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Topic: John L. Price
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From: Dave Goldy (
Date: 1/9/2005 12:50 PM


Some places to look at the Olathe Library.......
In the Kansas Room look though the 1902 Land Atlas. If he was a patron his photo and a brief biography may be included. Note however the flat file with the atlas has several different years in it and all the book have been broken apart. They were large oversize volumes and the bindings did not hold up well, epically when folks tried to photocopy portions of the books.

If you have a death date you can also check for an obituary for both John and his wife. Have the librarian show you where the microfilms of the Olathe News are. It was a weekly newspaper in 1908 and most likely when Alice died. If you have exact death dates, just go the the first Thursday past that date and you should find an obituary or death notice.

If you don't have the exact death date you will just have to search from the first of the year. Note that obituaries were scattered throughout the paper in those days. Most are on the front page, but it is not usual to find them further back in the paper.

John also filed a will in 1903. You can obtain a copy from the Johnson County Archives.

Price, John L. Date:1903/10/23; Volume:005; Page: 0367 Accession: 00-01-01-14; Location: 92-369.004

Visit this link and send an email request with the above information....

Click on the Contact link at the top right to send them an email. Note that they may charge copy costs. If you don't want to send an email the archives is in the basement of the county building in Olathe.

Hope this helps you in your research

Dave Goldy
overland Park, KS