a few weeks later. Would like to find an obituary for Edwin, or account of such from one of the local area papers???
He & family lived in Scranton since at least 1886 & his widow & remaining children still lived in Scranton in 1905.
My sincere thanks in advance for your help. Any assistance in this is greatly appreciated!
Diana Rogers