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Topic: Descendants of Jesse William DALTON
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From: Deleted User
Date: 10/2/1999 07:18 PM

I am seeking any information and looking for any descendants (deceased and/or living) for the following family. Please email me directly at

Jesse William DALTON, b:@1815, Tenn, d:@1866, (Jackson Co, Missouri?), married:@1835, (Tenn?), to spouse: Nancy SMITH CLARK, b:@1816-1826, Tenn, d:24 Oct 1887, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans. Jesse, Nancy and their first child, William, came to Sanibar Twp, Jackson Co, Missouri @1835-1838 and apparently remained there until 1866-1868, when Nancy began selling the farm property for inheritance division.

Their Children:

1.William Clark Meredith DALTON, b:17 Apr 1835, Nashville,
Davidson Co, Tenn, d:24 July 1901, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, married:25 May 1859, Independence, Jackson Co,
Mo, to spouse: Josevine MORRIS, b:13 June 1840, Frankfort, Kent, d:16 July 1915, Lansing, Delware Co, Kans. (William and Josevine's children: Mary M. Dalton [1860-1864/died at age 4], John Houston Dalton [b:13 July 1861 Springfield, Greene Co, Mo, d:Ottawa, Franklin
Co, Kans, married:26 Oct 1882 spouse:Rosanna/Rose Anna RAMEY, their daughters marrried surnames: KENNETT, LEWIS, ESLINGER, GAUPP], Charles Raleigh Dalton [b:21 Feb 1863, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:25 Nov 1949, Springfield, Greene Co, Mo, married:1 Jan 1888, to spouse:Cashia SUNDERLAND] Jeremiah Franklin Dalton [b:14
Aug 1864, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, spouse:Andrea ANDERSON], William Clark Dalton [b:20 Feb 1866, Lansing,
Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:9 Feb 1912, married:8 Oct 1890, Linville, Iowa, to spouse:Della PHILLIPS], Hattie Dalton
[b:25 may 1867, Delware Twp, Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:24 May 1951, SanBernadino, Calif, married:13 Sept 1883, Leavenworth Co, Kans, to spouse:Joseph H HORSTMANN], Amanda Dalton [b:29 Nov 1868, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, married:16 July 1891, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, to spouse:Henry G PETTIGREW], San(t)ford Wesley Dalton [b:29 Mar 1870, near lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:17 July 1955, Kansas City, Wyondotte Co, Kans, married:24 June 1891, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, to spouse: Eliza/Lida C BELL], Noah Dalton [b/d:16 Aug 1871, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, Jemima/Mina Dalton [b:16 Mar 1874, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:29 Jun 1906, Clements, Calif, married:22 Aug 1894, to spouse: Mark/Markus STEELEY], Ida Dalton [b:4 Apr 1877, Lansing,
Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:21 Sept 1964, Kansas City, Mo, married: 19 Nov 1899, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, to spouse: Walter McALEXANDER], Christopher N Dalton [b:4 Dec 1878, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans, d:24 Mar 1893, Lansing, Leavenworth Co, Kans]

2.Ellison DALTON, b:@1838, Missouri

3.Houston Renfro DALTON, b:@1839/1840, Missouri
(It may be possible that Houston and Renfro are two separate people, with Renfro's birth @1843/1846 ???)

4.Elvira Matilda DALTON, b:@Jan 1841, Missouri, married:@May 1925, to spouse: Eugene Earnest WELLKE/WELKE

5.Mary M DALTON, b:@1843, Missouri

6.Sarilda/Zarilda Mahul DALTON, b:@1844, Missouri, married:Bft 1861, to spouse: Allen B Edwards. (Sarilda and EDWARDS had one known child, William O/D Edwards, who ended up under the guardianship of his grandmother, Nancy Smith Clark Dalton.)

7.George W DALTON, b:Apr 1849/1859, Missouri

8.Jasper Newton DALTON, b:23 Jan 1855, Jackson Co, Missouri,
d:11 Oct 1946, Golden City, Barton Co, Missouri, married:18 Aug 1889, Dade Co, Missouri, to spouse: Ellen
ENGLAND, b:5 Apr 1866, Scott Co, Va, d:15 July 1954, Golden City, Barton Co, Missouri. (Jasper and Ellen's children: Attalina/Lina May Dalton [no spouse], Gemima Dalton [spouse:William A HAIL], Matha Dalton [spouse:
Flossie FUNK].

The date of death and burial site for Jesse is unknown. His siblings, parentage and ancestors are unknown. It is felt that his death was war related. In 1868, Nancy took their youngest son, Jasper and her grandson, William Edwards, south to Dade Co, Missouri to live where her immediate family was. Nancy's parents: William and Naomi/Neoma Clark, and sisters: Elvira Elizabeth Clark Grantham and Neoma Clark Bruce.

Any help would be appreciated. Again, please email me at