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From: Deleted User
Date: 6/4/1999 11:13 PM

I am searching for any relatives of the MCOSKER family that settled in PRATT and RENO County in the late 1870’s. Their homesteads were located approximately 6 miles west of Turon in Pratt county. According to our records, they first settled in Haynesville Township and later moved east closer to Turon.

The original settlers were Fergus (b. 11-8-1824 d. 9-7-1907) and Mary (Baxter) MCOSKER (b. 12-8-1831 d. 2-8-1909), their oldest son John Franklin Pierce Bernard (Frank) MCOSKER (b. 10-28-1852 d. 6-11-1941), and Frank’s wife Belle Sophia (LAMONT) MCOSKER (b. 11-10-1855 d. 8-20-1927). Some of Fergus' other children may havelived in this area at some time.

Frank and Belle’s children were: Leo Joseph (b 10-28-1852 d 4-11-1960), Joseph William (b. 4-8-1885 d. 1-24-1972), Floyd Francis (b. 7-15-1887 d. 11-27-1959), Louis Ernest (b. 8-7-1889 d. 7-28-1970), Clark Clinton (b. 8-23-1891 d. 1974), Arthur Alvin (b. 9-12-1893 d. 1-3-1968), Agnes Melissa Mary Belle (b. 9-10-1896 d. 8-1-1977), and Cora Marie (b. 8-21-1898 d. 2-15-1986) MCOSKER.

All of Frank’s children were born and raised in the Turon area. My grandfather, Leo Joseph MCOSKER, lived in Turon a good part of his life and raised all of his children there as well.

Anything would be greatly appreciated regarding either family and I have extensive information that I would be willing to share.

Richard McOsker