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Date: 1/26/2003 11:33 AM

Information pertaining to families that cam to Osage County Ridgeway Township in 1857.

I. Hiram H Reilly and Elizabeth Lindsay Reilly
1. Martha E.Nichols (Reilly) and J.T. Nichols
removed to Texas in about 1860's
2. Helen M. Perry (Reilly-Thomas) William Latham Perry
mother Oliver N Thomas father Owen Newton Thomas
who died. Married William Perry in St. Charles Mo
3. Mary Ann Dyche (Reilly)and Alexander Dyche
moved to Auburn Kansas later and parent of
Lewis Lindsay Dyche Taxidermist & explorer KU
4. John Lindsay Reilly and Mary Ellen McConnell
5. Hiram K. Reilly (single) Short engagement to
Jennie Etherington

II. Jacob Utley Reilly and Mary Ameilia Farham (Farnam)